Arçelik Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Discover how Arçelik, a global household appliances manufacturer, implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy in 2024 to elevate its brand positioning and digital efforts. This case study delves into the key elements of their strategy and its impact on the industry. Gain valuable insights into Arçelik’s innovative approach and successful tactics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arçelik implemented a robust marketing strategy to enhance brand positioning and digital initiatives.
  • The company faced challenges in understanding customer perception in a crowded marketplace.
  • Arçelik partnered with QuestionPro to gather actionable insights and drive growth.
  • The key objectives of Arçelik’s strategy included unified feedback, employee satisfaction, and global improvement efforts.
  • Arçelik’s strategy resulted in increased customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and standardized platforms.

Overview of Arçelik

Arçelik is a multinational household appliances manufacturer that has established itself as a global market leader in the industry. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1955 in Istanbul, Arçelik has grown to become known for its wide range of consumer durables and consumer electronics.

Arçelik operates in over 146 countries and boasts an impressive portfolio of 12 brands. The company’s commitment to innovation and ecological sustainability sets it apart in the market, allowing it to offer consumers a diverse selection of cutting-edge and environmentally friendly products.

As a household appliances manufacturer, Arçelik has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable solutions to meet the needs of households around the world. With a focus on consumer satisfaction and a dedication to creating innovative products, Arçelik continues to shape the industry and remains at the forefront of the global market.

Challenges Faced by Arçelik

Prior to implementing their marketing strategy, Arçelik encountered several challenges in the competitive household appliances industry. One of the major hurdles was understanding their customer perception amidst a crowded marketplace.

Arçelik’s existing feedback collection model fell short in providing the necessary insights to improve customer experience and meet evolving consumer expectations. Recognizing the need for a more effective feedback collection system, Arçelik sought a partner with the expertise and tools to drive growth in this highly competitive industry.

Customer Perception in a Crowded Marketplace

In a competitive industry like consumer electronics, customer perception plays a crucial role in determining brand success. Arçelik faced the challenge of accurately understanding how their products and services were perceived by customers amidst a saturated market.

An accurate customer perception is essential to identify areas of improvement and remain relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Inadequate Feedback Collection Model

Arçelik realized that their existing feedback collection model was insufficient in providing actionable insights to enhance customer experience. The model fell short in capturing comprehensive feedback and failed to provide a holistic view of customer satisfaction.

Without a robust feedback collection mechanism, Arçelik could not effectively address customer pain points, leading to potential dissatisfaction and loss of market share.

Seeking a Partner for Growth

To overcome the challenges of customer perception and feedback collection, Arçelik recognized the need for a partner with extensive expertise in the consumer electronics industry. They sought a partner who could offer the necessary tools and insights to drive growth in this competitive landscape.

By partnering with a leading provider, Arçelik believed they could leverage their partner’s expertise and comprehensive feedback model to enhance customer experience and achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Challenges Faced by Arçelik Impact
Customer Perception in a Crowded Marketplace Difficulty understanding how customers perceive products and services
Inadequate Feedback Collection Model Lack of comprehensive feedback, inability to address customer pain points
Seeking a Partner for Growth Partnering with a provider for expertise and tools to drive growth

Partnering with QuestionPro

Arçelik recognized the need for a comprehensive software solution to support their marketing strategy and chose to partner with QuestionPro. As a leading provider of surveys, customer experience management, employee experience management, and market research tools, QuestionPro offered the ideal platform for gathering essential data and insights.

With QuestionPro’s software solution, Arçelik was able to streamline their feedback collection process and gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences. The platform allowed them to design and distribute surveys to their target audience, providing valuable feedback on various aspects of their products and services. Through customer experience management, Arçelik gained insights into areas of improvement, enabling them to enhance their offerings and meet customer expectations more effectively.

Furthermore, QuestionPro’s software solution facilitated employee experience management for Arçelik. By implementing employee surveys, the company was able to gauge employee satisfaction levels and identify opportunities for improvement. This data-driven approach helped create a positive work environment and fostered increased productivity and engagement among Arçelik’s workforce.

QuestionPro’s market research capabilities also played a pivotal role in Arçelik’s marketing strategy. The software enabled them to conduct comprehensive market research, identify emerging trends, and evaluate competitor insights. Armed with these valuable data and insights, Arçelik was able to make informed decisions and adapt their marketing approach to stay ahead of the competition.

The partnership between Arçelik and QuestionPro not only offered Arçelik the tools they needed to succeed but also provided QuestionPro with a strong foothold in the Turkish market. This collaboration allowed both companies to leverage each other’s expertise and resources, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Through their partnership with QuestionPro, Arçelik gained a powerful software solution that empowered them to collect and analyze data efficiently, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and drive their marketing strategy forward.

Key Objectives of Arçelik’s Marketing Strategy

Arçelik’s marketing strategy was designed with key objectives in mind, aimed at enhancing customer experience, improving employee satisfaction, and driving overall improvement efforts across global teams. These objectives were crucial in aligning the organization towards a unified vision and ensuring sustainable growth in the competitive market.

1. Enhancing Customer Experience

Arçelik recognized the importance of delivering exceptional customer experience in a crowded marketplace. To achieve this, they set out to identify gaps in their existing customer experience and implement initiatives to bridge those gaps effectively. This involved gathering feedback from customers and analyzing it to gain valuable insights into their preferences, pain points, and overall satisfaction levels. By understanding customer needs and expectations, Arçelik aimed to provide tailored solutions that effectively addressed their requirements.

2. Building a Unified Feedback Model

Arçelik understood the significance of having a streamlined and comprehensive feedback collection model to gather insights from customers, employees, and global teams. By implementing a unified feedback model, Arçelik aimed to create a systematic approach to collect, analyze, and act upon feedback across different touchpoints. This approach enabled them to uncover hidden opportunities for improvement, understand emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions that benefited both customers and the organization as a whole.

3. Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Recognizing the significance of employee satisfaction in delivering superior customer experience, Arçelik prioritized measuring and improving internal satisfaction levels. By conducting regular employee surveys, Arçelik aimed to gather feedback about the work environment, communication, and overall job satisfaction. This data provided valuable insights that helped Arçelik identify areas for improvement, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately create a positive work culture that translated into better customer service.

4. Gathering Performance Feedback from Global Teams

Given Arçelik’s global presence, it was vital for the marketing strategy to incorporate feedback from teams operating across different regions. By gathering performance feedback from global teams, Arçelik aimed to ensure that all branches were aligned with the organization’s goals, processes, and best practices. This global perspective allowed Arçelik to identify areas where improvement efforts were required, standardize processes across teams, and capitalize on local insights to enhance customer experience on a global scale.

By focusing on these key objectives, Arçelik aimed to foster a customer-centric culture, continuously improve operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Implementation of the Marketing Strategy

Arçelik implemented various tactics as part of their marketing strategy to drive their business success.
They leveraged an omni-channel feedback system to collect product and service quality feedback from suppliers and distributors. This ensured that Arçelik could monitor the quality of their offerings and make necessary improvements.

The voice-of-customer program, with a specific focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS), played a crucial role in understanding customer needs and gauging overall satisfaction. By leveraging customer feedback and using NPS as a metric, Arçelik was able to identify areas for improvement and take proactive measures to enhance customer experiences.

Concept testing played a significant role in Arçelik’s marketing strategy. Prior to product launches, concept testing helped gather consumer responses, providing valuable insights into market demand. This allowed Arçelik to refine their offerings based on consumer preferences, increasing the chances of success in the highly competitive industry.

To ensure a customer-centric approach and continuous improvement, employee surveys were conducted as part of Arçelik’s marketing strategy. These surveys measured employee satisfaction and gathered feedback for further improvement. By involving employees in the marketing strategy, Arçelik aimed to foster a culture of excellence and innovation.

Arçelik’s implementation of an omni-channel feedback system, voice-of-customer program, concept testing, and employee surveys helped them gather valuable insights and drive their marketing strategy effectively. The next section will explore the outcomes of Arçelik’s marketing strategy and their impact on business success.

Outcomes of Arçelik’s Marketing Strategy

Arçelik’s marketing strategy has yielded significant results across various areas. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and employee well-being, Arçelik has witnessed a positive impact on their key performance indicators.

Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The implementation of Arçelik’s marketing strategy led to a consistent increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS) year after year. The overall NPS showed an impressive growth rate of 3-4% annually. This signifies a notable improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty, highlighting the effectiveness of Arçelik’s customer-centric approach.

Increased Revenue Growth

Arçelik’s marketing strategy also played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth. By extending the retention period of high-value distributors, Arçelik successfully expanded its market reach and increased its revenue streams. The strategy’s emphasis on customer experience and product innovation further contributed to revenue growth, solidifying Arçelik’s position as a market leader.

Standardized Platform and Employee Satisfaction

Another positive outcome of Arçelik’s marketing strategy is the achievement of a standardized platform for their global teams. This streamlined approach enables seamless collaboration, improves efficiency, and facilitates better performance across the organization.

Additionally, Arçelik revised their employee policies to enhance satisfaction and overall employee performance. By prioritizing employee well-being and creating a positive work environment, Arçelik successfully improved employee satisfaction levels and fostered a culture of mutual growth and achievement.

These outcomes highlight the effectiveness and success of Arçelik’s marketing strategy implementation. By aligning their efforts with customer needs and prioritizing employee satisfaction, Arçelik has achieved significant growth, increased revenue, and enhanced overall performance across the organization.

Outcome Key Metrics
Net Promoter Score (NPS) 3-4% annual increase
Revenue Growth Increased retention of high-value distributors, market expansion
Standardized Platform Streamlined global teams, improved collaboration
Employee Satisfaction Enhanced employee policies, positive work environment

Future Implications and Expansion

Arçelik’s successful marketing strategy has laid the groundwork for future growth and market expansion. With a strong focus on a customer-centric approach and a deep commitment to innovation, Arçelik is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies in the industry. Their dedication to digital marketing will play a pivotal role in expanding their customer base and staying ahead of their competitors. By harnessing the power of digital platforms and engaging with customers through various online channels, Arçelik can create personalized experiences that resonate with their target audience.

In an ever-evolving market, Arçelik understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve. By continuously exploring new avenues for growth and leveraging their expertise in product development and consumer insights, Arçelik aims to bring innovative solutions to market that meet the evolving needs of their customers. This commitment to innovation ensures that Arçelik remains a trusted household brand that consumers can rely on for cutting-edge, sustainable, and efficient products.

Expanding into New Markets

Arçelik’s future growth strategy extends beyond their existing markets, with plans to expand into new geographical regions. By entering untapped markets, Arçelik has the opportunity to reach a wider customer base and establish themselves as a global leader in the household appliances industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Arçelik’s customer-centric approach will continue to be the driving force behind their growth. By deeply understanding customer needs and preferences, Arçelik can develop innovative solutions that cater to their target audience. This customer-centric ethos will enable Arçelik to build strong relationships with their customers and foster brand loyalty.

Innovation and R&D

Innovation is at the core of Arçelik’s future expansion plans. Through ongoing research and development efforts, Arçelik aims to introduce groundbreaking technologies and features in their products. By prioritizing innovation, Arçelik can stay ahead of market trends and meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Arçelik understands the significance of digital marketing in reaching their target audience effectively. By leveraging digital platforms, Arçelik can create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers. Through data-driven insights and personalized messaging, Arçelik can deliver relevant content to their customers and drive engagement across various online channels.


Arçelik’s Marketing Strategy, supported by QuestionPro, has played a pivotal role in driving their business success and establishing industry leadership. Through their commitment to prioritizing customer feedback and implementing unified feedback channels, Arçelik has been able to gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions. This customer-centric approach has allowed Arçelik to continuously improve their products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The seamless integration of QuestionPro’s software solutions has provided Arçelik with the necessary tools to collect and analyze customer feedback efficiently. By aligning their organization around customer-centric goals, Arçelik has fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. This dedication to excellence has enabled Arçelik to maintain a competitive edge in the market and drive sustainable growth.

With their success in implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy and their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Arçelik is well-positioned for future industry leadership. As they continue to leverage technology, embrace innovation, and utilize customer feedback for informed decision-making, Arçelik will remain at the forefront of the global household appliances industry, setting industry benchmarks and inspiring others to follow suit.


What is Arçelik’s marketing strategy?

Arçelik’s marketing strategy focuses on enhancing their brand positioning and digital efforts to drive growth and improve customer satisfaction in a competitive industry.

How does Arçelik gather customer feedback?

Arçelik leverages an omni-channel feedback system to collect product and service quality feedback from suppliers and distributors. They also use voice-of-customer programs and concept testing to understand customer needs and gather responses before and after product launches.

What were the outcomes of Arçelik’s marketing strategy?

The outcomes of Arçelik’s marketing strategy include an increase in the overall Net Promoter Score (NPS), indicating improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue by extending the length of stay of high-value distributors. The strategy also resulted in a standardized platform for their global team, improved employee satisfaction, and enhanced performance.

How does Arçelik implement their marketing strategy?

Arçelik implements their marketing strategy by partnering with QuestionPro, a software solution specializing in surveys, customer experience management, employee experience management, and market research. They also employ various tactics such as omni-channel feedback systems, voice-of-customer programs, concept testing, and employee surveys.

What are the future implications and expansion plans for Arçelik?

Arçelik is well-positioned for future growth and market expansion. With a customer-centric approach, a commitment to innovation, and a focus on digital marketing, Arçelik aims to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies to reach a wider customer base and stay ahead of competitors.
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