Top TeamViewer Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Businesses are increasingly relying on remote work, making effective remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools crucial. This article explores the top TeamViewer competitors and alternatives in 2024, highlighting their features and benefits.

In today’s remote work environment, having reliable remote desktop software is essential for businesses of all sizes. TeamViewer has been a popular choice for remote access tools, but there are several competing remote desktop solutions that offer similar functionality and even additional features. Whether you are looking for the best TeamViewer alternatives or exploring remote support software options, this article will provide an overview of the top remote desktop applications that can meet your needs.

Throughout this article, we will compare TeamViewer and its competitors, examining their strengths and weaknesses, pricing models, security measures, and customer support. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the best alternatives to TeamViewer and be well-equipped to make an informed decision for your business.

Having a clear understanding of the alternatives to TeamViewer and the benefits they offer can help you enhance your remote work capabilities, streamline your workflow, and improve overall productivity. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top TeamViewer competitors and alternatives in 2024.

Five Key Features of an RMM Solution

When it comes to remote monitoring and management (RMM), having the right solution in place is crucial for businesses. An ideal RMM solution encompasses a range of features that enhance IT management capabilities and improve efficiency. In this section, we will explore the five key features that make a comprehensive RMM solution stand out:

1. Comprehensive Monitoring

A robust RMM solution should offer comprehensive monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to track the performance, health, and availability of their systems and networks. This includes monitoring critical metrics such as CPU usage, memory utilization, disk space, and network traffic. By having real-time insights into the infrastructure, IT teams can proactively identify and address any potential issues before they escalate, ensuring smooth operation.

2. Automated Maintenance

Efficient RMM solutions should incorporate automated maintenance tasks that streamline routine processes and minimize manual intervention. From software updates and patch management to system optimizations and security scans, automated maintenance ensures that devices and networks are up-to-date and secure. This saves valuable time for IT teams and reduces the risk of human errors, enabling them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

3. Remote Access and Support

Remote access and support capabilities are integral to an effective RMM solution. With remote access, IT teams can securely connect to devices and troubleshoot issues regardless of their physical location. This feature empowers businesses to provide timely support to remote users, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Additionally, remote access enables efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members, fostering a more agile and responsive IT environment.

4. Policy and Patch Management

Policy and patch management tools are essential components of an RMM solution. These features enable businesses to enforce compliance with IT policies and ensure timely deployment of software updates and security patches across the entire network. By centralizing policy management and automating patch distribution, organizations can mitigate vulnerabilities, strengthen security, and maintain a consistent IT infrastructure.

5. Reporting and Analytics

A robust RMM solution should provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to track and analyze key metrics and trends. This includes generating reports on system performance, network health, resource utilization, and incident resolution. By leveraging these insights, IT teams can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and identify areas for improvement. Reporting and analytics also facilitate compliance reporting, enabling businesses to demonstrate adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

These five key features of an RMM solution – comprehensive monitoring, automated maintenance, remote access and support, policy and patch management, and reporting and analytics – collectively empower businesses to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and ensure seamless operations. By implementing a robust RMM solution, organizations can optimize efficiency, enhance security, and drive business success.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control offers high-performance and customizable solutions for remote support and remote access. As a top competitor to TeamViewer, ConnectWise Control provides a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. Whether you require remote support for troubleshooting or remote access to your devices, ConnectWise Control has you covered.

One of the key advantages of ConnectWise Control is its fortified security features. With ConnectWise Control, you can rest assured that your remote sessions are protected with robust security measures. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted during remote support or access sessions.

ConnectWise Control also excels in providing enhanced connectivity through its integration capabilities. The software seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms, enabling you to streamline your workflows and enhance connectivity across your systems. This integration capability ensures a smooth and efficient remote support and access experience.

Additionally, ConnectWise Control offers budget-friendly solutions to fit your organization’s financial needs. The software provides various pricing plans that cater to businesses of all sizes and budgets. This affordability, combined with its high-performance and customizable features, makes ConnectWise Control a cost-effective choice for remote support and access.

Experience the benefits of ConnectWise Control’s high-performance, customizable solutions, fortified security, enhanced connectivity, and budget-friendly pricing plans. Empower your team with the remote support and access capabilities they need to work efficiently and effectively.


When it comes to remote desktop connections, AnyDesk stands out for its exceptional speed, reliability, and resource efficiency. With its lightweight installation, AnyDesk ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for users.

Whether you need to access your work computer from home or provide remote support to clients, AnyDesk delivers unmatched performance. Its powerful features enable swift and responsive remote sessions, allowing you to navigate and control remote devices with ease.

One of the key advantages of AnyDesk is its fast performance, which minimizes lag and latency while delivering a fluid remote desktop experience. This ensures that you can work efficiently without interruptions and delays, even when connected to devices located far apart.

With AnyDesk’s speed and reliability, you can collaborate seamlessly and effectively, boosting productivity in both professional and personal settings. Its rapid response time ensures that your actions on the remote device are executed smoothly and without noticeable delays.

Furthermore, AnyDesk’s resource efficiency sets it apart from other remote desktop software. Its optimized algorithms and intelligent use of system resources minimize bandwidth consumption, enabling you to enjoy fast connections even on networks with limited capabilities.

In terms of security, AnyDesk prioritizes the protection of your data and privacy. It incorporates robust encryption protocols to safeguard your remote sessions, ensuring that all transmitted data is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

AnyDesk also offers adaptable pricing models to accommodate various user needs and budgets. Whether you are an individual seeking personal remote access or an enterprise requiring comprehensive remote support capabilities, AnyDesk provides pricing options tailored to your requirements.

Experience the seamless and efficient remote desktop connections offered by AnyDesk. Its lightweight installation, fast performance, and adaptability make it a top choice for individuals and businesses alike.


Splashtop is a leading alternative to TeamViewer that offers high-quality remote access capabilities at competitive prices. With a focus on clear communication, cost-effectiveness, and universal compatibility, Splashtop is an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their remote work capabilities.

With Splashtop, you can enjoy seamless and secure remote access to your computers and devices from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re working from home, traveling, or managing a team spread across multiple locations, Splashtop ensures that you stay connected with your work and colleagues.

One of the standout features of Splashtop is its competitive pricing. Unlike other remote access solutions, Splashtop offers cost-effective packages that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. This commitment to affordability allows you to maximize your budget while still enjoying the benefits of a high-quality remote access solution.

Splashtop also prioritizes security, offering fortified measures to safeguard your remote connections and data. With robust encryption and authentication protocols, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is protected at all times.

In addition to its security features, Splashtop prides itself on its universal compatibility. Whether you’re using a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux device, Splashtop ensures that you can connect to your remote desktop effortlessly.

With Splashtop, you can experience crystal-clear communication and collaboration, making it easier to work together regardless of physical distance. The platform also provides an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools that streamline remote work processes.

Overall, Splashtop offers a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for remote access capabilities. With its high-quality performance, competitive prices, clear communication features, and fortified security measures, Splashtop stands out as an excellent alternative to TeamViewer.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access software that delivers seamless integration and scalable solutions. With Zoho Assist, businesses can optimize their remote support operations while ensuring enhanced security measures and broad device compatibility.

One of the key advantages of Zoho Assist is its cloud-based approach, allowing users to access remote support from anywhere with an internet connection. This ensures that businesses can provide timely assistance to their customers and employees, regardless of their geographical location.

Zoho Assist offers a range of features that enable efficient remote support. Its scalable solutions allow businesses to adapt to their evolving needs without any limitations. With seamless integration with the Zoho suite, users can leverage the power of multiple applications to streamline their support processes and enhance productivity.

Security is a top priority in remote support, and Zoho Assist offers enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data during remote sessions. With features like multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, businesses can ensure that their support interactions are secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Broad Device Compatibility

Zoho Assist is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. This broad device compatibility ensures that businesses can provide support to their customers and employees regardless of the device they are using. Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, Zoho Assist has it covered.

Overall, Zoho Assist offers value for money with its range of features, scalable solutions, seamless integration, enhanced security measures, and broad device compatibility. It enables businesses to deliver efficient remote support while ensuring the security of their data and maintaining a seamless user experience. Zoho Assist is a reliable choice for businesses looking for a cloud-based remote support solution.


Pulseway is a comprehensive RMM solution that offers proactive monitoring and problem-solving capabilities. It provides businesses with comprehensive management capabilities and efficient remote support, making it an integrated all-in-one solution.

What sets Pulseway apart is its unbeatable mobile app, which allows users to monitor and manage their systems on the go. With Pulseway’s advanced reporting options, businesses gain valuable insights into their IT infrastructure, enabling data-driven decision-making.

This comprehensive RMM solution ensures that businesses stay ahead of potential issues through proactive monitoring, saving time, and avoiding costly downtime. Pulseway’s problem-solving capabilities help IT teams quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact operations.

With Pulseway’s comprehensive management features, businesses can easily handle tasks like managing software updates, patch management, and policy enforcement. This all-in-one solution streamlines IT workflows and enhances efficiency, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.

Pulseway also offers efficient remote support, allowing IT teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely. This reduces the need for physical presence, enabling faster problem resolution and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Pulseway’s mobile app provides an unbeatable experience. IT professionals can conveniently monitor and manage systems, receive real-time notifications, and handle critical tasks from their mobile devices, ensuring a seamless workflow even when away from their desks.

Additionally, Pulseway provides advanced reporting that delivers actionable insights into system performance, resource utilization, and security status. This helps businesses optimize their IT infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions regarding future investments.

Overall, Pulseway offers a comprehensive RMM solution with proactive monitoring, problem-solving capabilities, comprehensive management features, efficient remote support, an integrated all-in-one solution, an unbeatable mobile app, and advanced reporting options. With Pulseway, businesses can optimize their IT management processes, enhance productivity, and ensure the smooth functioning of their systems.

Splashtop as the Best TeamViewer Alternative

Splashtop emerges as the best alternative to TeamViewer, offering a range of superior features and significant cost savings. With Splashtop, businesses can enjoy high performance, top-notch security measures, and excellent customer service, making it the premier choice for remote access solutions.

One of the standout advantages of Splashtop is its guaranteed 50% savings compared to TeamViewer. This cost-effective pricing model allows businesses to optimize their IT budgets without compromising on the quality of remote access capabilities.

When it comes to features, Splashtop offers a comprehensive set that caters to the needs of modern businesses. Its high-performance remote access capabilities ensure smooth and efficient workflows, regardless of the device or operating system being used. With Splashtop, teams can collaborate seamlessly, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional results.

Superior security measures are a critical factor in today’s business landscape, and Splashtop delivers on this front. Its robust security protocols safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyber threats, providing peace of mind for businesses and their clients.

Customer service is another area where Splashtop shines. With a responsive and knowledgeable support team, businesses can rely on timely assistance and expert guidance whenever needed. Splashtop’s commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a smooth and satisfying user experience.

G2 ratings further validate Splashtop’s position as the best TeamViewer alternative. Users consistently rate Splashtop highly, praising its overall performance, reliability, and ease of use. These positive ratings underscore the satisfaction and trust that businesses place in Splashtop.

Choose Splashtop as your preferred remote access solution and enjoy the best features, outstanding performance, top-level security, and unmatched customer service – all while saving significantly on costs. Take advantage of what Splashtop has to offer and elevate your remote work capabilities to new heights.

Cost Savings with Splashtop

When it comes to remote access solutions, Splashtop stands out not only for its superior features and performance but also for the cost savings it offers. With Splashtop, businesses can enjoy a guaranteed 50% reduction in subscription costs compared to TeamViewer, making it a highly cost-effective choice.

One of the key factors that contribute to the cost savings with Splashtop is the limitations of the free version of TeamViewer. While TeamViewer’s free version has certain restrictions and limitations, Splashtop provides more flexibility and functionality even without a paid subscription.

In addition to the substantial savings, Splashtop offers competitive pricing plans that are tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. The pricing models are designed to provide maximum value for money without compromising on the quality and performance of the remote access solution.

Another advantage of choosing Splashtop is the unlimited remote sessions it offers. Businesses can have multiple remote sessions running simultaneously without any additional charges or limitations, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, Splashtop ensures ease of cancellation, allowing businesses to make changes to their subscription or cancel it whenever necessary. This flexibility eliminates any unnecessary financial commitments and provides businesses with the freedom to adapt to changing needs easily.

With Splashtop, businesses can enjoy cost savings, unlimited remote sessions, competitive pricing, and hassle-free cancellation options. Its commitment to providing a cost-effective yet high-quality remote access solution sets it apart from other competitors in the market.

Splashtop’s Strengths Compared to TeamViewer

When comparing Splashtop to TeamViewer, it’s clear that Splashtop has several significant strengths that set it apart as a superior remote access solution.

Support for Simultaneous Connections

Splashtop offers the advantage of supporting more simultaneous connections compared to TeamViewer. This means that multiple users can access and control remote endpoints simultaneously, increasing productivity and collaboration.

Unlimited Managed Endpoints

Unlike TeamViewer, Splashtop provides the benefit of unlimited managed endpoints. This allows businesses to easily scale their remote access capabilities without worrying about any restrictions or additional costs.

Attended Support for iOS and Android

An area where Splashtop excels is attended support for iOS and Android devices. This feature enables technicians to provide real-time assistance and troubleshooting on mobile devices, making it a valuable asset for businesses with a mobile workforce.

Built-in Integrations

Splashtop offers seamless integration with various complementary software applications. This allows businesses to consolidate their remote access tools and create a unified workflow, boosting efficiency and reducing the need for multiple platforms.

User-Friendly Integration

With its intuitive interface and easy setup process, Splashtop ensures a user-friendly integration experience. Users can quickly deploy and configure the software, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.

Regular Security Updates

Splashtop prioritizes security, providing regular updates to combat emerging threats and vulnerabilities. By keeping the software up to date with the latest security patches, businesses can ensure their remote access operations are safeguarded from potential security breaches.

Robust Cybersecurity Protection

Security is a top priority for Splashtop, and it offers robust cybersecurity protection measures. These include encryption, two-factor authentication, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential and protected.

To emphasize the strengths of Splashtop compared to TeamViewer – support for simultaneous connections, unlimited managed endpoints, attended support for iOS and Android, built-in integrations, user-friendly integration, regular security updates, and robust cybersecurity protection – businesses can confidently choose Splashtop as their go-to remote access solution.

Splashtop’s Ease of Use and Integration

Splashtop stands out as a top alternative to TeamViewer, offering businesses a user-friendly and seamless remote access solution. With its emphasis on ease of use and integration, Splashtop surpasses TeamViewer in various aspects, including ease of setup, administration, support quality, user adoption, installation, and customer service.

Setting up Splashtop is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and straightforward configuration process. The platform provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience for users. Once installed, Splashtop’s user-friendly interface allows both technical and non-technical individuals to navigate the software effortlessly, minimizing the learning curve.

Administration of Splashtop is made simple through its centralized management console. System administrators can easily manage user access, permissions, and settings, enabling efficient remote support and monitoring. The platform’s comprehensive administrative features empower businesses to streamline their remote access operations, promoting productivity and security.

Splashtop’s support quality sets it apart from its competitors. With dedicated customer support agents and an extensive knowledge base, businesses can rely on timely assistance and valuable resources. Customer service representatives are readily available to address any inquiries or technical issues, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

Another key advantage of Splashtop is its high user adoption rate. The platform’s user-friendly interface combined with its reliable performance and robust security measures make it a popular choice among businesses of all sizes. The seamless integration of Splashtop into existing workflows and applications further enhances user adoption, as it seamlessly integrates with popular business systems and software.

When it comes to installation, Splashtop simplifies the process with its lightweight client and minimal system requirements. This not only saves time but also minimizes the strain on users’ devices, ensuring optimal performance during remote access sessions.

Lastly, Splashtop’s commitment to customer service is evident through its dedication to addressing customer needs promptly and effectively. The company values customer satisfaction, and this reflects in its high-quality customer service, making Splashtop a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable remote access solutions.

Integration Capabilities

Splashtop offers seamless integration with various business systems and software, making it remarkably adaptable to existing workflows. With Splashtop, businesses can easily integrate remote access capabilities into their existing IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity. Whether it’s integrating Splashtop with cloud storage solutions, collaboration tools, or other business-critical applications, the platform provides a hassle-free experience, saving valuable time and resources.

The integration capabilities of Splashtop extend beyond just software partnerships. With Splashtop, businesses can access their remote computers from any device, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook. This universal compatibility allows users to work seamlessly across different platforms, enhancing productivity and flexibility.

Overall, Splashtop surpasses TeamViewer in terms of ease of use, setup, administration, support quality, user adoption, installation, and customer service. Its user-friendly interface, seamless integration capabilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction make it the go-to choice for businesses in need of a reliable remote access solution.


In conclusion, Splashtop emerges as the best TeamViewer alternative, offering numerous advantages that set it apart from the competition. One of the key benefits of Splashtop is its significant cost savings, with a guaranteed 50% reduction in subscription costs compared to TeamViewer. This makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to optimize their remote access solutions.

Furthermore, Splashtop provides superior features and performance, ensuring seamless remote access and support for businesses of all sizes. Its high-quality remote access capabilities, combined with competitive pricing, make it an ideal choice for companies seeking reliable and efficient remote management tools.

Another significant advantage of Splashtop is its robust cybersecurity protection, which helps safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. With frequent security updates and fortified security measures in place, businesses can trust Splashtop to keep their remote operations highly secure.

Lastly, Splashtop offers ease of use and integration, making it simple for organizations to set up and administer. With user-friendly interfaces, seamless installation processes, and top-notch customer service, Splashtop ensures a smooth experience for users throughout their remote access journey.


What are the key features of an RMM solution?

An ideal RMM solution should include comprehensive monitoring, automated maintenance, remote access and support capabilities, policy and patch management tools, and robust reporting and analytics features. These key features enhance IT management capabilities and improve efficiency.

What is ConnectWise Control?

ConnectWise Control is a top competitor to TeamViewer, offering high-performance and customizable remote support and access solutions. It stands out for its tailored approach, fortified security features, enhanced connectivity through integration capabilities, and budget-friendly pricing plans.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is known for its lightweight installation and fast performance in facilitating seamless remote desktop connections. It offers speed and reliability, resource efficiency, adaptable pricing models, and enhanced security features.

What is Splashtop?

Splashtop is a top alternative to TeamViewer, offering high-quality remote access capabilities at competitive prices. It excels in clear communication, cost-effectiveness, universal compatibility, and fortified security measures.

What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access software that offers scalable solutions and seamless integration with the Zoho suite. It provides value for money, enhanced security measures, and broad device compatibility.

What is Pulseway?

Pulseway is a comprehensive RMM solution that distinguishes itself with proactive monitoring and problem-solving capabilities, comprehensive management features, efficient remote support, an integrated all-in-one solution, an unbeatable mobile app, and advanced reporting options.

Why is Splashtop considered the best alternative to TeamViewer?

Splashtop is considered the best alternative to TeamViewer due to its guaranteed 50% savings, top features, high performance, superior security measures, and excellent customer service. G2 ratings also support Splashtop’s superiority over TeamViewer.

How does Splashtop offer cost savings compared to TeamViewer?

Splashtop offers significant cost savings compared to TeamViewer, with a guaranteed 50% reduction in subscription costs. The free version limitations of TeamViewer make Splashtop a more cost-effective choice. Splashtop also offers unlimited remote sessions, easy cancellation options, and competitive pricing.

What are Splashtop’s strengths compared to TeamViewer?

Splashtop has several strengths compared to TeamViewer, including support for more simultaneous connections, unlimited managed endpoints, attended support for iOS and Android, built-in integrations, user-friendly integration, regular security updates, and robust cybersecurity protection.

How does Splashtop compare to TeamViewer in terms of ease of use and integration?

Splashtop ranks higher than TeamViewer in terms of ease of use, ease of setup, ease of administration, support quality, user adoption, installation, and customer service. It offers a seamless integration experience for businesses.
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