Top Concur Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top Concur competitors and alternatives in 2024. In today’s market, businesses are seeking efficient and reliable solutions for managing their travel and expense management needs. SAP Concur has long been a dominant player in this space, but the marketplace now offers a diverse range of alternatives that cater to different organizational requirements.

Spend management software plays a crucial role in helping organizations reduce workload, increase visibility, and gain better control over their spending. These software solutions typically offer features such as employee expense reporting, receipt scanning, approval workflows, and integration with other systems like ERP software.

Here, we will explore some of the leading competitors and alternatives to Concur, providing insights into their unique offerings and benefits. Whether you’re looking for business travel expense management solutions, corporate travel platforms, or expense reporting software, this guide will help you discover the best options available.

Emburse – A Complete Organizational Spend Management Platform

Emburse is a leading provider of travel and expense management solutions, offering a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of modern organizations. With Emburse, businesses can efficiently manage their expenses from creation to approval, while also streamlining corporate travel booking and invoice management processes.

One of the key features of Emburse is its intuitive expense creation functionality. Users can easily create and submit expenses, providing detailed information and attaching supporting receipts. This ensures accurate and efficient expense reporting, enabling organizations to track and manage their spending effectively.

Emburse also offers configurable approval routing, allowing businesses to customize approval workflows to align with their specific requirements. This feature ensures that expense requests are routed to the appropriate approvers, streamlining the approval process and reducing delays.

For organizations managing corporate travel, Emburse provides a seamless travel booking experience. Through its integrated travel booking capabilities, businesses can access a wide selection of flights, hotels, and car rental options, all within the Emburse platform. This simplifies the travel planning process and enhances employee convenience.

In addition to expense creation and travel booking, Emburse offers powerful analytics and reporting tools. The platform generates insightful reports and provides real-time visibility into expense data, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. This level of visibility is crucial for optimizing spending and identifying areas for improvement.

Emburse also offers robust invoice management solutions. With features like requisition and purchase order creation, invoice review and approval, and integrated analytics, businesses can efficiently manage their accounts payable processes. The platform simplifies invoice handling, reduces manual effort, and ensures timely payments.

Emburse is a trusted partner for businesses seeking a comprehensive spend management platform. With its range of features, including expense creation, approval routing, corporate travel booking, analytics and reporting, and invoice management, Emburse offers a complete solution for organizations looking to streamline their travel and expense management processes. Whether it’s controlling costs, improving visibility, or increasing efficiency, Emburse provides the tools and capabilities needed for effective spend management.

Expensify – Organizational Expense Management for Small Businesses

Expensify is a popular choice for small businesses and growing organizations seeking efficient travel and expense management solutions. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Expensify streamlines the expense management process, saving time and reducing errors.

One of Expensify’s standout features is its smartScan receipt capture technology. Users can effortlessly capture receipts using their smartphones and let Expensify’s smartScan technology extract the relevant information automatically. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in expense reporting.

Moreover, Expensify offers customizable workflows that adapt to your organization’s specific approval processes and policies. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their expense management workflows, ensuring compliance and minimizing bottlenecks.

In addition to tracking expenses, Expensify provides a seamless invoice capture feature, allowing businesses to manage and track invoices from vendors efficiently. This feature streamlines the accounts payable process by storing all relevant information in one central location.

When comparing Expensify to Concur, it’s important to note that Expensify is an ideal choice for smaller organizations that prioritize simplicity and cost-effectiveness. While Concur offers comprehensive solutions for larger enterprises, Expensify caters to the unique needs of small businesses.

The Advantages of Expensify for Small Businesses

  • Intuitive user interface for easy adoption
  • SmartScan receipt capture for effortless expense entry
  • Customizable workflows to adapt to your organization’s approval processes
  • Efficient invoice capture for streamlined accounts payable
  • Affordable pricing plans tailored to the needs of small businesses

In summary, Expensify offers small businesses and growing organizations a comprehensive travel and expense management solution. With features like smartScan receipt capture, customizable workflows, and invoice capture, Expensify simplifies expense reporting and increases efficiency. As a viable alternative to Concur, Expensify allows small businesses to enhance their expense management processes without the complexity and cost associated with larger enterprise solutions.

Zoho – Wide Range of Business Systems Software with Expense Management

Zoho offers a wide range of business systems software, providing comprehensive solutions for various organizational needs. One of their notable offerings is Zoho Expense, a robust travel and expense management tool that helps streamline expense processes and control costs.

Zoho Expense offers an array of features designed to simplify expense management. With low-cost plans tailored for small businesses, Zoho Expense ensures cost-effective solutions without compromising functionality or performance. The software allows businesses to streamline expense creation, automate approval workflows, and effortlessly manage employee travel expenses, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

One of the key advantages of Zoho Expense is its configurable approval workflows. Companies can easily customize and adapt the system to match their specific approval processes, ensuring compliance and efficient expense management. This flexibility allows businesses to scale and adapt the software to their evolving requirements.

In addition, Zoho Expense offers integrated booking tools that allow for seamless travel management support. By integrating with popular travel booking platforms, Zoho Expense enables users to effortlessly book and manage employee travel, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring a smooth experience for all stakeholders involved.

While Zoho Expense does not provide accounts payable solutions, companies using other Zoho business systems software can still benefit from using Zoho Expense. The software seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications, creating a unified system for managing different aspects of the business.

With its range of business systems software and the comprehensive travel and expense management capabilities of Zoho Expense, Zoho continues to be a top choice for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Why Choose Zoho for Expense Management?

  • Low-cost plans: Zoho offers affordable pricing options suitable for small businesses.
  • Configurable approval workflows: Customize the approval processes to match your organization’s unique requirements.
  • Integrated travel booking: Seamlessly book and manage employee travel within the Zoho Expense platform.
  • Scalability and integration: Zoho Expense integrates with other Zoho business systems software, providing a unified solution for managing different aspects of the business.

Navan (formerly TripActions) – Corporate Travel Management and Expense Support

Navan is a leading provider of corporate travel management solutions, offering organizations a comprehensive suite of tools and services to streamline travel and expense management processes. With Navan’s online booking tool, businesses can easily plan and book travel arrangements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal efficiency.

One of Navan’s key advantages is its integrated travel booking feature, which allows users to book flights, hotels, and rental cars directly through the platform. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time. Additionally, Navan’s native card offering provides users with a convenient and secure method to manage travel expenses, ensuring efficient and transparent spending.

Navan’s transaction-based expense reporting feature simplifies the expense management process by automatically capturing and categorizing expenses. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving employees and finance teams valuable time and reducing the risk of errors. The intuitive reporting dashboard provides businesses with real-time visibility into travel expenses, enabling better decision-making and cost control.

While Navan may have limitations in accommodating complex policy and workflow configurations, it excels in providing organizations with streamlined and simplified corporate travel management and expense support. Companies seeking a user-friendly solution that focuses on integrated travel booking and transaction-based expense reporting will find Navan to be a suitable alternative.

Advantages of Navan – Corporate Travel Management and Expense Support:

  • Integrated travel booking tool for seamless travel arrangements
  • Native card offering for secure and convenient expense management
  • Transaction-based expense reporting for automated tracking and categorization
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for better cost control

Ramp – Expense Management with Corporate Card Solutions

Ramp is a newer expense management service that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses. With their native corporate card and customizable rules and workflows, Ramp offers a streamlined approach to expense management.

One of the key features of Ramp is its native corporate card. This allows businesses to manage their expenses efficiently, as all transactions are seamlessly integrated into the Ramp platform. By utilizing a native corporate card, companies can simplify their expense tracking and gain better control over their spending.

Moreover, Ramp offers customizable rules and workflows, allowing businesses to tailor the expense management process to their specific needs. With Ramp, companies can set up unique rules and approval workflows, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of fraudulent expenses.

In addition to expense management, Ramp also provides invoice processing capabilities. This allows businesses to streamline their accounts payable processes by automating invoice capture, review, and approval. By integrating with key accounting platforms, Ramp ensures seamless synchronization of financial data, leading to more accurate and efficient financial management.

When comparing Ramp to Concur, it’s important to note that Ramp offers a walled-garden system with limited card programs. This makes it an ideal choice for small companies that are comfortable using a single corporate card. While Concur may offer more options regarding card programs, Ramp’s focus on simplicity and efficiency appeals to businesses with straightforward expense management needs.

With Ramp, businesses can enjoy a comprehensive expense management service that combines native corporate card integration, customizable rules and workflows, and seamless invoice processing. Whether you’re a small company looking for a straightforward expense management solution or a larger organization in need of a more customized approach, Ramp offers a range of features to meet your needs.

Rydoo – Simple and Approachable Expense Management Solution

Rydoo is a user-friendly alternative for organizations looking for a straightforward expense management solution. With its reputation for simplicity and approachability, Rydoo offers a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes.

Rydoo’s intuitive platform simplifies expense creation and management, allowing employees to easily submit their expenses and track their reimbursement status. The approval workflows in Rydoo ensure that all expenses go through the necessary channels for review and approval, streamlining the expense management process.

One of the standout features of Rydoo is its efficient receipt management system. Users can simply snap a photo of their receipt using the mobile app, and Rydoo will automatically extract the relevant information and attach it to the expense, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry. This feature not only saves time but also improves accuracy and eliminates the risk of lost receipts.

Rydoo’s commitment to simplicity and ease of use makes it an ideal solution for businesses seeking an expense management solution that prioritizes user experience. It offers all the essential features for expense management without overwhelming users with unnecessary complexity. Through its intuitive interface and robust features, Rydoo provides organizations with a streamlined and efficient way to manage their expenses.


With a wide range of Concur competitors available in the market, organizations now have numerous options to choose from for superior business travel expense management and corporate travel solutions. Each competitor offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences.

In today’s digital landscape, travel booking platforms, expense reporting software, and travel and expense apps have become essential tools for efficient business travel expense management. By leveraging these travel management companies and online booking tools, organizations can streamline their travel processes, increase cost control, and enhance overall productivity.

It is crucial for businesses to consider their requirements and carefully evaluate the capabilities of different corporate travel management systems before making a choice. By selecting the most suitable alternative, organizations can achieve effective travel expense management while meeting their specific needs and optimizing their travel operations.


What is Emburse?

Emburse is a comprehensive spend management platform that offers features for travel and expense management, including easy expense creation, configurable approval routing, corporate travel booking, and powerful analytics and reporting. They also provide invoice management solutions with requisition and purchase order creation, invoice review and approval, and integrated analytics.

What are the features of Expensify?

Expensify is a popular choice for small businesses and growing organizations. Its features include smartScan receipt capture, customizable workflows, and invoice capture. Expensify is often compared to Concur and is considered a suitable alternative for smaller organizations that don’t require the complexity of Concur.

What does Zoho offer in terms of travel and expense management?

Zoho offers Zoho Expense, a travel and expense management solution. They provide low-cost plans for small businesses, configurable approval workflows, and integrated booking tools for managing employee travel expenses. While they don’t offer accounts payable solutions, companies on the Zoho platform can benefit from using Zoho Expense.

What are the corporate travel management solutions offered by Navan?

Navan (formerly TripActions) offers corporate travel management solutions and an online booking tool. With integrated travel booking, native card offerings, and transaction-based expense reporting, Navan caters to organizations with simpler processes. While they may be limited in accommodating different policy and workflow configurations, Navan can be a suitable alternative for companies less concerned with flexibility.

What is Ramp’s approach to expense management?

Ramp is a newer expense management service that offers native corporate cards and customizable rules and workflows. They also provide invoice processing and integrate with key accounting platforms. Compared to Concur, Ramp offers a walled-garden system with limited card programs, making it suitable for small companies comfortable with using a single corporate card.

What are the features of Rydoo as an expense management solution?

Rydoo is known for its simplicity and approachability as an expense management solution. They offer features for expense creation and management, approval workflows, and receipt management. Rydoo is a user-friendly alternative for organizations looking for a straightforward expense management solution.

What are some alternatives to SAP Concur?

There are several alternatives to SAP Concur in the market. Some of the top competitors include Emburse, Expensify, Zoho Expense, Navan, Ramp, and Rydoo. Each competitor offers unique features and benefits for business travel expense management and corporate travel solutions.
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