Top AirDNA Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

In 2024, the vacation rental market analytics space offers several AirDNA competitors and alternatives. These competitors provide similar services and features to AirDNA, allowing Airbnb hosts and property investors to make informed decisions. By comparing AirDNA competitors, users can find the best alternative that suits their needs.

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When it comes to short-term rental analytics in 2024, there are a variety of AirDNA alternatives to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb host or a property investor looking to make data-driven decisions, these alternatives offer similar functionalities to AirDNA. In this section, we’ll explore the top 8 AirDNA alternatives for 2024, providing a brief overview of their unique features and pricing.

1. Vrbo

Vrbo is a popular alternative to AirDNA, offering comprehensive analytics for vacation rentals. With Vrbo, you can access detailed market insights, occupancy rates, and rental revenue estimates. It offers both free and paid options, allowing users to choose the plan that best fits their needs.

2. Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is another top alternative that specializes in dynamic pricing solutions. With its advanced analytics features, you can optimize your pricing strategy to maximize rental income. While Beyond Pricing offers a free trial, their paid plans provide access to more in-depth data and customized pricing recommendations.

3. Avantio

Avantio is a comprehensive property management system that includes powerful vacation rental analytics. With Avantio, you have access to real-time data on bookings, occupancy rates, and revenue. Their paid plans offer additional features such as channel management and automated pricing.

4. Beyond Revenue

Beyond Revenue is a revenue management platform specially designed for vacation rental professionals. It provides detailed analytics on pricing, demand forecasts, and revenue optimization. While it offers a paid subscription, Beyond Revenue also offers a basic free plan for those starting out in the industry.

5. Rentalizer

Rentalizer is a simple and user-friendly alternative that offers free rental market analysis. It provides insights into occupancy rates, average daily rates, and rental income estimates. Rentalizer is an excellent option for hosts who are just starting and want to understand the market dynamics.

6. iGMS

iGMS is a property management software that includes analytics features for vacation rentals. With iGMS, you can automate tasks, streamline guest communication, and analyze key performance indicators. While iGMS offers a free plan, their paid plans provide access to advanced reporting and revenue management tools.

7. Pricing Automation

Pricing Automation is a dynamic pricing platform that uses advanced algorithms to optimize rental rates. With Pricing Automation, you can set customized pricing rules, track competitor rates, and analyze market demand. While it offers a paid subscription, their pricing recommendations can lead to higher rental profitability.

8. Beyond Stay

Beyond Stay is a comprehensive property management solution that includes analytics tools for vacation rentals. With Beyond Stay, you can manage reservations, track revenues, and analyze property performance. Their pricing model is tailored to property managers and includes features such as channel management and guest communication.

These are just a few of the top AirDNA alternatives for 2024. Whether you’re looking for free options or willing to invest in a more advanced analytics platform, there is a solution out there to meet your specific needs. Take the time to explore these alternatives and find the one that best suits your short-term rental business.

Importance of Short-term Rental Analytics

Short-term rental analytics play a crucial role in the vacation rental industry. They provide valuable insights to Airbnb hosts and property investors, helping them understand the potential cash return of a new investment, optimize pricing to increase income, and set benchmarks based on top-performing properties.

By utilizing short-term rental analytics, users can make data-driven decisions and stay competitive in the market. The benefits of short-term rental analytics are numerous. They allow hosts and investors to:

  1. Analyze rental property data to identify trends and patterns.
  2. Understand the demand for specific types of properties in different locations.
  3. Optimize pricing strategies to ensure maximum revenue.
  4. Identify top-performing properties and set benchmarks for success.
  5. Track occupancy rates and adjust marketing efforts accordingly.
  6. Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for property enhancements.

By using analytics for vacation rentals, hosts and investors can gain a competitive edge in the market. Rental property data analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and enables users to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Whether it’s analyzing historical data, predicting future demand, or comparing property performance to market averages, short-term rental analytics offer valuable insights that can drive success in the vacation rental industry.

Using Analytics to Optimize Pricing

One of the key benefits of short-term rental analytics is the ability to optimize pricing to maximize income. By analyzing data on comparable properties, market trends, and demand, hosts can determine the ideal pricing strategy for their vacation rental.

Using analytics for vacation rentals, hosts can identify pricing patterns and adjust rates based on factors such as seasonality, local events, and competitor analysis. This strategic approach ensures that hosts are pricing their properties attractively while still maximizing profit.

Furthermore, rental property data analysis can help hosts implement dynamic pricing strategies, automatically adjusting rates to reflect changing demand and market conditions. This allows hosts to stay competitive and capture potential bookings during peak times, ultimately increasing their overall revenue.

Ultimately, using analytics for vacation rentals empowers hosts to make informed decisions about pricing, ensuring their properties are not only attractive to potential guests but also profitable.

Review of Top 8 AirDNA Alternatives & Competitors

When it comes to vacation rental market analytics, AirDNA faces stiff competition from a range of alternatives and competitors. In this section, we will provide a detailed review of the top 8 AirDNA alternatives and competitors for 2024. By evaluating their data coverage, data quality, pricing, and additional features, readers can gain valuable insights into each alternative’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them make an informed decision based on their specific requirements.


Airbtics is a leading alternative to AirDNA, offering comprehensive vacation rental analytics and market insights. With its robust data coverage and accurate property performance metrics, Airbtics enables users to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Additionally, Airbtics offers advanced pricing algorithms and forecasting features that help hosts optimize their rental rates for maximum profitability. Overall, Airbtics is a top choice for hosts and investors in need of reliable analytics tools.

AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms Analytics is another strong contender among AirDNA alternatives. With its global market coverage and extensive data analysis capabilities, AllTheRooms Analytics provides valuable insights into short-term rental performance across various platforms. Users can access data on occupancy rates, booking trends, and pricing dynamics to stay ahead of their competition. Furthermore, AllTheRooms Analytics offers customizable reports and visualizations, making it a powerful tool for property investors and rental operators.


Mashvisor is an exceptional AirDNA competitor known for its specialized focus on the U.S. market. With its vast dataset and advanced analytics, Mashvisor empowers users to make data-driven decisions in the American real estate market. The platform offers predictive analytics, investment property search tools, and detailed rental income analysis, helping investors identify lucrative opportunities and optimize their rental income. For those specifically targeting the U.S. market, Mashvisor is an excellent alternative to AirDNA.

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In the competitive landscape of short-term rental analytics tools, Airbtics stands out as one of the top AirDNA alternatives for 2024. This section offers an in-depth review of Airbtics, highlighting its unique features, pricing options, and global market coverage. By comparing Airbtics to AirDNA, readers can gain valuable insights into why Airbtics is a preferred choice among Airbnb hosts and property investors.

Features of Airbtics

Airbtics boasts a wide range of features that empower users to make data-driven decisions for their vacation rental properties. From comprehensive market analysis to real-time data updates, Airbtics provides an intuitive platform that simplifies the complexities of short-term rental management. Key features include:

  • Booking trends and occupancy rates: Airbtics offers valuable insights into booking patterns, helping users identify high-demand periods to optimize pricing and maximize revenue.
  • Competitor analysis: With Airbtics, users can analyze their competitor’s listings, occupancy rates, and pricing strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Dynamic pricing recommendations: Airbtics leverages advanced algorithms to recommend optimal pricing strategies based on factors such as seasonality, local events, and market trends.
  • Property performance analysis: Users can effortlessly track the performance of their vacation rentals, monitor key metrics, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Data visualization and reporting: Airbtics offers visually appealing charts and reports that simplify data interpretation and enable users to effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.

Pricing of Airbtics

Airbtics offers flexible pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Airbtics has a plan suitable for you. Pricing options include:

  1. Basic Plan: Designed for individual hosts or small property portfolios, the Basic Plan offers essential features at an affordable price point.
  2. Pro Plan: Ideal for established hosts or property investors with larger portfolios, the Pro Plan provides access to advanced features and expanded data coverage.
  3. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for property management companies and large-scale investors, the Enterprise Plan offers enhanced scalability, dedicated support, and custom solutions.

Airbtics vs AirDNA

When comparing Airbtics to AirDNA, several advantages and unique aspects set Airbtics apart as a strong alternative. While both tools provide valuable insights and analytics for the vacation rental market, Airbtics offers:

  • Global market coverage: Airbtics provides analytics for Airbnb listings worldwide, enabling users to explore international markets and identify investment opportunities beyond their local region.
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis: Airbtics goes beyond basic market analysis and offers a robust competitor analysis feature, giving users a competitive edge in pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Intuitive interface and user experience: Airbtics prioritizes user experience, ensuring that even beginners can navigate the platform effortlessly and access valuable insights without any technical barriers.

Whether you’re an Airbnb host or a property investor, choosing the right short-term rental analytics tool is crucial to your success. Airbtics presents a powerful alternative to AirDNA, combining comprehensive market coverage, advanced features, and competitive pricing. With Airbtics, users can make data-driven decisions, optimize their listing performance, and unlock the full potential of their vacation rental investments.

AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms Analytics is a prominent AirDNA competitor in 2024 that offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools for the vacation rental market. With its robust analytics capabilities, AllTheRooms Analytics provides users with valuable insights and data-driven solutions for their short-term rental business.

One of the key features of AllTheRooms Analytics is its global market coverage. It offers analytics and data for various locations around the world, allowing users to analyze and compare different markets on a global scale. This feature makes AllTheRooms Analytics a versatile and powerful tool for property investors and hosts operating in multiple countries or looking to expand their portfolio internationally.

In addition to its global market coverage, AllTheRooms Analytics offers a wide range of use cases for users. From benchmarking performance against similar properties to identifying trends and patterns in the market, AllTheRooms Analytics provides the necessary insights to optimize rental strategies and maximize revenue. Its intuitive user interface and customizable reports make it easy for users to access and interpret data, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Key Features of AllTheRooms Analytics:

  • Global market coverage for comprehensive insights
  • Benchmarking and performance analysis
  • Trend identification and market prediction
  • Customizable reports and analytics dashboards
  • Integration with popular property management systems

In summary, AllTheRooms Analytics is a competitive AirDNA alternative that offers a feature-rich analytics tool for the vacation rental market. With its global market coverage, diverse use cases, and user-friendly interface, AllTheRooms Analytics is a valuable asset for property investors and hosts looking to gain a competitive edge in the industry.


Mashvisor is a highly regarded AirDNA alternative with a focus on the U.S. market. This powerful analytics tool provides detailed insights and data for property investors and Airbnb hosts in the United States. In this section, we will delve into a comprehensive review of Mashvisor, exploring its key features, pricing, and target market.

Key Features of Mashvisor

Mashvisor offers a wide range of features that empower real estate investors and hosts to make informed decisions. Some of its notable features include:

  • Property Analysis: Mashvisor provides comprehensive property analysis, allowing users to assess the investment potential of various properties.
  • Rental Income Estimation: Users can access accurate rental income estimates for specific properties and locations.
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rates: Mashvisor provides data on Airbnb occupancy rates, helping hosts optimize pricing strategies.
  • Neighborhood Insights: With detailed neighborhood analysis, users can identify lucrative investment opportunities and make data-driven decisions.


Mashvisor offers flexible pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Potential subscribers can choose from different subscription options based on the level of access and features required. The pricing plans are designed to provide valuable insights at affordable rates, enabling users to maximize their returns on investment.

Comparison with AirDNA

When comparing Mashvisor to AirDNA, it’s important to consider the specific needs and target market. While Mashvisor focuses on the U.S. market, AirDNA offers a broader global coverage. Both tools provide valuable analytics and data, but their emphasis differs based on their target audience and market reach.

This comprehensive review of Mashvisor showcases its features, pricing, and target market. By comparing Mashvisor to AirDNA, readers can assess its suitability as an alternative analytics tool for their U.S. property investments. The in-depth analysis and robust features of Mashvisor make it a reliable option for real estate investors and Airbnb hosts seeking accurate data and insights in the U.S. market.

Other AirDNA Competitors

In addition to the top 8 alternatives, there are other notable competitors in the market that provide alternative short-term rental analytics tools to AirDNA. These competitors offer dynamic pricing solutions with advanced analytics features that cater to the needs of Airbnb hosts and property investors.

One noteworthy competitor is Beyond Pricing. This platform utilizes data-driven insights and sophisticated algorithms to optimize pricing strategies for short-term rentals. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Beyond Pricing empowers users to maximize their rental income while staying competitive in the market.

Hostfully is another notable competitor that offers comprehensive analytics tools for vacation rental management. In addition to dynamic pricing, Hostfully provides market insights, booking data analysis, and reporting capabilities. Hostfully’s all-in-one solution caters to property managers and professional hosts who require a holistic view of their rental business.

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing and revenue management platform that offers advanced analytics features. With its data-driven approach, PriceLabs helps hosts and property managers optimize their rental rates based on real-time market conditions and demand trends. PriceLabs’ robust analytics capabilities enable users to make informed decisions and increase their rental revenue.

Another alternative to AirDNA is Airdna Property Manager. This platform provides comprehensive analytics and revenue management tools tailored specifically to property managers. Airdna Property Manager offers features such as automated pricing, market demand analysis, and performance benchmarking, empowering property managers to streamline their operations and maximize profitability.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions for Short-Term Rentals

In addition to the aforementioned competitors, there are several other dynamic pricing solutions available in the market. These tools combine pricing optimization algorithms with analytics features to help hosts and property investors set competitive rates and maximize their rental income.

Guesty is an all-in-one property management platform that offers dynamic pricing functionality. In addition to pricing automation, Guesty provides a wide range of features including channel management, automation workflows, and guest communication tools. With its comprehensive suite of features, Guesty helps hosts and property managers streamline their operations and drive revenue growth. is a dynamic pricing platform that specializes in connecting property owners with professional vacation rental managers.’s network of professional managers utilizes advanced analytics to optimize rates and maximize rental income. By partnering with, property owners gain access to expert revenue management services and benefit from optimized pricing strategies.

These are just a few examples of other AirDNA competitors and dynamic pricing solutions in the market. Hosts and property investors can explore these alternative tools to find the one that best fits their needs in terms of pricing optimization and analytics features.


In conclusion, the vacation rental market analytics space in 2024 offers multiple AirDNA competitors and alternatives. Through a comprehensive review of the top alternatives, this article has highlighted their unique features, pricing, and other aspects. It is crucial for users to consider factors such as data coverage, data quality, pricing, and additional features when selecting the best alternative to AirDNA that suits their specific requirements.

By comparing the various options available and weighing them against AirDNA, users can make informed decisions. Each alternative brings its own strengths and advantages to the table. Whether it is global market coverage, U.S. market focus, or advanced pricing data, various alternatives cater to different needs.

To find the optimal short-term rental analytics tool, users should carefully evaluate their priorities and preferences. The selection process should involve considering the features that matter the most, understanding the pricing structure, and assessing the overall value provided. With the right alternative to AirDNA, users can leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions, optimize their rental properties, and stay competitive in the vacation rental market.


What are the top AirDNA competitors and alternatives in 2024?

The top AirDNA alternatives and competitors in 2024 include Airbtics, AllTheRooms Analytics, Mashvisor, and other notable competitors.

What are the key features offered by Airbtics?

Airbtics offers features such as market coverage, pricing insights, occupancy rates, and competition analysis for short-term rental properties.

How does AllTheRooms Analytics compare to AirDNA?

AllTheRooms Analytics provides comprehensive market coverage, global data analysis, and detailed insights on short-term rentals, making it a strong competitor to AirDNA.

What makes Mashvisor a suitable AirDNA alternative?

Mashvisor focuses on the U.S. market and offers features such as property analysis, rental income estimates, and investment property search, making it a viable alternative to AirDNA for U.S. property investors.

Are there other notable AirDNA competitors in the market?

Yes, in addition to the top alternatives mentioned, there are other notable competitors that offer dynamic pricing solutions and advanced pricing data for short-term rentals.

How can short-term rental analytics help Airbnb hosts and property investors in the vacation rental industry?

Short-term rental analytics provide valuable insights that help hosts and investors understand cash returns, optimize pricing, set benchmarks, and make data-driven decisions to stay competitive in the market.
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