Meituan Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

In this case study, we will delve into Meituan’s innovative marketing strategy for 2024. As one of the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platforms, Meituan understands the importance of embracing digital marketing to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. We will explore their approach to online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

Meituan recognizes the significance of effectively reaching their targeted audience and enhancing brand visibility. By analyzing performance metrics and conducting market analysis, they refine their promotional campaigns to attract and retain customers.

Join us as we uncover the strategies that have propelled Meituan to success and gain valuable insights into the evolving world of digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meituan’s marketing strategy is focused on digital marketing channels such as online advertising and social media marketing.
  • Performance metrics and market analysis play a crucial role in refining Meituan’s promotional campaigns.
  • Targeting the right audience and enhancing brand visibility are top priorities for Meituan.
  • Their approach to search engine optimization ensures a strong online presence and increased traffic.
  • Through strategic analysis, Meituan remains at the forefront of the online and on-demand delivery industry.

About Meituan

Meituan, formerly known as Meituan-Dianping, is a prominent player in the online and on-demand delivery industry. Founded in 2010 by Wang Xing, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest platforms of its kind. With its headquarters in Beijing, Meituan operates a wide range of apps and websites catering to various consumer needs.

Meituan offers a diverse array of services, including entertainment, dining, travel, and delivery. The platform connects users with locally sourced consumer products and enables seamless access to an extensive network of service providers. With millions of users engaging daily, Meituan has established itself as a go-to destination for all things related to consumer needs.

One of the key factors behind Meituan’s success is its robust business model. The platform operates as a comprehensive solution, catering to a myriad of consumer requirements. Whether it’s ordering food, booking travel accommodations, or exploring entertainment options, Meituan has become synonymous with convenience and efficiency.

In addition to its user-centric focus, Meituan also plays a vital role in empowering businesses. The platform serves as a powerful marketing tool, connecting service providers with potential customers. By utilizing Meituan, businesses can expand their reach, increase brand visibility, and capitalize on the platform’s extensive user base.

Meituan’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences extends beyond its online platform. The company has ventured into various sectors, including food delivery, transportation, and more. This diverse range of services ensures that users can access the products and experiences they desire, all within the Meituan ecosystem.

With its innovative business model and comprehensive service offerings, Meituan continues to redefine the way consumers engage with online and on-demand delivery platforms. Through its commitment to providing exceptional experiences and seamless access to consumer products and services, Meituan has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

Meituan Key Highlights
Founded 2010
Headquarters Beijing, China
Business Model Online and on-demand delivery
Services Entertainment, dining, travel, delivery
Consumer Products Locally sourced, diverse range
Platform Reach Millions of daily users

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Meituan employs segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies to effectively reach and engage its desired audience. By initially targeting millennials and individuals with high disposable income, Meituan capitalized on a demographic with a high likelihood of utilizing its services. This strategic approach allowed Meituan to establish a strong presence in the market. However, it didn’t stop there.

The company recognized the potential for growth and broadened its scope to cater to a wider audience. Meituan strategically focused on the college campus market, which offers a high customer density and simplified distribution for restaurants on their platform. The proximity of restaurants to college campuses makes it easier for Meituan to fulfill orders swiftly, resulting in customer satisfaction.

With a comprehensive understanding of the market and changing consumer preferences, Meituan positioned itself as a leader in the e-commerce market. Leveraging its robust online-to-offline (O2O) integration, Meituan established a seamless connection between online platforms and offline merchants, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

This positioning strategy not only satisfied the needs of its customers but also empowered merchants to effectively reach their target audience and optimize their business operations. By providing a platform that encompasses various market segments, Meituan has successfully positioned itself as a go-to solution for consumers’ diverse needs.

Meituan’s Strategic Market Segmentation:

  • Millennials: Initially targeted demographic with high disposable income.
  • College Campus Market: Focus on areas with high customer density and simplified distribution for restaurants.

Key Elements of Meituan’s Positioning Strategy:

  • E-commerce Market: Establishing itself as a leader in the e-commerce domain.
  • O2O Integration: Creating a seamless connection between online platforms and offline merchants.

Marketing Campaigns

Meituan utilizes a range of marketing campaigns to effectively engage its target audience and drive brand awareness. These campaigns leverage various strategies and platforms to ensure maximum reach and impact.

Bonus Fandom Group

One of Meituan’s standout campaigns is the Bonus Fandom Group. This unique approach allows merchants to engage with customers through group chats and exclusive limited-time offers. By tapping into private traffic, Meituan creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, incentivizing customers to take action.

Through the Bonus Fandom Group, Meituan fosters a community of loyal customers who actively participate in discussions, share feedback, and create a sense of camaraderie. This approach not only boosts brand loyalty but also creates buzz and generates word-of-mouth recommendations.

Group Buying Services

Meituan also offers group buying services across a wide range of categories, similar to popular platforms like Groupon. This enables users to enjoy significant discounts on products and services by joining forces with other buyers.

Group buying taps into the concept of collective purchasing power, allowing users to access exclusive deals that wouldn’t be available otherwise. This strategy not only drives sales but also fosters a sense of community as users come together to take advantage of these offers.

Meituan Xue – Access to Industry Experts

Recognizing the importance of education and personal development, Meituan offers users access to online courses through Meituan Xue. These courses are taught by industry experts, specifically focusing on the food industry.

By providing users with the opportunity to learn from established professionals, Meituan establishes itself as a platform that goes beyond providing services. Meituan Xue enhances brand credibility and positions Meituan as a leader in facilitating knowledge exchange within the food industry.

Social Media Marketing and Influencer Collaborations

Meituan leverages social media platforms to amplify its marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. Through strategic social media marketing campaigns, Meituan engages users, creates brand buzz, and drives traffic to its platform.

In addition, Meituan collaborates with various influencers, including celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers, to promote its products and services. These partnerships enable Meituan to tap into the influencers’ existing audiences, broadening its reach and attracting new users.

Campaign Description
Bonus Fandom Group Engage customers through group chats and limited-time offers
Group Buying Services Access exclusive discounts by joining forces with other buyers
Meituan Xue Online courses taught by industry experts in the food industry
Social Media Marketing Leverage social media platforms to amplify brand reach and engagement
Influencer Collaborations Partner with celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers to promote products and services

SEO Strategies

Meituan’s success in digital marketing can be attributed to its effective SEO strategies. By optimizing its online presence, Meituan aims to increase organic traffic, enhance brand visibility, and improve its ranking on Google’s SERP. However, with only 450 organic keywords, Meituan has room to expand its SEO efforts and generate more relevant keywords.

Organic keywords are essential for driving targeted traffic to Meituan’s website and app. By incorporating keywords that align with users’ search intent, Meituan can attract a larger audience and increase its chances of appearing in relevant search results.

Meituan should conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-value keywords that have moderate search volume but low competition. This will allow the company to optimize its content and increase the likelihood of ranking higher on Google’s SERP.

Enhancing brand visibility is another crucial aspect of SEO strategies. Meituan can achieve this by creating high-quality, informative content that engages users and establishes the company as an authority in the online and on-demand delivery industry.

To further improve its SEO performance, Meituan should also focus on improving its website’s technical SEO elements. This includes optimizing page load speed, implementing structured data markup, and improving mobile responsiveness to provide a seamless user experience.

Meituan’s SEO strategies should not only aim for a higher ranking on Google’s SERP but also prioritize driving targeted traffic to its website and app. By focusing on relevant keywords and implementing effective SEO techniques, Meituan can attract more potential customers and ultimately increase its business revenue.

SEO Strategies Performance Metrics
Organic Keywords 450
Monthly Traffic 10K+
Google SERP Rankings Needs Improvement
Brand Visibility Room for Improvement

Influencer Marketing

Meituan recognizes the power of influencer marketing in driving brand awareness and increasing sales. The company actively collaborates with celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers to promote its products and services to a wider audience. These influential individuals help create buzz around Meituan, leveraging their large following to generate increased popularity and engagement.

Through strategic collaborations, Meituan taps into the vast reach and influence of these content creators, who have established credibility and trust with their audience. By partnering with celebrities, such as musicians, actors, and athletes, Meituan can leverage their wide fan base to enhance brand visibility and capture the attention of potential customers.

In addition to collaborations with celebrities, Meituan also works with influential YouTubers and bloggers. These content creators have dedicated followings within niche markets, making them valuable partners in reaching specific target audiences. By leveraging the authority and expertise of these influencers, Meituan can establish its products and services as trusted and reputable choices for consumers.

Increased Popularity and Sales

An effective influencer marketing campaign can significantly impact Meituan’s popularity and sales. When influencers promote Meituan’s offerings to their loyal and engaged followers, it generates curiosity and interest, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales. With influencers acting as trusted brand advocates, their endorsements hold significant weight in influencing consumer purchase decisions.

Furthermore, influencers often provide unique insights and personalized experiences, creating a sense of authenticity and relatability that resonates with their followers. This genuine connection between influencers and their audience enhances the effectiveness of Meituan’s marketing efforts, fostering higher levels of engagement and conversion rates.

In summary, influencer marketing plays a crucial role in Meituan’s overall marketing strategy. By collaborating with celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers, Meituan can amplify its brand message, increase its popularity, and ultimately drive sales. In an increasingly competitive market, influencer partnerships hold immense potential for Meituan to establish itself as a leader in the online and on-demand delivery industry.

E-Commerce Strategies

E-commerce is a crucial aspect of Meituan’s marketing strategy. Through its robust online website, Meituan offers a wide array of consumer products and retail services, catering to diverse customer needs. The company’s online platform facilitates seamless shopping experiences, ranging from on-demand food delivery to convenient booking services.

By leveraging e-commerce strategies, Meituan ensures that customers can easily access and explore a plethora of options, providing convenience and flexibility for their shopping needs. Whether it’s ordering their favorite meals or making reservations for various services, Meituan’s e-commerce platform serves as a one-stop destination, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the different facets of Meituan’s e-commerce strategies:

1. Online Website

Meituan’s online website serves as the primary interface for customers to browse, select, and purchase various consumer products and retail services. The user-friendly design and intuitive navigation make it effortless for customers to explore different offerings and make informed purchase decisions.

2. Consumer Products

Meituan’s e-commerce platform offers an extensive range of consumer products, from electronic gadgets to fashion accessories, allowing customers to conveniently shop for their desired items without leaving the comfort of their homes.

3. Retail Services

Meituan’s retail services encompass a wide array of options, including beauty and wellness services, home improvement solutions, and lifestyle offerings. Customers can easily book appointments and avail themselves of these services through Meituan’s e-commerce platform.

4. On-Demand Food Delivery

Meituan’s on-demand food delivery service is a cornerstone of its e-commerce strategy. Customers can browse through a diverse range of cuisines, place orders, and enjoy hassle-free delivery of their favorite meals to their doorstep.

5. Booking Services

Meituan’s e-commerce platform extends to booking various services such as hotels, travel accommodations, and local attractions. Customers can conveniently make reservations for their preferred services, ensuring a seamless travel and entertainment experience.

Meituan’s e-commerce strategies empower customers with convenience, choice, and accessibility, allowing them to fulfill their shopping and service needs effortlessly. With its user-centric approach and wide-ranging offerings, Meituan continues to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape, providing a comprehensive platform for a variety of products and services.

Benefits of Meituan’s E-Commerce Strategies Examples of Offerings
Convenience and flexibility – On-demand food delivery
– Booking services
Wide range of options – Consumer products
– Retail services
Simplified shopping experience – Intuitive online website
– User-friendly navigation
Seamless booking process – Hotel reservations
– Travel accommodations

By harnessing the potential of e-commerce, Meituan is revolutionizing the way customers shop and access services, creating a dynamic and customer-centric online marketplace.

Mobile Apps

Meituan is renowned for its mobile apps that offer on-demand food delivery services. However, the company doesn’t stop there. It has developed a super app that provides users with the convenience of booking a wide range of services, including hotels, local attractions, and other tourism-related businesses. This innovative mobile app strategy not only caters to the growing demand for on-demand food delivery but also expands Meituan’s reach beyond the food and beverage industry.

With the Meituan app, users can seamlessly navigate through various categories and easily access services from non-F&B service providers. This user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and efficient booking experience. Whether it’s making reservations at a restaurant, booking a hotel room, or purchasing tickets for a popular tourist destination, Meituan’s mobile apps have revolutionized the way people access and enjoy a wide range of services.

Meituan’s commitment to user experience is evident in the intuitive design and user-friendly interface of its mobile apps. The company continuously strives to enhance the overall user experience by optimizing features, streamlining the booking process, and improving the app’s performance.

By offering a comprehensive range of services through its mobile apps, Meituan has positioned itself as a leader in the on-demand service industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart from its competitors.

Benefits of Meituan’s Mobile Apps
Convenience and accessibility
Wide range of services from non-F&B providers
Intuitive user interface
Streamlined booking process
Continuous improvement and optimization

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is an essential component of Meituan’s marketing strategy. By leveraging various mediums such as blogs, reports, and social media updates, Meituan effectively communicates and shares information about its business with its audience. These content marketing strategies serve a dual purpose of enhancing brand recognition and keeping the audience well-informed.

Blogs are one of the key pillars of Meituan’s content marketing approach. Through well-crafted blog posts, Meituan provides valuable insights, industry trends, and updates related to its services. This not only helps in establishing Meituan as a thought leader but also strengthens its online presence, attracting a wider audience and driving organic traffic to its website.

Reports play a crucial role in Meituan’s content marketing strategy as well. Meituan publishes comprehensive reports that provide in-depth analysis of the market, customer behavior, and emerging trends. These reports not only serve as a valuable resource for its target audience but also contribute to Meituan’s reputation as a data-driven and customer-centric company.

Social media updates are another integral part of Meituan’s content marketing efforts. Meituan leverages its social media platforms to share regular updates, news, and offers with its followers. This helps in staying connected with the audience, increasing brand visibility, and engaging with customers on a more personal level.

Meituan’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is evident through its CSR report. This report highlights Meituan’s efforts in sustainable practices, community engagement, and philanthropic activities. By providing transparency about its CSR initiatives, Meituan builds trust and credibility with its audience.

Additionally, Meituan’s website hosts a wealth of interesting content that further establishes its credibility and transparency. Visitors to the website can find the latest company news, featured articles, and other engaging content that showcases Meituan’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Overall, Meituan’s content marketing strategies play a crucial role in driving brand recognition, enhancing customer engagement, and establishing Meituan as a trusted industry leader.

The Major Challenges

Despite its success as one of the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platforms, Meituan faces several significant challenges that need to be addressed for continued growth and sustainability. Effective marketing techniques are essential for Meituan to stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

One key area that requires attention is the company’s social media presence. While Meituan has made strides in enhancing its official website, a stronger presence on popular social media platforms is crucial to tap into the active user base and reach a wider audience.

Another challenge lies in generating organic reach. Meituan needs to focus on optimizing its content and online strategies to increase visibility in search engine results and attract a broader range of potential customers. By improving its organic reach, Meituan can expand its customer base and enhance brand recognition.

Furthermore, Meituan should prioritize increasing international awareness. While the company has achieved significant success in the domestic market, expanding its global reach is crucial for long-term growth and sustainability. International awareness will help Meituan establish itself as a recognized brand in new markets and unlock opportunities for further expansion.

By addressing these major challenges and implementing targeted strategies, Meituan can overcome obstacles, strengthen its market position, and continue to thrive in the competitive world of online and on-demand delivery platforms.

The Significance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in enhancing a company’s reputation and driving growth. In today’s digital age, businesses need effective campaigns to gain exposure and engage with their target audience. By leveraging digital marketing strategies, companies like Meituan can establish a strong online presence and maximize their business potential.

Building Business Reputation

A well-executed digital marketing strategy can significantly contribute to a company’s reputation. Through targeted campaigns and engaging content, businesses can create a positive brand image and build trust among their customers. By consistently delivering value and addressing customer needs, companies can strengthen their reputation and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Driving Effective Campaigns

Digital marketing enables businesses to create and implement effective campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By leveraging various digital channels such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing, companies can reach their target audience with precision. Whether it’s creating compelling ad campaigns or developing engaging social media content, digital marketing allows businesses to drive impactful campaigns that generate results.

Increasing Exposure

One of the primary benefits of digital marketing is the ability to reach a wider audience and increase brand exposure. Through targeted strategies and data-driven insights, businesses can expand their reach and connect with potential customers who are more likely to engage with their products or services. Leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and social media advertising, companies can boost their visibility and attract new customers.

Fueling Business Growth

Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in spurring business growth. By implementing strategies that drive traffic, increase conversions, and enhance customer loyalty, companies can achieve sustainable growth. A comprehensive digital marketing approach, which includes elements such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and social media advertising, can help businesses tap into new markets, identify growth opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Digital Marketing
Enhances business reputation
Drives effective campaigns
Increases brand exposure
Fuels business growth


Meituan’s marketing strategy exemplifies business clarity, core competencies, and strong execution. Through its ability to pivot and adapt to market changes, Meituan has achieved remarkable success in the online and on-demand delivery industry. By aligning its organization, people, and product with effective leadership, Meituan has established itself as a leader in the market.

The case study of Meituan’s marketing strategy highlights the importance of defining clear business objectives and leveraging core competencies to drive growth. Meituan’s strong execution of its marketing initiatives has resulted in increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and market share. Furthermore, Meituan’s leadership has played a pivotal role in guiding the company’s strategic decisions and driving its overall success.

In conclusion, Meituan’s marketing strategy serves as a valuable case study for businesses seeking to achieve success through a well-defined marketing approach. By focusing on business clarity, leveraging core competencies, executing strategies effectively, and providing strong leadership, companies can position themselves as industry leaders and achieve sustainable growth.


What is Meituan?

Meituan is one of the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platforms that offers a wide range of consumer products and services such as entertainment, dining, travel, and delivery.

What is Meituan’s target audience?

Meituan initially targeted millennials and individuals with high disposable income but has expanded its market to cater to a wider audience. The company also focuses on the college campus market due to its high customer density and simple distribution for restaurants.

What marketing campaigns does Meituan employ?

Meituan utilizes various marketing campaigns, including the Bonus Fandom Group, private traffic, group buying, Meituan Xue, and social media marketing with influencers.

How does Meituan improve its brand visibility?

Meituan uses search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve brand visibility but has room for improvement. By generating more relevant keywords and investing in optimizing its SEO strategies, Meituan can further enhance its visibility.

Does Meituan collaborate with influencers?

Yes, Meituan collaborates with celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers to promote its products and increase its popularity. However, there is potential for more partnerships in influencer marketing.

What are Meituan’s e-commerce strategies?

Meituan offers a variety of consumer products and retail services through its online website, including on-demand food delivery and booking services. The company aims to provide a seamless experience for its customers through its e-commerce platform.

What are Meituan’s mobile apps?

Meituan has a super app that allows users to book services with hotels, local attractions, and other tourism-related businesses. This mobile app strategy enhances the user experience and expands Meituan’s reach beyond the food and beverage industry.

How does Meituan utilize content marketing?

Meituan uses content marketing strategies such as blogs, reports, and social media updates to enhance brand recognition and keep its audience informed. The company’s CSR report and other interesting news can also be found on its website.

What are the major challenges for Meituan?

One major challenge for Meituan is the need for stronger marketing techniques, including a stronger social media presence and improved organic reach. Increasing international awareness is also necessary to establish Meituan’s global presence.

How significant is digital marketing for Meituan?

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in Meituan’s reputation and growth. The right marketing strategy can help Meituan gain exposure and effectively engage with its target audience, leading to business growth.

What is the significance of Meituan’s marketing strategy?

Meituan’s marketing strategy is a case study in business clarity, core competencies, and strong execution. The company’s ability to pivot and adapt to market changes has played a significant role in its success.
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