Top Blue Apron Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Blue Apron revolutionized the meal kit delivery services landscape by offering fresh ingredients directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Despite its success, it faces limitations, particularly in accommodating restricted diets and providing a varied meal plan.

Their commitment to delivering fresh culinary experiences includes sustainable food practices, eco-friendly packaging, and non-GMO ingredients. They also offer free shipping, rotating recipes, flexible subscriptions, and vegetarian options, though there’s limited variety in their family plan.

As Blue Apron’s footprint grows, several alternatives have emerged. These competitors offer diverse meal selections, pricing models, and cater to specific dietary preferences, presenting consumers with numerous Blue Apron alternatives that enhance their home cooking experience using sustainable ingredients.

With new players entering the scene, finding the best subscription models and tailored meal options has become easier than ever for consumers. In the sections that follow, we will explore the top Blue Apron competitors that are setting new standards in providing high-quality, tailored, and sustainable meal kits.

HelloFresh: A Leading Alternative

HelloFresh stands out as a premier alternative in the meal kit delivery market, offering significant advantages in terms of meal customization and diverse meal selections. Unique for its extensive range of 15 weekly recipes and tailored meal plans, HelloFresh ensures that every family can find something to their liking.

Meal Plans and Customization

HelloFresh provides a variety of meal plans including Fit, Quick, Variety, and premium meals designed to meet unique dietary restrictions. Families can benefit from family-friendly recipes that cater to different dietary needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options. This level of customization sets HelloFresh apart from the typical offerings seen in the HelloFresh vs Blue Apron debate.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing and value, HelloFresh maintains a competitive edge. By offering discounts on family plans and incorporating breakfast options, HelloFresh adds extra value to its service. Their 30-minute meal options streamline the cooking process, making home-cooked meals feasible even on busy days. Compared to Blue Apron, HelloFresh provides better pricing dynamics, ensuring families find meals that fit their budgets without sacrificing quality.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback highlights how HelloFresh excels in several areas. Positive reviews frequently mention the ease of meal preparation, the appealing taste of recipes, and the broad array of options available. Families appreciate the varied meal selections and the ability to adjust orders according to dietary restrictions. These testimonials reinforce HelloFresh’s reputation as a leading meal kit delivery service in the ongoing HelloFresh vs Blue Apron comparison.

Home Chef: More Variety for Your Meals

Home Chef stands out in the crowded meal subscription services market by offering unparalleled diverse recipe options, featuring a wide range of 18 meal choices per week. This variety not only exceeds Blue Apron’s selection but also caters to a broader audience, including those with specific dietary restriction accommodations.

Specialty Options

Home Chef’s commitment to variety extends to its specialty options, which include premium meal selections, smoothies, seasonal fruit baskets, and quick lunch solutions. These features make it an attractive choice for consumers seeking a customizable meal experience tailored to their dietary needs and lifestyle preferences.

Pricing and Subscription Flexibility

Another strength of Home Chef is its flexible pricing and subscription models. The service is designed to be affordable, with a varied pricing structure that decreases per-serving costs for larger orders. This flexible approach ensures that the meal kit cost remains competitive and accessible for a wide range of customers, as evidenced by positive Home Chef reviews.

Furthermore, Home Chef offers a user-friendly subscription model, allowing customers to modify their orders with ease. This adaptability, combined with diverse recipe options and dietary restriction accommodations, solidifies Home Chef’s position as a leader among meal subscription services.

Sun Basket: Organic and Sustainable Ingredients

Sun Basket is a remarkable entry among meal kit delivery services, putting a strong emphasis on providing organic ingredients and non-GMO produce. Catering to a variety of dietary needs such as paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian, Sun Basket ensures its offerings align with health-conscious consumer preferences.

With chef-developed recipes by the esteemed Justine Kelly, Sun Basket’s commitment to quality shines through. Each meal is designed not only to be flavorful but also nutritionist-approved, ensuring a balanced diet. This dedication to health specifics sets Sun Basket apart from competitors.

Another key aspect of Sun Basket is its responsible sourcing practices. The brand is dedicated to environmental sustainability, ensuring that all ingredients are sourced responsibly. This focus not only enhances the quality of the meals but also aligns with a growing consumer demand for eco-conscious choices.

Factor_: Ready-to-Eat Meals for Special Diets

Factor_ distinguishes itself as a premier competitor to Blue Apron, catering specifically to individuals following special diet plans. With a focus on convenience and nutritional precision, Factor_ offers meals that are ready-to-eat, requiring no preparation while still meeting various dietary needs like keto and paleo.

Diet-Specific Plans

Factor_ shines with its expertly designed and nutritionist-approved meal options, targeting special diet plans. Their menu includes a diverse range of keto-friendly meals and paleo options, ensuring that customers can maintain their dietary preferences with ease and compliance. This careful consideration makes Factor_ a valuable choice for health-conscious consumers.

Price Comparison

Positioned at a higher price point starting at $11 per portion, Factor_ justifies the cost with the convenience of ready-to-eat meals and the assurance of dietary alignment. While this may be more expensive compared to Blue Apron, many customers value the time saved on meal preparation and the health benefits of adhering strictly to their diet plans.

Customer Experience

Customers consistently highlight the positive aspects of their experience with Factor_. The quality of the meals, adherence to special diet plans, and the convenience of ready-to-eat options contribute to high satisfaction rates. Despite the premium price, many users appreciate the substantial advantages that Factor_’s meal prep services provide, solidifying its reputation as a top-tier meal delivery service.

Freshly: Convenient and Gluten-Free Options

For consumers prioritizing convenience, Freshly stands out as a leading gluten-free meal service. Freshly offers fully-cooked, nutritious meal kits that require only a quick meal prep, taking just three minutes to heat. This is particularly beneficial for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, ensuring safe and delicious dining options.

Each meal provided by Freshly is designed by dietitians, adhering to the FDA’s sodium guidelines. This ensures that every serving is balanced and nutritious. With options that include dairy-free and plant-based meals, Freshly caters to a broad range of dietary needs and preferences. Moreover, the Freshly meal delivery service offers affordability, with attractive pricing for larger meal quantities, making it a practical choice for many households.

Overall, Freshly excels in delivering quick meal prep solutions without sacrificing nutrition or taste, making it a top contender in the meal delivery service market.

Martha & Marley Spoon: Elegant and Simple Recipes

Martha & Marley Spoon stands out by blending sophistication with simplicity. Originating from Martha Stewart’s culinary guidance, this service offers a wide array of 10 weekly recipes tailored for two to four-person meal plans. Customers can enjoy free delivery and competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective meal service when compared to Blue Apron.

Recipe Selection

The diverse recipe selection of Martha & Marley Spoon includes elegant meal kits that appeal to various taste preferences. Users can effortlessly create gourmet dishes at home with the user-friendly recipes provided. Whether you are catering to a romantic dinner or a family meal plan, the service ensures variety and quality.

Affordability and Delivery

Martha & Marley Spoon appeals to customers looking for cost-effective meal services without sacrificing quality. The ability to skip weeks offers users flexibility, while their referral program provides free boxes after the third order. This combination of affordability and convenience enhances the appeal of their user-friendly recipes and makes Martha & Marley Spoon a compelling choice for busy households.

Green Chef: USDA-Certified Organic Meal Kits

Green Chef remains a key player among Blue Apron competitors, offering USDA organic certification on their meal kits. This certification ensures the highest standards of organic farming and ingredients. Embracing sustainability, Green Chef strives to provide meal kits that not only cater to diverse diet meal plans like vegan, keto, and paleo but also focus heavily on environmental responsibility.

Environmental Sustainability

Green Chef takes pride in its commitment to meal kits sustainability, actively prioritizing eco-friendly packaging and offsetting carbon emissions. The company uses recyclable, reusable, and compostable materials to minimize environmental impact. This dedication to sustainability underscores Green Chef’s holistic approach, proving that meal kit delivery services can be both convenient and kind to the planet.

Special Diet Plans

Understanding that customers have varied dietary preferences, Green Chef offers an impressive array of diverse diet meal plans. Whether it’s vegan, keto, paleo, or gluten-free, the chef-curated meals are designed to meet nutritional needs without sacrificing flavor. Each meal plan is tailored to ensure customers receive balanced, satisfying, and unique culinary experiences, aligning with their specific lifestyle and health goals.

Dinnerly: Budget-Friendly and Family-Oriented Meals

Dinnerly stands out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious families looking for affordable meal kits. Offering meal solutions at just $4.99 per portion, Dinnerly reduces the typical financial burden associated with meal delivery services, making family meal planning both economical and accessible.

Simplicity and Speed

One of Dinnerly’s primary appeals is its simplicity. By utilizing a reduced number of ingredients, the meal kits are designed to save time and make quick dinner solutions a reality, perfect for families juggling busy schedules. This efficiency in meal preparation does not compromise the quality, ensuring nutritious and tasty meals on the table swiftly.


Dinnerly’s pricing models are designed with families in mind, maintaining affordability without sacrificing flavor or variety. The emphasis on cost-effectiveness is evident as the service provides family meal planning options that are both economical and diverse, accommodating a wide range of preferences, including kid-friendly recipes that cater to even the pickiest eaters.

Blue Apron Competitors: Best Vegan and Plant-Based Services

As the market for vegan meal delivery services expands, Veestro stands out for its dedication to providing 100% plant-based meal kits. It’s one of the strongest competitors to Blue Apron, particularly for those committed to a vegan lifestyle.

Veestro: 100% Vegan Meals

Veestro’s offerings are exclusively vegan, addressing a substantial gap in Blue Apron’s current meal plan selections. Customers can choose from kosher, nut-free, and other specialized diets, allowing those with specific dietary needs to find suitable meal options.

Packaging and Environmental Impact

One of the significant aspects that set Veestro apart is its sustainable packaging solutions. All packaging materials are recyclable, reducing environmental impact and aligning with the eco-conscious priorities of many plant-based consumers.

Pricing and Meal Options

While Veestro’s subscription plans are on the higher side compared to Blue Apron, the cost-effective vegan options and specialized focus justify this investment. The variety of plant-based meal kits ensures that customers receive nutritious and diverse meals tailored to their preferences.


In the dynamically evolving landscape of meal kit delivery services, choosing meal delivery services that align with your culinary lifestyle choices has never been more accessible. As Blue Apron’s competitors diversify, they offer consumers a rich selection of customized alimentary experiences to suit various personal preferences, lifestyles, and dietary restrictions.

From HelloFresh’s extensive weekly recipes and Home Chef’s versatile subscription flexibility to Sun Basket’s commitment to organic, non-GMO ingredients, each alternative brings its unique strengths to the dining table. Budget-conscious families might gravitate towards Dinnerly’s affordable options, while health-focused individuals could find Green Chef’s USDA-certified organic kits appealing. For those with specific dietary needs, Factor_ and Veestro provide tailored, ready-to-eat meals that ensure alignment with stringent dietary plans.

The best meal kit services review illustrates how these alternatives empower consumers to make informed culinary choices. Whether your priority is cost, convenience, sustainability, or dietary plan selections, the array of options allows you to find a service that perfectly matches your needs. As the market continues to expand, the ability to enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals, with the convenience and customization delivered to your doorstep, is well within reach for every discerning palate.


What makes HelloFresh a leading alternative to Blue Apron?

HelloFresh offers a wider range of recipes, including 15 weekly options. They cater to diverse dietary needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options, all at competitive price points. Additionally, HelloFresh provides customer-friendly features like breakfast options and quick 30-minute meals.

How does Home Chef provide more variety compared to Blue Apron?

Home Chef surpasses Blue Apron by offering 18 meal options per week, catering to various dietary requirements. They also include premium meal selections, smoothies, seasonal fruit baskets, and quick lunch options. Home Chef’s subscription model is flexible and cost-effective for larger orders.

What sets Sun Basket apart in terms of ingredient quality and sustainability?

Sun Basket prioritizes health-conscious consumers with all-organic and non-GMO produce. They cater to specific dietary needs such as paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian diets. Recipes are developed by award-winning chef Justine Kelly and are nutritionist-approved, focusing on health-specific criteria.

Why should someone consider Factor_ for specialized diet plans?

Factor_ is ideal for those on specific diets like keto and paleo. It offers ready-to-eat meals with zero prep required, designed and approved by nutritionists. Although Factor_ can be pricey, starting at per portion, its convenience and dietary compliance add significant value.

What convenience does Freshly offer compared to Blue Apron?

Freshly provides fully cooked meals that can be heated in three minutes, ideal for individuals with busy schedules. They cater to consumers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease and offer dietitian-designed meals, including dairy-free and plant-based options, which comply with FDA sodium guidelines.

How does Martha & Marley Spoon combine elegance and simplicity in their meal kits?

Martha & Marley Spoon offers sophisticated meal solutions with a variety of 10 weekly recipes, suitable for two to four-person meal plans. They provide free delivery and competitive pricing, with additional benefits like the ability to skip weeks and a referral system that grants free boxes after the third order.

What makes Green Chef a sustainable choice among meal kit services?

Green Chef stands out with USDA-certified organic meal kits and a range of dietary plans including vegan, keto, and paleo. They emphasize environmental sustainability by offsetting carbon emissions and using recyclable packaging, despite having a higher price point.

Why is Dinnerly considered budget-friendly and family-oriented?

Dinnerly offers cost-effective meal solutions at .99 per portion. Their meal kits use fewer ingredients, making them simple and quick to prepare. Dinnerly also focuses on kid-friendly meals, making it a suitable option for families with picky eaters.

What unique features does Veestro provide for vegan consumers?

Veestro delivers 100% vegan meals, including kosher and nut-free options, a niche that Blue Apron does not serve. They emphasize sustainability with completely recyclable packaging. Despite higher prices, Veestro’s specialized focus on plant-based diets justifies the investment for its target audience.
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