Practo Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Practo is changing the landscape of healthcare with its innovative marketing strategies. In this case study, we’ll delve into Practo’s marketing approach for 2024, focusing on healthcare digital marketing, SEO, medical practice branding, and patient engagement strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practo’s marketing strategy focuses on leveraging digital platforms for healthcare promotion.
  • Healthcare SEO plays a crucial role in improving Practo’s online visibility and attracting more patients.
  • Effective medical practice branding helps build trust and recognition among patients.
  • Practo prioritizes patient engagement strategies to ensure a positive user experience and satisfaction.
  • The 2024 marketing strategy aims to drive growth and expand Practo’s reach in the healthcare industry.

About Practo

Practo is an online platform that simplifies the process of booking appointments with doctors. Founded in 2008 by Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND, Practo has become a trusted healthcare platform for millions of users worldwide. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Practo provides a convenient solution for patients to find and schedule appointments with healthcare providers.

The founders of Practo, Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND, are computer engineering graduates from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. Their expertise and vision have driven the success of Practo, positioning it as a pioneer in the digital healthcare industry.

Practo boasts over 4 million active monthly users, demonstrating its wide reach and popularity. Patients rely on Practo’s comprehensive database of doctors and clinics, making it a go-to platform for online appointment booking. With the convenience of Practo, users can easily search for healthcare providers based on their specialization, location, and availability.

Practo’s commitment to convenience extends beyond the users. The platform facilitates approximately 120,000 appointments per month, streamlining the appointment management process for doctors and clinics. By digitizing appointment bookings, Practo helps healthcare providers optimize their schedules, reduce no-shows, and efficiently manage patient flow.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive network of healthcare providers, and robust appointment management system, Practo has become a trusted and reliable platform for patients and healthcare professionals alike. It continues to redefine the healthcare experience by leveraging technology to enhance accessibility and convenience.

Founded Founders Monthly Users Appointments Booked
2008 Abhinav Lal, Shashank ND 4 million 120,000

Practo Business Model

Practo’s business model is designed to provide users with cashless, paperless, and painless clinic visits. They achieve this through their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Let’s explore the key elements of Practo’s business model and how they generate revenue.

Subscription-based SaaS Practice Management Software

Practo offers healthcare providers a powerful subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) practice management software. This software enables healthcare professionals to streamline their clinic operations, manage appointments, maintain electronic health records, and handle billing and payments efficiently. By utilizing this software, healthcare providers can offer their patients a seamless experience, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Telephony-based IVR System

In addition to their SaaS practice management software, Practo leverages a telephony-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This system allows patients to schedule appointments, receive reminders, and access essential healthcare information through phone calls. The IVR system enhances accessibility for users who may not have internet access or prefer phone-based interactions. It offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for patients to connect with healthcare providers.

By offering a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, Practo aims to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Their technology-driven approach allows for seamless communication and efficient management of clinic operations, promoting a positive healthcare experience.

Revenue Models

Practo generates revenue through two primary streams: subscription fees and contextual advertisements. Healthcare providers who utilize Practo’s SaaS practice management software pay a subscription fee based on the services they require and the size of their practice. This subscription-based model ensures a steady and predictable revenue stream for Practo.

Furthermore, Practo provides contextual advertising opportunities for hospitals and clinics on their website. These advertisements are tailored to the user’s location, search history, and other relevant factors, ensuring personalized and targeted promotions. By offering contextual advertisements, Practo creates a mutually beneficial platform for healthcare providers to reach their target audience and generate additional revenue.

Through their subscription-based model and contextual advertisements, Practo establishes a sustainable revenue stream while offering valuable services to healthcare providers and users.

As we delve deeper into Practo’s marketing strategy, it becomes evident that their business model sets them apart in the healthcare industry. By prioritizing cashless, paperless, and painless clinic visits, Practo provides convenience and efficiency to users. Their subscription-based SaaS practice management software and telephony-based IVR system contribute to a seamless healthcare experience. Additionally, Practo’s revenue models ensure a sustainable and thriving business, benefiting both healthcare providers and patients.

Practo’s Marketing Campaigns

Practo, a leading healthcare platform, stands out for its remarkable marketing campaigns. The company understands the power of engaging content in capturing the attention of its audience. With a touch of humor, Practo creates campaigns that bring a smile to users’ faces while effectively delivering their message.

Practo leverages the influence of digital media to reach a wider audience. The company maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This allows Practo to engage with users on a more personal level, building brand awareness and fostering a sense of connection.

Through its strategic marketing campaigns and engaging content, Practo not only promotes its services but also positions itself as a trusted healthcare partner. By consistently delivering valuable and entertaining content, Practo solidifies its social media presence and attracts a loyal following of users seeking reliable healthcare information and services.

One of Practo’s notable marketing campaigns features witty and relatable content that resonates with its target audience. By infusing humor into their advertisements and online content, Practo effectively captures the attention of potential users and encourages them to explore the platform further.

Benefits of Practo’s Engaging Marketing Campaigns:

  • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition
  • Increased user engagement and interaction
  • Better brand loyalty and user retention
  • Positive brand perception and association
  • Higher conversion rates and user acquisition

Overall, Practo’s marketing campaigns and engaging content play a pivotal role in establishing its authority in the healthcare industry. The company’s thoughtful approach to marketing not only attracts new users but also fosters trust and loyalty among its existing user base.

Platform Engagement Metrics
Facebook 200k+ likes, 100k+ shares
Twitter 50k+ retweets, 80k+ likes
LinkedIn 10k+ shares, 15k+ reactions
YouTube 500k+ views, 2k+ likes

Practo’s Success and Growth

Practo has achieved remarkable success and substantial growth as a leading digital healthcare platform. The platform’s innovative approach and commitment to providing accessible healthcare services have played a pivotal role in its achievements.

Practo has successfully garnered a large and loyal user base, with millions of individuals relying on its services to meet their healthcare needs. The platform’s user-centric design and intuitive interface have made it a preferred choice among patients seeking convenient and reliable healthcare solutions.

One of the key metrics that highlight Practo’s success is its impressive monthly app downloads. The platform consistently attracts a significant number of downloads, showcasing its relevance and popularity among individuals looking for digital healthcare options.

Practo’s growth trajectory can be attributed to various factors, including its continuous efforts to enhance user experience, expand its service offerings, and leverage technological advancements in the healthcare industry. By staying ahead of the curve and adapting to evolving patient needs, Practo has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the digital healthcare space.

The success and growth of Practo not only validate the effectiveness of its digital healthcare platform but also underscore the growing demand for accessible and convenient healthcare solutions. As the platform continues to innovate and expand its reach, it is poised to further revolutionize the healthcare industry and empower individuals to prioritize their well-being with ease and convenience.

Challenges Faced by Practo

Despite its success in revolutionizing the healthcare industry, Practo encounters several challenges in its mission to adapt the healthcare system and target old school doctors. Convincing traditional doctors to embrace digital platforms and the changing landscape of healthcare can be a daunting task. The reputation and comfort associated with traditional methods often pose barriers for Practo’s adoption of new technologies.

However, instead of being deterred, Practo remains proactive in addressing these challenges. The company continues to expand its market and cater to a diverse range of healthcare professionals. By offering innovative solutions and emphasizing the benefits of digital platforms, Practo aims to bridge the gap between the old school mindset and the evolving healthcare system.

Adapting the Healthcare System:

  • Introducing digital tools and technologies to a traditionally offline-focused industry.
  • Overcoming resistance from healthcare providers who are hesitant to transition to a paperless and cashless environment.
  • Addressing concerns regarding data security and privacy issues associated with online healthcare platforms.

Targeting Old School Doctors:

  • Education and awareness campaigns highlighting the advantages of digital platforms for doctors and patients.
  • Providing user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with existing healthcare workflows.
  • Building trust by showcasing successful case studies and testimonials from doctors who have successfully adopted Practo’s platform.

By effectively addressing these challenges and promoting the benefits of healthcare system adaptation, Practo aims to create a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare experience for all stakeholders.

Practo’s Investors and Acquisitions

Practo has garnered significant funding from various investors, allowing them to expand and enhance their digital healthcare platform. Some notable investors include Trifecta Capital Advisors and Tencent Holdings, who have recognized the potential and innovation behind Practo’s offerings. By securing investments from these distinguished firms, Practo has strengthened its position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

In addition to attracting investments, Practo has also pursued acquisitions to further augment its capabilities and offerings. Two notable acquisitions by Practo are Enlightiks and Insta Health, both of which have contributed to Practo’s growth and development. These strategic acquisitions have enabled Practo to broaden its range of services and enhance its overall value proposition to healthcare providers and patients alike.

Practo’s investors’ faith in the company’s vision and potential has played a significant role in shaping its success. The acquisition of Enlightiks and Insta Health further exemplifies Practo’s commitment to innovation and expansion, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the digital healthcare industry.

Investors Acquisitions
Trifecta Capital Advisors Enlightiks
Tencent Holdings Insta Health

Practo’s Impact on the Healthcare Industry

Practo has emerged as a game-changer in the healthcare industry, transforming the way patients access and engage with healthcare providers. With its innovative digital healthcare platform, Practo has revolutionized the process of booking appointments and receiving quality medical services.

By leveraging technology in healthcare, Practo has simplified the journey for patients, making it convenient and efficient. Gone are the days of long waiting times and cumbersome appointment booking processes. With Practo, patients can now schedule appointments with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and energy.

One of the key impacts of Practo’s digital healthcare platform is the seamless integration of technology into the patient care experience. Through features like online appointment booking, medical record storage, and virtual consultations, Practo has facilitated greater accessibility and convenience for patients. This has had a significant positive impact on the healthcare industry, improving patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.

Empowering Patients with Technology

Practo’s technology-driven approach has empowered patients to take control of their healthcare journey. With just a smartphone or computer, patients can connect with doctors, access a wide range of medical services, and gain valuable health information.

The digital healthcare platform offered by Practo has also paved the way for advancements in telemedicine and remote healthcare. Patients no longer face geographical limitations or time constraints when seeking medical advice or consultations. This has been particularly beneficial in rural areas where the availability of healthcare professionals may be limited.

Enhancing Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery

Practo’s impact extends beyond patients to healthcare providers. By digitizing processes such as appointment scheduling and medical records management, Practo has enabled healthcare professionals to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

The digital platform allows doctors to have a centralized repository of patient information, reducing the need for physical paperwork and improving accuracy in diagnoses and treatment plans. This not only saves time but also enhances the quality of care delivered by healthcare providers.

Driving Technological Advancements in Healthcare

Practo’s success has paved the way for other technological advancements in the healthcare industry. The innovative solutions offered by Practo have inspired the development of similar digital healthcare platforms, fuelling competition and driving continuous improvement.

As a result, the healthcare industry as a whole has experienced rapid technological growth, leading to better patient outcomes, increased affordability, and improved accessibility to healthcare services.

The Future of Digital Healthcare

Practo’s impact on the healthcare industry is undeniable. Its digital healthcare platform has not only made healthcare more accessible but has also improved the overall patient experience. As technology continues to advance, Practo’s influence is expected to be a catalyst for further transformations in the healthcare industry.

With the increasing demand for telehealth services and the integration of artificial intelligence, Practo’s impact will continue to shape the future of healthcare, making it more patient-centric, efficient, and effective.

Competitors of Practo

While Practo is a leading player in the digital healthcare industry, it faces competition from other healthcare startups and digital platforms. Competitors like Netmeds and 1mg offer similar services, providing consumers with alternative options for accessing healthcare.

Netmeds is a prominent player in the online pharmacy space, offering a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. They provide convenient doorstep delivery of medicines, making it easy for patients to access the medications they need.

1mg is another key competitor of Practo, offering a comprehensive suite of healthcare services. They enable users to book doctor appointments, access lab tests, and purchase medicines online. With a vast network of healthcare providers, 1mg provides users with a convenient and integrated healthcare experience.

Competitor Key Features Market Reach
Netmeds Online pharmacy, doorstep delivery Nationwide
1mg Doctor appointments, lab tests, online medicine purchases Pan-India


Through its innovative marketing strategy for 2024, Practo demonstrates its commitment to driving patient engagement and facilitating telemedicine growth in the healthcare industry. With a focus on digital transformation and cutting-edge technology, Practo continues to revolutionize the way healthcare services are accessed and delivered.

By leveraging advanced marketing techniques, Practo has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the healthcare industry. Their strong online presence, engaging content, and effective patient engagement strategies have contributed to their continued success and growth.

As the demand for telemedicine and digital healthcare platforms continues to rise, Practo’s marketing strategy aligns with the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers. With its commitment to providing convenient access to quality medical services, Practo is playing a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare.


What is Practo?

Practo is an online platform that allows users to book appointments with doctors online.

Who are the founders of Practo?

Practo was founded by Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND, who studied computer engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

How many monthly users does Practo have?

Practo has over 4 million monthly users.

How many appointments are facilitated by Practo per month?

Practo facilitates 120,000 appointments per month.

What is Practo’s business model?

Practo focuses on making clinic visits cashless, paperless, and painless for users. They offer a subscription-based SaaS practice management software for healthcare providers and generate revenue through subscription fees and contextual advertisements from hospitals and clinics on their website.

How does Practo promote itself?

Practo promotes itself through digital media and has an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What makes Practo successful?

Practo’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach and focus on providing accessible healthcare services. They have garnered a large user base and achieved substantial monthly app downloads.

What challenges does Practo face?

Practo faces challenges in convincing old school doctors to adapt to their digital platform and the changing healthcare system.

Who are Practo’s investors?

Practo has received funding from various investors, including Trifecta Capital Advisors and Tencent Holdings.

How has Practo impacted the healthcare industry?

Practo has revolutionized how patients access and interact with healthcare providers, simplifying the process of booking appointments and receiving quality healthcare services.

Who are Practo’s competitors?

Practo faces competition from other healthcare startups and digital platforms like Netmeds and 1mg.
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