Top ClickUp Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Looking for project management software alternatives to ClickUp? Forbes Advisor has analyzed the market to identify the top contenders. We assessed factors such as mobile app availability, customer reviews, pricing, service and support, general features, additional features, and expert scores to bring you the seven best alternatives to ClickUp.

Whether you’re searching for similar tools to ClickUp, comparing ClickUp competitors, or looking for the best ClickUp alternatives, this article is your definitive guide to finding the perfect project management software for your needs.

Each alternative offers unique benefits and features, empowering you to streamline your project management processes and boost team productivity. Let’s dive into the top project management software alternatives that rival ClickUp in 2024.

Mobile App Availability

When it comes to project management software, having a mobile app can greatly enhance productivity and convenience. Forbes Advisor, in their analysis of ClickUp’s competitors and alternatives, thoroughly examined the presence and availability of mobile apps for each software solution.

Having a dedicated mobile app allows users to manage their projects and tasks on the go, ensuring that important updates and deadlines are never missed. Forbes Advisor took into account mobile app reviews from users to gauge the overall effectiveness and user satisfaction of each app.

It was found that project management software solutions with positive mobile app reviews scored better in the analysis compared to those with poor reviews. This highlights the significance of an intuitive and well-performing mobile app to complement the desktop experience.

Having the flexibility and accessibility of a mobile app ensures that teams can stay connected and collaborate seamlessly, even when away from their desks. This feature can be especially beneficial for remote teams, giving them the means to stay productive and engaged, regardless of their location.

Next, we’ll delve deeper into the importance of customer reviews and how they contribute to the evaluation of ClickUp’s competitors and alternatives.

Customer Reviews

When analyzing project management software options, Forbes Advisor took into account the valuable insights provided by customer reviews. Ratings and feedback from real users play a significant role in determining the effectiveness and user satisfaction of different software solutions.

Forbes Advisor examined customer reviews from trusted rating platforms such as Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. The analysis revealed that products with higher customer ratings generally outperformed those with lower scores. Positive feedback from users indicates a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in the software’s performance.

By considering project management software customer reviews, businesses and individuals gain visibility into the experiences of others who have utilized these tools. Reviews from platforms like Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra offer valuable insights into key aspects of the software, including user-friendliness, features, support, and overall satisfaction.

Companies like ClickUp understand the significance of customer reviews and strive to provide excellent user experiences. They actively encourage their users to share their thoughts and impressions, enabling potential customers to make informed decisions based on the experiences of previous users.

Real-world feedback from customers provides an authentic perspective on project management software and can help businesses find the right solution to meet their specific requirements. Considering customer reviews alongside other factors such as mobile app availability, pricing options, service and support, general and additional features, and expert scores, allows businesses to make well-rounded decisions regarding their project management software needs.

Through a comprehensive analysis of project management software, incorporating insights from customer reviews, businesses can confidently select a solution that aligns with their goals, workflow, and user preferences.

Pricing Options

When considering project management software, it’s essential to assess the pricing options available. Forbes Advisor evaluated this aspect as part of their analysis, taking into account the availability of free trials and transparent pricing. Software vendors that offered free trials and provided clear pricing information on their websites received better scores.

Many businesses appreciate the opportunity to try out a software before committing to a purchase. Free trials allow users to explore the features and functionalities offered by different project management solutions, enabling them to make an informed decision.

Additionally, transparent pricing is a crucial factor for potential buyers. It provides clarity and confidence in knowing exactly what to expect when it comes to costs. Forbes Advisor recognized vendors who presented their pricing structures openly, without hidden fees or confusing pricing tiers.

By offering free trials and transparent pricing, project management software providers demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. They understand the importance of providing potential buyers with the opportunity to experience their product firsthand and make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

ClickUp, one of the platforms evaluated by Forbes Advisor, offers a free trial to allow users to experience its capabilities before committing to a purchase. Their transparent pricing ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their selected plan.

If you’re in the market for project management software, take advantage of free trials and carefully review pricing options. This will help you determine which solution aligns best with your needs and budget. Remember, finding the right software at the right price is crucial for maximizing productivity and achieving your project goals.

Service and Support

When considering project management software, it’s essential to evaluate the service and support offered by different providers. As part of their analysis, Forbes Advisor examined the presence of chat support and knowledge base support.

Companies that prioritize customer assistance with live chat support experienced higher scores in the evaluation. With chat support, you can quickly get answers to your questions and resolve any issues in real-time, enhancing your overall experience with the software.

In addition, access to a comprehensive knowledge base can be invaluable in navigating the software’s features and functionalities. A robust knowledge base provides users with detailed documentation, tutorials, and guides to help them make the most of the project management software.

Here at ClickUp, we understand the importance of providing excellent customer support. That’s why we offer a dedicated support team that is available to assist you through our chat support feature. Whether you have questions about the software or need help troubleshooting, our team is here to ensure you have a seamless experience.

In addition to chat support, we have a comprehensive knowledge base that contains a wealth of information to guide you through every aspect of ClickUp’s features and functionalities. From step-by-step tutorials to best practice guides, our knowledge base is designed to empower you and help you optimize your workflow.

Benefits of ClickUp Support and Knowledge Base

  • Immediate assistance through live chat support
  • Real-time issue resolution
  • Personalized advice from our expert support team
  • Comprehensive knowledge base for self-help and learning
  • Step-by-step tutorials for efficient onboarding
  • Best practice guides for maximizing productivity

At ClickUp, we understand that exceptional service and support are crucial for ensuring a positive user experience. That’s why we strive to provide you with the highest level of support through our chat support feature and knowledge base. When you choose ClickUp, you can rest assured that our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.

General Features

When evaluating project management software, it is essential to consider the availability of general features that can streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration. Forbes Advisor’s analysis of project management software competitors and alternatives to ClickUp took into account the presence of key features across all tiers of software solutions.

One of the crucial general features to consider is role assignment. This feature allows you to assign specific tasks and responsibilities to team members, ensuring clarity and accountability within your projects.

Timelines are another important feature that facilitates effective project planning and scheduling. With timeline features, you can visualize project milestones and deadlines, enabling you to stay on track and meet project goals.

Gantt charts offer a comprehensive visual representation of project tasks and dependencies. They help you understand the workflow, identify potential bottlenecks, and allocate resources efficiently to meet project milestones.

Software integrations are vital for seamless collaboration and workflow management. The ability to integrate your project management software with other tools and applications, such as communication platforms and file storage services, allows for efficient data sharing and real-time updates.

Dependencies are a key consideration when managing complex projects. The ability to define task dependencies within your project management software helps ensure that tasks are completed in the correct order, preventing delays and minimizing errors.

Effective budgeting is crucial for project success. Look for project management software that offers budgeting features, allowing you to set and track project budgets, allocate resources efficiently, and monitor expenses in real-time.

ClickUp, along with its competitors and alternatives, offers a range of general features that can enhance your project management experience. These features improve collaboration, streamline processes, and contribute to overall project success.

To learn more about project management software alternatives and their general features, continue reading the next section.

Additional Features

When it comes to project management software, having a range of additional features can greatly enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency. Forbes Advisor’s analysis of project management software solutions, including ClickUp, considered the presence of various additional features that can take your project management experience to the next level.

Customizable Templates

One of the key additional features to look out for is customizable templates. These templates allow you to create project workflows and task lists tailored to your specific needs. By saving time and effort in setting up projects from scratch, customizable templates empower you to quickly get started and stay organized.

Milestone Tracking

Effective milestone tracking is crucial for keeping your team on track and ensuring project milestones are achieved within the desired timeframe. With milestone tracking features, you can easily set and monitor key project milestones, enabling you to stay ahead of deadlines and consistently meet project goals.

Expense Tracking

Accurately tracking project expenses is important for budget management and financial transparency. Look for project management software that offers expense tracking functionality, allowing you to record and monitor project-related expenses, ensuring you stay within budget and have a clear overview of project costs.

Kanban Board

A Kanban board is a visual project management tool that helps you track the progress of tasks and workflows. It provides an intuitive way to visualize tasks, their respective stages, and team member assignments, allowing for better collaboration, task prioritization, and overall project transparency.

Billing and Invoicing

For organizations that require billing and invoicing capabilities, project management software with integrated billing and invoicing features can streamline the invoicing process. With this functionality, you can easily generate invoices, track payment status, and manage client billing within the same system, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

Guest Access

Collaborating with external stakeholders such as clients, contractors, or partners is often a necessary aspect of project management. Look for project management software that offers guest access, allowing you to grant limited access to external users without compromising the security or integrity of your projects.

By choosing project management software that offers these additional features, you can enhance your team’s productivity, streamline project workflows, and achieve greater project success. Remember to consider these features alongside other factors like pricing, customer reviews, and expert scores to make an informed decision when selecting the right project management software for your team’s needs.

Expert Score

In the Forbes Advisor analysis of project management software solutions, an expert score was assigned to each platform based on standout features, value for money, and ease of use. This expert score carried a weightage of 20% in the total evaluation.

When evaluating project management software, it’s important to consider its standout features that set it apart from the competition. ClickUp, in particular, offers a range of powerful features that enhance team collaboration and productivity. These include customizable workflows, task dependencies, time tracking, and integrations with popular tools like Google Drive and Slack.

Another crucial aspect is the value for money. ClickUp provides affordable pricing plans that cater to the needs of different teams and organizations. With its comprehensive feature set, the software offers significant value compared to its competitors, making it a cost-effective solution for project management needs.

In addition to robust features and competitive pricing, ClickUp excels in terms of ease of use. The platform boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the project management process, ensuring that team members can quickly adapt and start working efficiently without extensive training.

Overall, ClickUp’s expert score reflects its commitment to delivering standout features, value for money, and ease of use. This makes it a top contender and an excellent choice for teams seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly project management software.

ClickUp Alternatives

While ClickUp is a popular project management software, it may not be the perfect fit for every company. Luckily, there are other tools available that offer similar functionalities and features. If you’re looking for alternatives to ClickUp, consider exploring the following options:

  • Asana: Asana is a widely-used project management tool that allows teams to collaborate, track their work, and achieve their goals efficiently. With features like task assignment, progress tracking, and customizable workflows, Asana provides a comprehensive solution for managing projects.
  • Notion: Notion is a versatile all-in-one workspace that combines project management, note-taking, and collaboration features. It offers a flexible and customizable interface, making it suitable for various use cases, from managing personal tasks to organizing team projects.
  • Airtable: Airtable is a powerful spreadsheet-database hybrid that helps teams organize and track their work. With its intuitive interface and extensive range of templates, Airtable can be customized to fit different project management needs.
  • Wrike: Wrike is a robust project management and collaboration platform that enables teams to streamline their processes and improve productivity. It offers features such as task management, Gantt charts, and team collaboration tools.

These alternatives provide viable options for businesses seeking project management software that suits their specific requirements. When considering different platforms, it’s essential to evaluate factors like pricing, features, integrations, and user experiences to make an informed decision.

Remember that finding the right tool is key to enhancing productivity and achieving success in project management. Assess your team’s needs and goals, and carefully compare the alternatives to Select the option that best aligns with your requirements.

Reasons to Consider ClickUp Alternatives

While ClickUp is a popular project management software, some customers have expressed concerns that may prompt the search for alternatives.

1. Support Response Time

One drawback experienced by some ClickUp users is the slow response time from their support team. Timely assistance is essential when facing issues or needing clarification, making it necessary to explore alternative solutions.

2. Bugs

ClickUp has faced criticism for the frequent introduction of new bugs. Addressing these issues and ensuring stability is crucial for smooth project management, prompting users to consider other options.

3. Interface Clutter

Another drawback highlighted by users is the cluttered interface of ClickUp. An intuitive and organized interface is essential for efficient task management, making a streamlined alternative desirable.

4. Steep Learning Curve

Some users have found ClickUp to have a steep learning curve, making it challenging for new team members to adapt quickly. Tools with a more user-friendly interface and simpler onboarding processes can be appealing choices.

5. Performance Issues

Performance issues, such as slow loading times and lags, have been reported by ClickUp users. These issues can hinder productivity, making it necessary to explore alternative project management tools that offer better performance.

Considering these reasons, it becomes imperative to evaluate and compare the alternatives available in the market to find a project management solution that better suits your team’s needs and resolves these concerns.


When it comes to project management software, finding the right tool for your team’s needs is crucial for enhanced productivity. While ClickUp is a popular option, considering alternatives such as Asana, Notion, Airtable, and Wrike can help you find a tool that better aligns with your requirements. By weighing the different features, pricing, and user experiences, you can make an informed choice.

Each of these alternatives has its own strengths and unique features. Asana offers a user-friendly interface and robust task management capabilities. Notion stands out with its customizable templates and collaborative workspace. Airtable is known for its flexibility and powerful database features. Wrike excels in project tracking and resource management.

Ultimately, the best alternative for your needs will depend on your team’s specific requirements and workflows. Take the time to evaluate each option, considering factors such as ease of use, scalability, and integration capabilities. By selecting the right project management tool, you can streamline your operations, increase collaboration, and drive team productivity to new heights.


What factors were considered in the analysis of ClickUp competitors and alternatives?

The analysis considered factors such as mobile app availability, customer reviews, pricing, service and support, general features, additional features, and expert scores.

How did Forbes Advisor evaluate the presence of a mobile app?

Forbes Advisor assessed the presence of a mobile app and its availability on different platforms. They also considered mobile app reviews to determine the software’s quality.

What customer reviews were considered in the analysis?

Forbes Advisor considered customer reviews from popular rating sites such as Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra.

What pricing options were assessed?

Forbes Advisor evaluated the availability of free trials and transparent pricing.

What service and support aspects were considered?

Forbes Advisor assessed the presence of chat support and knowledge base support in the software.

What general features were evaluated?

Forbes Advisor looked for features such as role assignment, timelines, Gantt charts, software integrations, dependencies, and budgeting.

What additional features were analyzed?

Forbes Advisor considered additional features such as customizable templates, milestone tracking, expense tracking, Kanban boards, billing and invoicing, and guest access.

What is the expert score based on?

The expert score is based on standout features, value for money, and ease of use.

What are some ClickUp alternatives?

ClickUp recommends exploring alternatives such as Asana, Notion, Airtable, and Wrike.

What are some reasons to consider ClickUp alternatives?

Some customers have raised concerns about ClickUp, including slow response times from the support team, frequent introduction of new bugs, a cluttered interface, a steep learning curve, and performance issues.

How can finding the right project management tool enhance team productivity?

Finding the right tool for your team’s needs is crucial for enhanced productivity. Different features, pricing options, and user experiences can guide you in making an informed choice.
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