Top BetterUp Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Sounding Board, CoachHub, GrowthSpace, Bravely, Headspace, and LeggUP are some of the leading competitors and alternatives to BetterUp in 2024. These companies operate in various industries such as leadership development, digital coaching, talent development, training and coaching platforms, and mental wellness and mindfulness. They offer a range of services aimed at enhancing employee development, improving well-being, and supporting organizational change. Explore these top competitors to find the best coaching and personal development alternatives to BetterUp.

Sounding Board

Sounding Board is a tech-led company that specializes in leadership development. They offer comprehensive coaching services and software solutions designed to support the growth and success of dynamic leaders at all levels. With a focus on industries such as technology, professional services, government and education, healthcare, financial services, and retail, Sounding Board provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Their one-on-one coaching sessions ensure personalized guidance and support for leaders seeking to enhance their skills and make an impact in their respective fields. Sounding Board also offers group coaching programs that foster collaboration and shared learning among teams.

In addition to their coaching services, Sounding Board provides software solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage and track their leadership development programs. These software solutions streamline the coaching process, allowing for seamless communication and progress tracking.

Founded in 2016, Sounding Board is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and has rapidly become a trusted partner for organizations looking to cultivate strong leadership and drive success.

Choose Sounding Board as your partner in leadership development to unlock the full potential of your organization and empower your leaders to thrive in a fast-paced, competitive business landscape.


CoachHub is a leading digital coaching platform that connects customers with certified business and well-being coaches. As a pioneer in the industry, CoachHub provides cutting-edge coaching services to help companies train their employees and improve their overall performance.

One of the key strengths of CoachHub is its extensive network of experienced and certified coaches who specialize in various aspects of business and well-being. These coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their sessions, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality coaching tailored to their specific needs.

Whether companies are looking to enhance leadership skills, develop emotional intelligence, or promote work-life balance, CoachHub offers a wide range of coaching programs and resources. Their digital platform enables seamless communication and scheduling, making it convenient for both coaches and clients to connect and collaborate.

CoachHub serves clients from diverse industries, including financial, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Regardless of the sector, its digital coaching platform is designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges of modern businesses.

The certified business coaches at CoachHub are well-equipped to guide employees at all levels of an organization, from entry-level to senior executives. They offer valuable insights and strategies to help individuals grow professionally, enhance their skill sets, and achieve their career goals.

In addition to business coaching, CoachHub also provides well-being coaches who specialize in mental health, stress management, and overall well-being. These coaches support employee wellness by offering guidance and techniques that promote work-life harmony, resilience, and self-care. This holistic approach to coaching improves not only individual well-being but also overall organizational performance.

Founded in 2018 and based in Berlin, Germany, CoachHub has quickly gained recognition as a leading provider of digital coaching solutions. Its commitment to excellence and innovation has earned the trust of numerous organizations worldwide.


GrowthSpace is a leading provider of talent development solutions in the human resources industry. With a focus on coaching, team coaching, and cohort-based workshops, GrowthSpace offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at fostering the professional growth and talent development of individuals and teams.

By providing one-on-one coaching sessions, GrowthSpace helps individuals develop their skills, unlock their potential, and achieve their career goals. These personalized coaching sessions are designed to address specific challenges and opportunities that individuals may encounter in their professional journey.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, GrowthSpace recognizes the importance of effective teamwork and offers team coaching services. Through team coaching, organizations can enhance collaboration, communication, and overall team performance. GrowthSpace’s team coaching programs are tailored to the unique needs and dynamics of each team, enabling them to achieve greater success collectively.

GrowthSpace also recognizes the value of cohort-based workshops in facilitating learning and collaboration. These workshops bring together individuals from different backgrounds and skill sets, fostering knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer support, and the development of new ideas. Participants in cohort-based workshops benefit from the collective wisdom and expertise of their peers, expanding their network and enhancing their professional growth.

With its comprehensive approach to talent development, GrowthSpace helps organizations manage employee and team performance effectively. By offering coaching, team coaching, and cohort-based workshops, GrowthSpace supports organizations in reducing attrition, increasing engagement, and driving positive organizational change.

GrowthSpace primarily serves the technology industry and works with large corporations aiming to unleash the full potential of their workforce. With a strong track record of success, GrowthSpace is a trusted partner in talent development and remains at the forefront of shaping the future of work.


Bravely is a training and coaching platform that focuses on professional development. With their innovative approach and commitment to enhancing employee skills and performance, Bravely stands out as a top choice for organizations seeking personalized coaching services. Their on-demand coaching services offer flexibility and convenience, allowing employees to access guidance and support whenever they need it most.

As a leading training platform, Bravely understands the importance of continuous learning and growth in today’s competitive corporate sector. By providing tailored coaching services, they empower individuals to overcome challenges, develop new skills, and achieve their full potential.

With Bravely’s comprehensive coaching services, professionals can hone their abilities and gain new insights to excel in their careers. Whether it’s improving leadership skills, managing work-related stress, or seeking advice on career progression, Bravely’s team of experienced coaches are ready to guide and support employees every step of the way.

Bravely’s coaching services encompass various aspects of professional development, including communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and more. By addressing these critical areas, Bravely equips individuals with the tools they need to navigate complex workplace dynamics and thrive in their roles.

Bravely’s commitment to excellence extends beyond their coaching services. They leverage advanced technology and cutting-edge methodologies to provide a seamless and impactful learning experience. Through their user-friendly training platform, individuals can access resources, track progress, and engage with their coaches effortlessly.

Founded in 2017 and based in New York, New York, Bravely has established itself as a trusted partner in the realm of professional development. Their dedication to helping individuals unlock their full potential and drive organizational success sets them apart in the industry.


Headspace is a renowned digital health company that specializes in promoting mental wellness and mindfulness. With expertise in the field of mental health, Headspace offers a suite of products designed to improve overall well-being through guided meditations, sleep aids, and mindful movement exercises. These guided meditations are carefully curated to address various mental health concerns and provide individuals with the necessary tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges.

One of the key services provided by Headspace is guided meditations. These meditations are designed to help individuals cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. By incorporating mindfulness practices into their daily routines, users can experience improved focus, resilience, and emotional well-being.

In addition to guided meditations, Headspace also offers sleep aids to address the growing concern of sleep disorders and insomnia. These sleep aids aim to provide users with a better night’s rest by offering relaxing music and soothing sounds that promote relaxation and deep sleep.

Headspace caters not only to individuals seeking personal mental health support but also to organizations looking to enhance employee well-being. Many companies have recognized the importance of mental wellness in the workplace and have turned to Headspace for guidance in implementing mindfulness programs and initiatives for their employees. By incorporating Headspace’s resources and tools, organizations can create a more supportive and productive work environment.

Founded in 2010, Headspace has grown to become a leader in the digital health industry. Based in Santa Monica, California, the company continues to innovate and provide individuals and organizations with the resources they need to prioritize their mental wellness and improve overall quality of life.


LeggUP is a professional coaching and people development platform that operates in the human resources and employee benefits industry. They provide a range of services aimed at enhancing leadership skills, improving employee well-being, and reducing turnover. LeggUP’s offerings include one-on-one professional coaching, group coaching, and self-directed learning experiences. These services are designed to cater to the development needs of individuals and organizations of all sizes.

LeggUP serves as a valuable resource for organizations looking to enhance their human resources strategies. By partnering with LeggUP, companies gain access to a comprehensive people development platform that supports their employee growth and development initiatives.

As a people development platform, LeggUP recognizes the importance of personalized coaching in unlocking an individual’s full potential. Through one-on-one coaching, employees receive tailored guidance and support to address specific challenges and achieve their career goals. This individualized approach fosters personal and professional growth, enabling employees to thrive in their roles.

Furthermore, LeggUP offers group coaching programs that foster collaboration, communication, and team cohesion. These programs create a supportive environment where employees can learn from one another, share best practices, and develop critical skills that contribute to a high-performing team.

Key Features of LeggUP:

  • One-on-one professional coaching
  • Group coaching programs
  • Self-directed learning experiences
  • Personalized development plans
  • Employee well-being resources
  • Leadership development programs

LeggUP’s commitment to people development extends beyond coaching. They provide resources and tools to support employee well-being, foster a positive work culture, and drive organizational success.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Newport Beach, California, LeggUP has rapidly established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to maximize their human resources potential. Their dedication to professional coaching and people development positions them as a key player in the industry.

Udemy for Business

Looking for a comprehensive elearning course collection to cater to your business training and professional development needs? Look no further than Udemy for Business. This cloud-deployed platform, offered by, provides a wide range of courses designed specifically for businesses.

Udemy for Business offers a diverse selection of courses across various industries and disciplines. Whether you’re looking for courses on leadership, project management, marketing, coding, or any other business-related skill, you’ll find a wealth of options to choose from.

Being cloud-deployed, Udemy for Business offers the flexibility and convenience of accessing courses anytime, anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for companies with remote teams or employees working across different time zones. Learners can access the platform from any device, making it easily accessible and user-friendly.

While specific details about the platform’s features and integrations are limited, the popularity of Udemy for Business speaks for itself. Many companies trust Udemy for Business to provide a seamless and engaging online learning experience for their employees.

Take advantage of the extensive course collection and learning experience this platform has to offer to enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce. With Udemy for Business, you can empower your employees to stay ahead in their professional development journey.


When searching for BetterUp alternatives, Slashdot is a valuable resource that provides comprehensive information on competing products that are similar to BetterUp. This platform lists the best alternatives available on the market, allowing users to easily compare and evaluate their options.

One of the key advantages of using Slashdot is its inclusion of ratings and reviews for each alternative. Users can gain insights into the experiences of other customers and make informed decisions based on the feedback provided.

Furthermore, Slashdot provides pricing details for each alternative, enabling users to compare costs and determine which option best fits their budget. Additionally, the platform highlights the features offered by each alternative, helping users identify the most suitable solutions for their needs.

Whether you are seeking a BetterUp alternative with specific features or trying to find an alternative within a certain price range, Slashdot’s comprehensive listings and detailed information make it a go-to resource for evaluating BetterUp alternatives.

Relevant Categories

When exploring BetterUp alternatives, it is crucial to consider relevant categories that cater to different aspects of personal and professional development. By delving into the world of coaching, learning experience platforms, and diversity training, individuals and organizations can find options that align with their specific needs and objectives.

In terms of coaching, there are various platforms and services available that provide personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking self-improvement and professional growth. These coaching programs can encompass a wide range of areas, including leadership development, career advancement, and personal well-being.

Learning experience platforms, on the other hand, offer comprehensive solutions for online education and training. These platforms provide a wide array of courses and resources that allow individuals and organizations to enhance their knowledge and skills. Whether it’s acquiring new technical competencies, developing leadership abilities, or staying up-to-date with industry trends, learning experience platforms offer valuable opportunities for growth.

Lastly, diversity training has become a crucial aspect of personal and professional development in today’s multicultural society. With a focus on inclusivity and equity, diversity training programs aim to educate individuals about different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. By fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment, organizations can benefit from enhanced creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

By exploring these relevant categories of coaching, learning experience platforms, and diversity training, individuals and organizations can find alternative solutions to BetterUp that provide tailored experiences, valuable knowledge, and transformative growth opportunities.


In conclusion, the coaching and personal development industry offers a range of top-rated competitors and alternatives to BetterUp. Companies like Sounding Board, CoachHub, GrowthSpace, Bravely, Headspace, and LeggUP provide innovative solutions for enhancing leadership, employee development, well-being, and organizational change. These industry competitors have proven track records in delivering effective coaching and training services, making them the best alternatives to BetterUp.

With the increasing industry competition, it is essential for organizations to explore these top-rated competitors to stay ahead in the market. Whether you are looking for leadership development programs, digital coaching platforms, talent development solutions, or mental wellness and mindfulness services, these BetterUp alternatives offer diverse options that cater to your specific needs.

By considering these industry-leading competitors, you can find the best fit to support your organization’s growth, improve employee well-being, and drive positive organizational change. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to uncover the top-rated rivals in the coaching and personal development industry.


Can you provide a list of the top competitors and alternatives to BetterUp in 2024?

Sure! Some of the leading competitors and alternatives to BetterUp are Sounding Board, CoachHub, GrowthSpace, Bravely, Headspace, LeggUP, and Udemy for Business.

What does Sounding Board specialize in?

Sounding Board specializes in leadership development and offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and software solutions for managing and tracking leadership development programs.

What does CoachHub offer?

CoachHub operates a digital coaching platform that connects customers with certified business and well-being coaches. They provide coaching services to help companies train employees and improve their performance.

Can you explain GrowthSpace’s specialization?

GrowthSpace specializes in talent development, offering services such as one-on-one coaching, team coaching, cohort-based workshops, and internal mentoring. These services are aimed at managing employee and team performance, reducing attrition, increasing engagement, and supporting organizational change.

What services does Bravely provide?

Bravely is a training and coaching platform that focuses on professional development. They offer on-demand, personalized coaching services to enhance employee skills and performance.

What does Headspace specialize in?

Headspace is a digital health company that specializes in mental wellness and mindfulness. They offer guided meditations, sleep aids, and mindful movement exercises to improve mental health and well-being.

What services does LeggUP offer?

LeggUP is a professional coaching and people development platform that offers one-on-one professional coaching, group coaching, and self-directed learning experiences to develop leaders, improve employee well-being, and reduce turnover.

What is Udemy for Business?

Udemy for Business is a cloud-deployed elearning course collection offered by It provides a wide range of courses for business training and professional development.

How can I find and evaluate BetterUp alternatives?

You can visit Slashdot, which lists the best BetterUp alternatives on the market. Users can compare ratings, reviews, pricing, and features of these alternatives to make the best choice for their needs.

Are there any relevant categories to consider when exploring BetterUp alternatives?

Yes, relevant categories to consider include coaching, learning experience platforms, and diversity training. These categories provide options for different aspects of personal and professional development, catering to specific needs and objectives.
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