Top Square Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Forbes Advisor has conducted a meticulous analysis of credit card processing options, assessing 17 companies based on features that matters to small business owners, such as transparent pricing, e-commerce solutions, and fast deposits. Companies excelled in the ratings if they offered 24/7 support and adhered to PCI compliance regulations. The rankings were significantly influenced by third-party reviews and expert evaluations, which emphasized user-friendliness and distinctive features. As we delve into square competitors, readers will discover viable square payment processor alternatives and understand how square vs competitors stack up in 2024.

Understanding the Need for Square Alternatives

As a prominent payment processing solution, Square allows various payment types, making it a preferred choice for many small businesses. However, numerous square merchant services competitors provide robust features that make them best alternatives to Square for different needs. For international businesses, platforms like Wise offer more tailored solutions, particularly for cross-border transactions.

Square’s competitors also include integrated services like Shopify, which combines payment processing with powerful e-commerce integrations. Such integration is beneficial for retail businesses looking to streamline their online and in-store operations. Moreover, these platforms often come with added functionalities, including loyalty programs and comprehensive project management tools. These features not only enhance customer experience but also contribute significantly to business efficiency.

Furthermore, evaluating the best alternatives to Square reveals that many competitors focus on providing holistic solutions. This includes tools for managing online stores, improving customer retention, and handling multi-channel sales seamlessly. Therefore, while Square remains a strong contender in the payment processing market, exploring various square merchant services competitors can provide businesses with more specialized and comprehensive tools to meet their unique needs.

Key Factors in Evaluating Payment Processing Solutions

When examining square POS competitors and conducting a square competitor comparison, several key factors come into play to make an informed decision.


Transparent and competitive pricing structures are crucial when evaluating payment processors. Business owners should look for options that clearly outline fees, avoiding hidden costs that can affect overall profitability.


The availability of diverse features sets top square POS competitors apart. Essential elements include invoicing capabilities, robust software integrations, and intuitive interfaces that streamline business operations. Unique features like loyalty programs and custom marketing tools can also be game-changers.

Third-party Reviews

Third-party reviews from platforms such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot lend credibility to a payment processor’s reputation. Positive reviews can indicate reliability and customer satisfaction, serving as a critical metric in the square competitor comparison.

Expert Analysis

Expert insights provide an additional layer of evaluation, focusing on ease of use and added value. Recommendations from industry analysts can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each option, helping businesses choose the most suitable payment solution.

PayPal Zettle: Best for Mobile POS App

PayPal Zettle emerges as one of the leading square competitors, particularly excelling in the realm of mobile POS apps. Its comprehensive service offerings cater to businesses seeking an efficient and reliable payment processing solution.

Pricing Structure

One of the standout features of PayPal Zettle is its straightforward and low flat-rate transaction fees, making it an attractive option for small businesses. The clear pricing structure ensures that users can anticipate costs easily, without any hidden charges.

Features and Integrations

PayPal Zettle offers an array of features that appeal to businesses looking for versatility in their payment processing systems. These include:

  • Comprehensive mobile POS app with robust functionalities
  • Seamless integration with third-party software and hardware kits
  • Support for both in-person and online payments

Pros and Cons

Like any other solution, PayPal Zettle comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Pros:
    • Competitive pricing structure
    • Wide range of hardware kits
    • Strong third-party integrations for varied business needs
  • Cons:
    • Limited advanced features compared to some other square competitors
    • Potentially longer customer support response times

Ultimately, PayPal Zettle’s blend of efficient features, competitive pricing, and robust mobile POS app makes it a formidable player among square competitors. Businesses looking to optimize their payment processes would find PayPal Zettle a valuable addition to their toolkit.

Paymo for Comprehensive Project Management and Payments

Paymo distinguishes itself as an essential tool for businesses with its multi-lingual invoicing and integrated payment processing capabilities. Both small and medium-sized businesses benefit from Paymo’s comprehensive project management features, enabling smooth transitions from project initiation through to billing.

Paymo offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different business needs, ensuring versatility and accessibility. Whether you run a small business or a medium-sized enterprise, Paymo’s structure is designed to adapt and grow alongside your operations.

  • Multi-lingual Invoicing: Paymo supports diverse languages, making it easier for businesses operating in international markets to manage invoices effortlessly.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Seamlessly integrate payment processing within the project management tools to streamline your billing and payments.
  • Customizable Pricing Plans: Paymo offers various plans tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, allowing greater flexibility and cost control.

Paymo shines in offering strategic features specifically designed to enhance workflow management for small and medium enterprises. This ensures that every aspect of the project lifecycle, from planning to payment, is efficiently handled.

Shift4 for Integrated Payment Solutions

Shift4 stands out in the payment processing arena by offering integrated payment solutions that are tailored to enhance both customer experience and transaction security. This comprehensive approach ensures businesses can handle payments seamlessly while maintaining a high level of security.

Shift4 delivers an array of solutions designed to streamline operations and payments. From robust point-of-sale (POS) systems to sophisticated business analytics, the company offers tools that support a holistic approach to business management. Whether it’s in-store purchasing, online ordering, or secure transaction handling, Shift4 brings a holistic solution to the table.

Security is a top priority for Shift4, and the company ensures this by providing end-to-end encryption and tokenization. This comprehensive payment security helps businesses protect customer data, fostering trust and reliability. Additionally, Shift4’s emphasis on secure transactions reassures clients of their commitment to maintaining high standards.

The integrated payment solutions from Shift4 also include advanced business analytics. These tools enable merchants to gain valuable insights into sales trends and customer behavior, thereby making data-driven decisions that can drive growth and profitability. The seamless integration of these analytics tools within the payment system presents a unified platform for businesses.

Shift4 further elevates the business experience by supporting online ordering capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach and offer customers multiple points of interaction. By integrating ordering and payment processing into one system, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, Shift4’s well-rounded suite of integrated payment solutions makes it a strong contender for businesses seeking cohesive and secure transaction processing. Its extensive features and focus on security make it an appealing choice for enhancing overall business operations.

Shopify Retail POS for E-commerce Integration

Offering a blend of robust retail operations and versatile online sales capabilities, Shopify Retail POS seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s well-established e-commerce platform. This integration supports retail businesses in harmonizing their in-store and online sales processes with ease.

Features aimed at online sellers

Shopify Retail POS provides a suite of features specifically tailored for online sellers. These include real-time inventory management, omnichannel selling capabilities, and sophisticated payment processing solutions. The system’s ability to unify sales efforts across physical and online stores makes it a compelling option for retailers aiming to optimize their operations.

Customer Support and Usability

When it comes to customer support and usability, Shopify shines brightly. Businesses can access round-the-clock chat support, helping to resolve any issues that arise quickly. Moreover, Shopify Retail POS is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can easily navigate and utilize the platform. This combination of continuous support and straightforward usability makes Shopify a top choice for retailers seeking effective e-commerce integration without long-term commitments or termination fees.

Exploring FIS Global’s Comprehensive Market Reach

FIS Global stands out in the payment processing industry, offering an extensive range of services and solutions that cater to a global market. The company’s ability to support more than 126 currencies and operate in 50 different markets showcases its dedication to facilitating seamless international transactions.

Global Payment Methods

One of the standout features of FIS Global is its wide array of global payment methods. With over 300 alternative payment options, the company ensures that businesses can cater to diverse customer preferences across various regions. This extensive selection is designed to optimize international customer conversions and provide a truly omnichannel experience.

Flexible Pricing Plans

FIS Global offers flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to the unique needs of different businesses. Whether you are a small startup or an established enterprise, FIS Global provides pricing solutions that align with your business model, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Support and Compliance

In addition to its comprehensive service offerings, FIS Global places a strong emphasis on support and compliance. The company ensures that all payment processes meet the highest security standards, protecting businesses and customers alike. Furthermore, FIS Global provides robust customer support to assist clients in navigating the complexities of global payment systems.

Clover POS: Versatility Across Industries

Clover POS has carved out a reputation for its adaptability, offering comprehensive solutions that cater to various sectors such as dining, retail, and services. The system’s capability to meet the specific requirements of different industries has made it an appealing choice for business owners.

Hardware Options

Clover POS provides a diverse array of hardware options designed to meet the varied demands of different businesses. From countertop terminals and handheld devices to complete systems with cash drawers and printers, the hardware selection ensures seamless transactions within any industry.

Industry Specific Plans

Offering industry-specific plans is one of the key advantages that Clover POS brings to the table. These plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of particular business types, whether it’s a bustling restaurant or a high-traffic retail store. Such customization enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Use

  • Pros: Versatile hardware options, customizable software plans, real-time reporting, and 24/7 support elevate Clover POS as a robust solution.
  • Cons: Higher initial costs and occasional software updates may pose challenges for some users.

Clover POS continues to be a strong contender in the POS market due to its flexible hardware options and well-defined industry-specific plans.


As we have seen throughout this article, numerous alternatives to Square offer compelling features and competitive advantages for different business needs. Recognizing the value in identifying top Square alternatives is vital for businesses looking to optimize their payment processing and point-of-sale solutions.

In evaluating these Square rival companies, factors such as transparent pricing, versatile features, and robust support play crucial roles. Companies like PayPal Zettle excel in mobile POS applications, while Paymo and Shift4 offer comprehensive tools for project management and integrated payment solutions, respectively. Meanwhile, Shopify provides seamless e-commerce integration, whereas Clover POS stands out with industry-specific flexibility, and FIS Global impresses with its extensive international reach.

The landscape in 2024 is populated by a diverse array of options, each with unique strengths tailored to various business requirements. By comprehensively considering these Square competitor companies, businesses can make informed decisions that best suit their operational goals and enhance their service offerings. Embracing these alternatives ensures that enterprises stay competitive and adaptive in an ever-evolving market.


What are the top Square competitors and alternatives in 2024?

Some of the top Square competitors and alternatives in 2024 include PayPal Zettle, Paymo, Shift4, Shopify Retail POS, FIS Global, and Clover POS. These companies offer various features such as mobile POS, comprehensive project management, integrated payment solutions, e-commerce integration, global payment methods, and industry-specific plans.

Why should I consider alternatives to Square?

You might consider alternatives to Square if you require features that better suit your business needs, such as more competitive pricing, advanced e-commerce and POS integrations, 24/7 customer support, or enhanced international payment capabilities. Evaluating these factors can help ensure you choose the best solution for your specific requirements.

What key factors should I consider when evaluating payment processing solutions?

The key factors to consider include competitive and transparent pricing structures, a comprehensive feature set (e.g., invoicing, software integrations), positive third-party reviews from sources like BBB or Trustpilot, and expert insights into ease of use and added value. Focusing on these aspects will help identify the best solution for your business.

What makes PayPal Zettle a significant Square competitor?

PayPal Zettle stands out as a significant Square competitor due to its low flat-rate transaction fees, extensive third-party software integrations, a range of specialized hardware kits, and a comprehensive mobile app that caters specifically to mobile point-of-sale applications.

How does Paymo benefit businesses with its project management and payment solutions?

Paymo provides a holistic solution for businesses by offering features such as multi-lingual invoicing and integrated payment processing, allowing businesses to manage projects from initiation to billing efficiently. This platform caters primarily to small and medium businesses, offering various pricing plans to suit different needs.

What advantages does Shift4 provide as an integrated payment solution?

Shift4 offers advanced integrated payment processing and POS solutions designed to enhance customer experience through secure transactions, a suite of business analytics, online ordering capabilities, and comprehensive payment security. These features help businesses streamline their operations and payment processes.

Why is Shopify Retail POS a good choice for retail-focused businesses and online sellers?

Shopify Retail POS integrates seamlessly with Shopify’s e-commerce platform, providing a supportive infrastructure for combining online and in-store sales. The platform also offers round-the-clock chat support and has no long-term contracts or termination fees, making it an appealing choice for retail-focused businesses.

What sets FIS Global apart in the payment processing market?

FIS Global distinguishes itself with its extensive market reach, supporting payments across 126+ currencies and 50 markets. The company offers tailor-made pricing plans and over 300 alternative payment methods, aiming to optimize international customer conversion with its end-to-end omnichannel payment processing.

How does Clover POS cater to different industries?

Clover POS is versatile in the payment processing space, offering various software plans catering to specific industry needs, including dining, retail, and services. The platform provides a range of hardware options and round-the-clock support, making it suitable for many business types.
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