Top Bath & Body Works Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

The global beauty industry is thriving, with the skincare, fragrance, makeup, and haircare sectors contributing significantly to the global economy. By 2027, the industry is projected to generate around $580 billion in revenue. The growth of the beauty industry has been propelled by the rise of e-commerce, with online sales accounting for over 20% of total sales. This shift to online shopping has provided customers with convenience and a wide range of choices.

The beauty market is characterized by constant innovation and evolving consumer preferences. As a result, consumers are always on the lookout for alternative brands that offer similar, if not better, products compared to their favorite brands. Bath & Body Works, known for its exceptional range of bath and body care products, has its fair share of competitors and alternatives in the market.

In this article, we will explore some of the top Bath & Body Works competitors and alternatives in 2024. Whether you are looking for similar fragrances, skincare products, or bath essentials, these brands offer alternative options that may suit your preferences. Let’s take a closer look at these alternatives and discover what sets them apart.

The Global Beauty Industry

The global beauty industry is a thriving sector that continues to contribute significantly to the global economy. In 2022, the industry generated approximately $430 billion in revenue, and experts project an annual growth rate of 6%. This growth is fueled by various factors, including the rise of premiumization, e-commerce, and evolving consumer preferences.

Premiumization is a key trend in the beauty industry, with consumers increasingly willing to trade up and pay more for luxury beauty products. This shift towards premium brands and higher-priced products has contributed to the industry’s revenue growth and market expansion.

E-commerce has been a major driver of the beauty industry’s success in recent years. Online sales have experienced a significant surge, nearly tripling between 2015 and 2022. The convenience and accessibility of online shopping have allowed consumers worldwide to explore a wide range of beauty products and make purchases with ease.

The years ahead will witness continued growth and innovation in the beauty industry. Companies will focus on creating unique and exceptional products to meet consumer demands. The industry will also emphasize omnichannel purchasing experiences to provide seamless shopping opportunities across various platforms.

As the global beauty industry continues to thrive, it presents numerous opportunities for brands and consumers alike. The industry’s growth is driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements, and the increasing demand for premium beauty products. With innovation and a commitment to meeting consumer needs, the global beauty industry is poised for a prosperous future.

Popular Beauty Trends In 2024

In 2024, the beauty industry is set to experience some exciting trends that will shape the way we approach skincare, haircare, and makeup. From innovative skincare routines to unique hairstyles, here are the top beauty trends to watch out for.

Skin Streaming

A prominent skincare trend in 2024 is “skin streaming,” a method that involves a minimalistic approach to skincare. This trend focuses on using fewer products and simplifying routines to achieve healthy and glowing skin. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, skincare enthusiasts are choosing high-performing products that deliver visible results.

Butterfly Bob Haircuts

When it comes to haircare, the “butterfly bob” is expected to reign supreme in 2024. This stylish haircut features a short length with soft layers, creating a modern and effortless look. The butterfly bob provides versatility, allowing individuals to style their hair in various ways while embracing their natural texture.

Contactless Payments

As technology continues to advance, the beauty industry is adapting to more practical and efficient payment methods. In 2024, an increasing number of customers will opt for contactless payments, ensuring a seamless and hygienic shopping experience. Whether it’s purchasing skincare products or booking salon treatments, contactless payments offer convenience and peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Skincare Products

The beauty industry is witnessing a growing demand for eco-friendly skincare products in 2024. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their beauty routines and are seeking sustainable alternatives. Brands that prioritize natural and organic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and ethical sourcing are gaining popularity as customers strive to make conscious choices for their skincare.

Expansion of Beauty Businesses into Retail

In 2024, we can expect to see an expansion of beauty businesses into the retail landscape. Online beauty brands are recognizing the value of physical stores, providing customers with a tactile and immersive shopping experience. This trend allows customers to interact with products, receive personalized recommendations, and indulge in beauty services all in one place.

These beauty trends in 2024 capture the evolving preferences and desires of consumers in the ever-changing beauty industry. From streamlining skincare routines to embracing unique hairstyles, the future of beauty is all about simplicity, sustainability, and innovation.

Recent Advancements in Beauty Companies

The beauty industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers. One of the most significant advancements in the industry is the growing emphasis on sustainable beauty and natural beauty products. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of traditional beauty products and are seeking alternatives that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

Leading beauty companies have recognized this shift in consumer preferences and have made notable advancements in the development of sustainable and natural beauty products. Procter & Gamble Company, a global leader in the industry, has made several strategic acquisitions in the skincare sector to expand its portfolio of sustainable beauty brands.

Procter & Gamble Company’s acquisitions include Farmacy Beauty, a brand known for its farm-to-face approach and use of clean, naturally derived ingredients. Another notable acquisition is Mielle Organics, a haircare brand that focuses on using natural ingredients to enhance the health and beauty of hair. Additionally, Procter & Gamble Company acquired Tula Skincare, a brand that combines probiotics and other natural ingredients to promote healthy and radiant skin.

Another beauty company making strides in sustainable beauty is E.l.f. Beauty, Inc., which recently acquired Naturium, a skincare brand known for its clean formulations and focus on natural ingredients. This acquisition enables E.l.f. Beauty, Inc. to expand its range of sustainable skincare products and meet the growing demand for natural beauty options.

These advancements in the beauty industry highlight the commitment of leading companies to meet consumer demand for sustainable and natural beauty products. By investing in brands that prioritize clean, environmentally friendly formulations, beauty companies are not only meeting the needs of conscious consumers but also driving positive change within the industry.


Fresh is a popular alternative to Bath & Body Works, offering a range of soothing and nourishing skincare products. What sets Fresh apart is its commitment to using natural, healthy ingredients in their formulations. The brand believes in harnessing the power of nature to provide effective skincare solutions.

One of Fresh’s standout products is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. This cleanser has garnered a loyal following and is widely regarded as a skincare staple. The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is loved for its gentle yet effective formula that effortlessly removes makeup, dirt, and pollution without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

Designed for all skin types, the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser delivers a refreshing cleanse while maintaining the skin’s balance. Its luxurious gel texture glides on smoothly, leaving the skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. This cult-favorite cleanser is the perfect addition to a skincare routine, providing a fresh start to your day or a soothing cleanse before bed.

The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser symbolizes Fresh’s dedication to creating skincare products that are both effective and gentle. With its emphasis on natural ingredients and innovative formulas, Fresh skincare continues to attract consumers seeking high-quality alternatives in the beauty industry.

C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow, the oldest apothecary pharmacy in the United States, is renowned for its wide range of skincare, bath, and body care products. With a rich history spanning almost 200 years, C.O. Bigelow has become synonymous with personalized care, unique formulations, and natural remedies.

The commitment to crafting high-quality products using natural ingredients has earned C.O. Bigelow a loyal following. The brand’s apothecary heritage is reflected in its carefully curated selection of remedies designed to address various skincare concerns.

Throughout its illustrious history, C.O. Bigelow has served prominent individuals such as Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. Today, its products continue to be esteemed for their effectiveness and attention to detail.

At C.O. Bigelow, you’ll find an array of meticulously crafted products, from soothing creams to invigorating bath oils. The diverse product range covers skincare, bath, haircare, and more, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Explore the world of C.O. Bigelow and discover the power of natural remedies and the transformative effects they can have on your self-care routine.

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a vegan and clean skincare brand that offers a range of natural skincare and personal care products. The brand focuses on addressing various skincare concerns, including redness reduction, hydration, anti-aging, and blemish control. The products from Herbivore Botanicals are formulated with carefully selected botanical ingredients that prioritize the health of the skin.

One of the standout products from Herbivore Botanicals is the Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask. This mask is known for its pore-cleansing abilities and gentle exfoliation, thanks to the key ingredient, blue tansy. Blue tansy is a potent botanical known for its soothing and clarifying properties, making it perfect for those with oily and congested skin. The mask effectively minimizes the appearance of pores, smoothes uneven texture, and leaves the skin looking revitalized and refreshed.

The Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask is a favorite among skincare enthusiasts and beauty professionals alike. Its natural formulation and powerful results have earned it a loyal following. Whether you’re looking to target specific skin concerns or simply enhance your skincare routine with clean and effective products, Herbivore Botanicals is a brand worth exploring.


Rituals is a brand that prioritizes transparency and offers a wide range of skincare products to enhance your daily self-care routine. They are committed to creating pure and effective formulations using vegan and non-GMO ingredients. Rituals believes in the power of nature and harnesses it to develop products that promote overall well-being.

One of their standout offerings is their Rituals body cream collection, which includes nourishing and hydrating options for different skin types. Whether you’re seeking intense hydration, firming properties, or a soothing sensation, Rituals has a body cream to suit your needs. Their body creams are beloved for their luxurious textures and ability to leave the skin silky smooth.

In addition to skincare, Rituals is known for their exquisite scented candles that create a calming ambiance in any space. Their candles are crafted with high-quality ingredients and captivating fragrances, allowing you to create a sensory experience that promotes relaxation and tranquility.

What sets Rituals apart is their commitment to offering cruelty-free skincare products. They are passionate about creating cosmetics that do not harm animals. By choosing Rituals, you can feel confident in using skincare products that align with your values.

Experience the Rituals skincare collection and indulge in their luxurious body creams and scented candles—it’s an opportunity to treat yourself while caring for the planet and its inhabitants.

Ritual of Sakura Body Cream

One of Rituals’ most coveted products is the Ritual of Sakura Body Cream. This body cream is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of celebrating the beauty of cherry blossoms, known as sakura. The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream is infused with organic rice milk and cherry blossom extract, making it perfect for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Indulge in the delicate and pleasing scent of cherry blossoms while enjoying the rich and creamy texture of this body cream. Its formula is designed to leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and deeply hydrated. The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream is a true sensory delight that not only pampers your skin but also uplifts your spirit.

Embrace the Ritual of Sakura and let the refreshing and rejuvenating properties of this body cream envelop you in a moment of blissful self-care.


When it comes to personal care and fragrance, there are plenty of alternatives to Bath & Body Works in the market. Brands like Fresh, C.O. Bigelow, Herbivore Botanicals, and Rituals offer unique products that cater to different consumer preferences. Whether you’re looking for natural ingredients, vegan options, or luxurious bath and body products, these brands have you covered.

By exploring these alternatives, shoppers can find products that suit their specific needs and desires. Fresh, known for its soothing skincare, offers the popular Soy Face Cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities. C.O. Bigelow, with its rich history as the oldest apothecary pharmacy in the US, provides personalized care and unique formulas.

For those seeking vegan and clean skincare, Herbivore Botanicals offers a range of products that address various skincare concerns. Their Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask, with its pore-cleansing abilities, is particularly loved. And Rituals, with a focus on transparency and pure formulations, offers cruelty-free body creams and scented candles like the popular Ritual of Sakura Body Cream.

Don’t limit yourself to just one brand. With the competition in the market, there’s something for everyone. These bath and body works substitutes are waiting to be explored, so why not embark on a journey to discover the perfect products for your self-care routine?


What are some alternatives to Bath & Body Works?

Some alternatives to Bath & Body Works include Fresh, C.O. Bigelow, Herbivore Botanicals, and Rituals.

What sets Fresh apart from Bath & Body Works?

Fresh is known for its soothing and nourishing skincare products that use natural, healthy ingredients. One of their best-selling products is the Soy Face Cleanser, which effectively removes makeup, dirt, and pollution without stripping the skin.

What makes C.O. Bigelow unique?

C.O. Bigelow is the oldest apothecary pharmacy in the United States, offering skincare, bath, and body care products. The brand is known for personalized care, unique formulas, and natural remedies. Throughout its history, C.O. Bigelow has catered to prominent individuals, including Thomas Edison and Mark Twain.

Why should I consider Herbivore Botanicals?

Herbivore Botanicals is a vegan and clean skincare brand that offers a range of natural skincare and personal care products. The brand is committed to addressing various skincare concerns, such as redness reduction, hydration, anti-aging, and blemish control. Their Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask is a popular product known for its pore-cleansing abilities and gentle exfoliation.

What does Rituals prioritize?

Rituals prioritizes transparency and offers vegan, non-GMO, and third-party tested products. The company focuses on developing pure and effective formulations for everyday health. Their product range includes body creams and scented candles that cater to different needs. The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream is a popular item loved for its pleasing scent and ability to leave the skin silky smooth.

Are there any recent advancements in the beauty industry?

Yes, beauty companies are responding to consumer demand for sustainable, natural, and organic products. Companies like Procter & Gamble and E.l.f. Beauty have made significant acquisitions to meet the growing demand for high-quality, natural skincare products. Additionally, eco-friendly skincare products and the expansion of beauty businesses into retail are notable trends in the industry.
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