Sunsilk Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Sunsilk, a Unilever brand, is a leader in the hair care market thanks to its sharp marketing and smart business choices. This case study will look closely at Sunsilk’s marketing methods. We’ll cover its target customers, its marketing mix’s four Ps, its ad campaigns, and its online presence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sunsilk, owned by Unilever, is a prominent player in the hair care industry.
  • The brand caters to a diverse global audience, offering a wide range of hair care products.
  • Sunsilk’s target audience primarily consists of women aged 18 to 45 who prioritize hair care.
  • The brand’s marketing mix encompasses product diversity, competitive pricing, widespread distribution, and strategic promotion.
  • Sunsilk employs various marketing tactics, including brand ambassadors, catchy campaigns, discounts, and free samples.

Sunsilk has made a big impact in hair care by using a detailed marketing strategy. It meets changing customer needs well. Let’s dive into Sunsilk’s marketing strategy to see how it wins over and keeps its audience.

About Sunsilk

Sunsilk is a brand owned by Unilever. It’s famous in the hair care world. Started in 1967, it offers many hair care items.

This brand is available in over 80 countries. Known as “Sedal,” “Seda,” “Hazeline,” and “Elidor” in different places, Sunsilk is a top beauty brand.

For over fifty years, Sunsilk has created top-notch hair care products. Its focus on innovation and making customers happy has helped it succeed. Sunsilk has a variety of products for all hair types and issues. This has made it a reliable brand for users everywhere.

Sunsilk Product Range

Product Line Description
Sunsilk Shampoo A range of shampoo variants tailored for specific hair needs, including moisturizing, volumizing, and anti-dandruff formulas.
Sunsilk Conditioner Conditioners that complement the shampoo range, providing nourishment and manageability for different hair types.
Sunsilk Hair Masks Intensive treatment masks that target specific hair concerns, such as dryness, frizz, and damage, to restore and revitalize hair.
Sunsilk Hair Serum Lightweight serums that add shine, control frizz, and protect hair from heat styling tools.

Sunsilk’s extensive hair care products have caught the eye of consumers wanting effective hair solutions. Its dedication to quality and new ideas has made it a favorite worldwide.

Target Audience of Sunsilk

Sunsilk knows it’s vital to understand who they’re selling to. They focus on women between 18 to 45 who value hair care. These women want to boost their hair care routines and get the best results.

These women often need products for frizz, more shine, and stronger hair. Sunsilk offers shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids for these issues. They have various formulas for different hair needs.

Sunsilk also keeps in mind what influences these women’s choices, like buying habits and income. So, they price their products well and make them easy to find. You can get Sunsilk items in stores or online.

Sunsilk aims to be the go-to brand for women who care about their hair. They do this by always coming up with new products. They also use smart marketing. That way, they keep up with women’s needs and build strong customer ties.

Sunsilk Target Audience Demographics

Demographic Description
Age 18-45
Gender Primarily women, also offers products for men
Preferences Prefer hair care over makeup
Hair Concerns Frizz, shine, strength, etc.
Buying Habits Influenced by consumer trends and habits
Income Levels Varied, targeting consumers with different income levels
Purchasing Power Ensuring competitive pricing and affordability

Marketing Mix of Sunsilk

Sunsilk, a well-known hair care brand from Unilever, has a smart marketing mix plan. It uses product, price, place, and promotion to stay on top.


Sunsilk’s product range is wide. It includes shampoos and conditioners for all hair types and needs. Sunsilk aims to solve various hair concerns with its products.

Pricing Strategy

Sunsilk’s prices are competitive, which helps it stand out. It keeps products affordable without sacrificing quality. This strategy brings in new customers and keeps the current ones happy.

Distribution Channels

The brand’s products are easy to find. You can get them in convenience stores, supermarkets, and online. Sunsilk’s wide reach makes it accessible to many shoppers, boosting its visibility.


Sunsilk uses both traditional and digital methods for promotion. Through ads, social media, and working with influencers, it builds brand awareness. This connects Sunsilk to its audience effectively.

It demonstrates how Sunsilk handles its products, pricing, distribution, and promotion to have a great marketing mix.

This strategy has made Sunsilk a major player in the competitive hair care market.

Marketing Strategy of Sunsilk

Sunsilk’s marketing strategy is designed to draw in customers using effective tactics. It uses famous people as brand ambassadors and creates appealing ads. It also offers discounts on online shopping sites and gives out free samples. These methods help Sunsilk to sell more and become more well-known.

The use of brand ambassadors is a key part of Sunsilk’s marketing. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Kathryn Bernardo promote the brand. They take part in marketing activities. This raises awareness about Sunsilk’s products.

Another important part is making ads that catch people’s attention. Sunsilk aims for campaigns that reflect their values and connect deeply with customers. Campaigns like Sunsilk Girl Giri and Hairvolution have been very effective. They have helped to build a strong brand image.

Sunsilk also uses discounts to attract customers on e-commerce sites. These discounts encourage people to try Sunsilk products. This boosts sales and Sunsilk’s presence in the market. Besides, they offer free samples. This lets customers see the quality of Sunsilk’s products for themselves.

Besides these methods, Sunsilk supports NGOs and community groups. This is part of their effort to do good in the community. It also makes more people aware of them and shows them in a positive light.

In summary, Sunsilk’s strategy includes using famous ambassadors, memorable ads, discounts, and free samples. These methods keep Sunsilk ahead in the competitive hair care market. Sunsilk keeps finding new ways to make itself seen and make its brand stronger.

Marketing & Advertising Campaigns of Sunsilk

Sunsilk knows how important effective marketing is. It helps connect with people and builds strong brand recognition. Sunsilk’s creative campaigns have made a big impact.

Sunsilk Girl Giri Campaign

The Sunsilk Girl Giri campaign started in May 2020. It aimed to get people talking about the brand. The campaign had a dedicated website full of information on Sunsilk’s products and hair trends.

There were blogs with tips on hair care, quizzes, and fun challenges. Short ads highlighted how great Sunsilk products are. These different parts made the campaign a success. They got its audience excited about what Sunsilk offers.

Hairvolution Campaign

In May 2024, Sunsilk launched the Hairvolution campaign. It celebrated everyone’s unique hairstyles. The message was clear: be yourself and show off your unique style.

The campaign had beautiful visuals and stories that inspired many. It aimed to change how beauty is seen, promoting everyone’s right to express themselves. Sunsilk’s approach welcomed everyone, making many feel good about their natural beauty.

Consistent Resonance with the Target Audience

Sunsilk’s ads always hit the mark with their audience. They talk about things like hair trends, being yourself, and the beauty of diversity. This keeps people interested and loyal to the brand.

Through campaigns like Sunsilk Girl Giri and Hairvolution, Sunsilk shows that it listens to its customers. These efforts have become key to Sunsilk’s identity. They show the brand’s values and help build a strong connection with its customers.

Highlights of Sunsilk’s Marketing Campaigns
Sunsilk Girl Giri Campaign Hairvolution Campaign
– Launched in May 2020 – Launched in May 2024
– Dedicated website, blogs, quizzes, challenges, and short commercials – Embraced hair diversity and encouraged self-expression through unique hairstyles
– Promoted the brand and created awareness among the audience – Redefined beauty standards and celebrated individuality

Brand Ambassadors of Sunsilk

Sunsilk has teamed up with famous people to boost its image. These ambassadors are key in promoting Sunsilk’s hair care products. They help introduce Sunsilk to different parts of the world.

Alia Bhatt – Indian Brand Ambassador

Alia Bhatt is the face of Sunsilk in India. Her youthful look and lively vibe match Sunsilk’s message. She focuses on supporting Indian women and their hair.

Humaima Abbasi – Brand Ambassador for Pakistan

Humaima Abbasi works with Sunsilk in Pakistan. Her fame in the entertainment world helps highlight Sunsilk’s products. This strengthens Sunsilk’s presence in Pakistan.

Isyana Sarasvati and Raisa Andriana – Brand Ambassadors for Indonesia

In Indonesia, Isyana Sarasvati and Raisa Andriana are Sunsilk’s partners. Their music touches Indonesians, promoting Sunsilk’s aim to meet varied hair care needs.

Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo – Brand Ambassadors in the Philippines

Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo represent Sunsilk in the Philippines. Their relatable persona helps spread the word about Sunsilk. This boosts Sunsilk’s mission to improve hair care locally.

These ambassadors help Sunsilk through ads and sharing hair tips. Their work makes Sunsilk more known and liked.

Sunsilk Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Country
Alia Bhatt India
Humaima Abbasi Pakistan
Isyana Sarasvati Indonesia
Raisa Andriana Indonesia
Sarah Geronimo Philippines
Kathryn Bernardo Philippines

With these ambassadors, Sunsilk grows stronger in the hair care world. They bring novel and fitting solutions to everyone around the globe.

Digital Presence of Sunsilk

Sunsilk knows how vital digital marketing is today. It uses this to keep a strong online image. The brand taps into social media’s power. It uses Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to talk to its fans and create bonds.

Sunsilk also made an online community just for girls. This lets its audience connect, share, and feel they belong. It lifts the brand’s image and makes Sunsilk a trusted name in hair care.

Sunsilk makes fun, interactive content. It includes games and quizzes to get people involved. This doesn’t just draw users in. It also makes the brand’s online mark stronger.

Connect with Sunsilk on Social Media

For the newest hair care advice, trends, and product news, follow Sunsilk on:

Sunsilk keeps up its online image by engaging on social media, online groups, and through fun content. This keeps it at the forefront of the hair care game.

Benefits of Sunsilk’s Digital Presence Key Elements
Enhanced brand visibility and awareness Social media engagement
Strong connection with target audience Online all-girl community
Increased consumer involvement Interactive content


Sunsilk’s marketing strategy has made it a top name in the hair care world. Its smart moves and strong marketing have been vital. Sunsilk knows its customers well and gives them what they need.

This approach has made Sunsilk a favorite for people looking for quality hair care. Sunsilk’s strong online game has also helped it grow. By talking to customers on social media and making fun content, Sunsilk keeps its fans close.

Sunsilk doesn’t stop bringing new things to the table. It keeps up with trends and always offers top-notch products. This has made Sunsilk a brand people trust in the lively hair care market.


What is Sunsilk?

Sunsilk is a well-known hair care brand owned by Unilever. It offers many hair care products.

Who is the target audience of Sunsilk?

Sunsilk focuses on women aged 18 to 45 who love hair care. It also has products for men.

What is the marketing mix of Sunsilk?

Sunsilk’s marketing mix includes product, price, place, and promotion. It has various hair care products. The brand provides competitive prices and vast distribution. Sunsilk uses both traditional and digital marketing.

What is the marketing strategy of Sunsilk?

The strategy of Sunsilk uses brand ambassadors and catchy campaigns. They offer discounts and free samples. Sunsilk supports NGOs and community groups.

What are some notable marketing and advertising campaigns of Sunsilk?

Sunsilk’s campaigns like Sunsilk Girl Giri and Hairvolution promote the brand. They focus on hair diversity and self-expression.

Who are the brand ambassadors of Sunsilk?

Sunsilk’s ambassadors include Alia Bhatt and Humaima Abbasi. Isyana Sarasvati, Raisa Andriana, Sarah Geronimo, and Kathryn Bernardo also represent Sunsilk.

How does Sunsilk maintain its digital presence?

Sunsilk uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It also engages on Pinterest and YouTube. The brand has an online community for girls. It shares interactive content, including games and quizzes.

What is the conclusion of Sunsilk’s marketing strategy?

Sunsilk’s strategy has made it a hair care industry leader. It targets the right audience and uses effective marketing. The brand also keeps a strong digital presence.
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