Tesco Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Tesco is a well-known global retail company. It focuses mainly on selling groceries. The company has over 7,000 stores across the globe. Every week, it serves millions of customers. Aside from retail, Tesco has ventured into banking and assurance. However, we’ll only look at Tesco’s retail business in this study.

The company’s marketing strategy plays a key role in its success. It covers aspects like brand positioning and understanding customer needs. It also looks at competition, blends different marketing tactics, promotes digital marketing, and builds customer loyalty. We will dive into Tesco’s marketing plan for 2024. We’ll see how its new ideas are boosting customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesco is a global retail company focusing on groceries, serving millions worldwide.
  • Its marketing plan includes brand positioning, understanding customers, competition analysis, mix of marketing methods, digital promotion, and enhancing loyalty.
  • This study will review Tesco’s marketing strategy for 2024, with a focus on novel strategies and increased customer loyalty.

About Tesco: A Brief Overview

Tesco is a well-known retail giant in the world of groceries. It’s based in England but has over 7,000 stores globally. This makes it a major player in the retail world. This case study will zoom in on Tesco’s grocery sector, even though it also does banking and insurance.

Tesco offers more than 40,000 items, showing its commitment to quality and choice. It has teams dedicated to finding the best raw materials from around the world. This ensures customers have a wide variety to pick from.

Tesco stands out as a top retail brand thanks to its global reach and vast product range.

Country Number of Stores
United Kingdom 3,453
Republic of Ireland 151
Hungary 207
Czech Republic 217
Slovakia 138
Poland 463
Malaysia 61
Thailand 2,218

Tesco’s drive for innovation and growth is clear. Yet, its promise to give customers diverse, quality products is still its heart.

Tesco’s Marketing Mix

Tesco’s marketing mix involves the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. By focusing on these areas, Tesco creates a strong marketing plan. This plan meets customer needs and boosts business growth.

Product Strategy

Tesco offers a wide range of products. From groceries and clothes to electronics and beauty products, they have it all. This wide selection makes Tesco a one-stop shop for customers.

Pricing Strategy

Tesco aims to keep prices competitive without compromising on quality. They watch market trends to make smart pricing choices. This strategy helps them stay competitive and attract bargain hunters.

Place and Distribution Strategy

Tesco uses various store types to make shopping easy for customers. They have superstores, express stores, and online shopping. This means customers can shop in a way that suits them best.

Promotional Strategy

Tesco’s promotions focus on low prices and special offers. They use deals to draw in customers and offer them great value. Their Clubcard loyalty program is key, giving personalized rewards to shoppers.

Tesco’s careful management of its marketing mix ensures its offerings hit the mark. Products are perfectly presented, prices are right, availability is top-notch, and promotions are appealing. This strategy keeps customers happy, builds loyalty, and secures Tesco’s market position.

Tesco’s Buyer Persona

Tesco understands its customers well, creating buyer personas for them. One key persona is John Smith, a software engineer from London. He represents a typical customer who values speedy service, great products at good prices, and savings.

John has a tight schedule because of his job. He counts on Tesco for quick shopping options that suit his daily needs. Whether he shops in-store or online, Tesco’s convenience is a perfect match for him.

Quality matters to John. He focuses on living healthily and wants the best products to support that. Tesco offers a wide range, helping him find everything from fresh veggies to special cooking ingredients.

John is also keen on saving money. He looks for the best deals on his favorite items. Tesco’s low prices and promotions let him save. He likes Tesco’s loyalty program too, for extra discounts and rewards.

John Smith’s Interests:

  • Cooking new recipes
  • Home organization
  • Finding deals and discounts
  • Exploring food trends

Tesco’s strategy targets customer needs like those of John Smith. By knowing their customers, Tesco offers products and services that match their desires. They focus on personalization, ease, quality, and savings, aiming to make shopping with them excellent for people like John.

Tesco’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Tesco knows digital marketing is key in today’s market. With a smart strategy, it reaches more people, meets goals, and grows online.

Tesco stands out online with its website and social media like Instagram and Facebook. These tools help Tesco share its products and build its brand.

To draw customers, Tesco uses discounts, coupons, and influencer partnerships. These moves bring in new buyers and keep old ones coming back.

At the heart of Tesco’s strategy is social media marketing. With catchy content, Tesco engages people, shares info, and boosts interaction. This effort makes the brand stronger and wins customer loyalty.

Emails are also crucial for Tesco. It sends personalized messages and special deals directly. This keeps customers interested, boosts interaction, and lifts sales.

Innovative Approach to Search Engine Advertising

Tesco values search engine ads to reach shoppers online. Using platforms like Google Ads, it becomes more visible and draws the right traffic. This method helps connect with customers ready to buy.

Here’s a table showing Tesco’s digital marketing channels and tactics:

Channels Tactics
Social Media
  • Engaging content
  • Promotions
  • Influencer partnerships
Email Marketing
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Exclusive offers
  • Loyalty program communication
Search Engine Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Targeted keywords
  • Ad extensions

With a strong digital marketing plan, Tesco uses online tools well, boosts its online image, and connects deeply with customers. This strategy draws in new customers, heightens engagement, and drives sales in digital marketing’s fast-paced world.

Tesco’s Customer Loyalty Program

Tesco’s loyalty scheme, Clubcard, is vital to its market plan. It boasts 19 million members. The program brings in a lot of money for Tesco through special deals, rewards, and discounts, making customers come back again and again.

Tesco personalizes offers to fit what each customer likes and buys. This makes shoppers feel special and valued. It’s a smart way to make customers stick around longer.

Clubcard members get tailored coupons and access to special sales. They also earn points with every buy. These points can be used later, giving back to those who keep coming to Tesco.

Tesco uses Clubcard to keep its customers close. They keep offering those personalized perks. This shows customers they’re recognized and appreciated, making them want to stay loyal to Tesco.

Clubcard Benefits:

  • Personalized discounts tailored to individual customers
  • Exclusive access to discounted products and promotions
  • Bonus points earned on every purchase
  • Redeemable rewards for future purchases

This loyalty program doesn’t just keep shoppers coming back. It also lets Tesco learn what its customers like. Using this info, Tesco can make its offers even more personal.

Clubcard users also enjoy special events, like sneak peeks at new items. These perks enhance shopping at Tesco and build a sense of belonging among its loyal buyers.

Tesco’s Clubcard has really paid off, winning over the hearts of shoppers. With these rewards, Tesco keeps up with competition and makes sure its customers feel valued.

Benefits of Clubcard Program Impact on Customer Loyalty
Personalized discounts Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
Exclusive access to discounted products Encourages repeat purchases and strengthens customer retention
Bonus points on every purchase Provides added value for customer loyalty
Redeemable rewards Enhances customer engagement and encourages future purchases

Tesco’s Marketing through Multiple Channels

Tesco uses many ways to reach lots of customers. It combines traditional and digital marketing to connect with people. This mix helps Tesco form strong bonds with its customers.

For traditional marketing, Tesco uses TV and radio ads to get to a wide audience. These ads show off Tesco’s products and deals. They draw in people who don’t use digital platforms much.

Tesco also has special deals in its stores. These deals help create a fun shopping experience. They draw customers in, encouraging them to try new things and enjoy special offers.

But Tesco does more than just traditional marketing. It knows how important online marketing is. So, Tesco uses the internet to reach out to customers. This includes social media, email, and online ads.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram let Tesco talk to customers in a fun way. Tesco shares cool content, discounts, and peeks behind the scenes. This helps build a group of loyal customers.

Email is another tool Tesco uses. It sends messages right to customers’ inboxes. These emails have special offers and personal recommendations. This makes sure customers see Tesco’s marketing messages.

Tesco also uses ads on the internet to get noticed more. It places ads on websites and search results. This helps Tesco drive more people to both its online and physical stores.

The Power of a Multi-Channel Approach

Tesco’s strategy of using many channels helps it speak to customers in different ways. By blending traditional and online channels, Tesco makes sure people see its brand and products everywhere.

This mixed strategy also helps reinforce Tesco’s messages. Seeing Tesco ads on TV, hearing them on the radio, and seeing them online makes people more likely to remember Tesco.

This approach helps Tesco reach customers at different times. Some might like in-store deals, others might look online, and some might follow social media influencers. Being everywhere helps Tesco reach more customers and sell more.

In short, Tesco’s strategy uses old and new marketing ways. It combines TV and radio with in-store deals, social media, emails, and online ads. This way, Tesco talks to customers in many different ways and meets their needs.

Tesco’s Brand Positioning and Value for Money

Tesco is known for offering great value for money to its customers. It focuses on high-quality products that are affordable. This makes Tesco appealing to those watching their budgets.

Tesco’s private label brands, like Tesco Value, help save money. These brands offer products at lower prices than national brands. Customers get to enjoy saving money without compromising on quality.

Customers love the deals and affordability of Tesco’s private label brands. With a broad range of products, Tesco meets various needs and preferences. This approach has made Tesco a go-to for budget-friendly shopping.

Tesco is seen as a leader for offering quality at great prices. Its market position and customer loyalty are built on trust. Shoppers trust Tesco for meeting their quality and affordability expectations.

Private Label Brands Offered by Tesco

Brand Product Category
Tesco Value Wide range of grocery items
Tesco Everyday Value Household essentials
Tesco Finest Premium food and beverage
Tesco Healthy Living Healthy and nutritious products

Tesco’s commitment to value has made it a trusted retailer in a tough market. It attracts new shoppers with its affordable quality products. This has helped build a loyal customer base.

Tesco’s CSR Activities and Positive Brand Image

Tesco is committed to being socially responsible. It focuses on sustainability, community engagement, and giving back. These efforts help Tesco build a good brand image among customers. The company is working hard to cut down plastic waste. It promotes green practices across its operations too.

The company knows community engagement is key. It supports local communities in different ways. By teaming up with local groups and charities, Tesco tackles social issues. They aim to positively impact the communities they are part of.

Tesco is dedicated to offering sustainable and ethical products. It ensures its supply chains follow responsible sourcing. This supports fair trade and helps local farmers and producers.

Tesco’s CSR efforts are good for society and the environment. These activities enhance its status as a caring brand. Customers like Tesco’s effort to make a real difference. This focus on doing good boosts customer loyalty and strengthens its brand image.

In summary, Tesco is focused on a sustainable future and positive community impact. By being socially and environmentally responsible, it maintains trust as a caring brand.

Tesco’s Successful Marketing Campaigns

Tesco has been very good at starting marketing campaigns that really reach people. Their campaigns show off their creative ideas and how well they know their audience. They’re also great at using different ways to market themselves.

Prices that take you back

In 2019, Tesco launched a campaign called “Prices that take you back” to mark its 100th year. It was set to compete with cheaper stores like Lidl and Aldi. It also connected with people on social media.

This campaign reminded everyone of Tesco’s long time in retail. It used nostalgia to show Tesco’s promise of quality goods at good prices over the years.

By engaging on social media, Tesco got closer to its customers. They offered fun promotions and discounts. This made customers excited and more loyal to Tesco.

Alia’s ‘worth the wait’ Samosas campaign

Alia’s ‘worth the wait’ Samosas campaign was another big hit for Tesco. During Eid al-Fitr, they used TV ads to reach more people.

The ads built anticipation for Alia’s delicious samosas. Tesco showed it knows and loves different cultures by offering relevant products. They celebrated diversity and inclusion.

TV ads helped spread the word about Alia’s samosas. They made people eager to try them. Customers were invited to go to Tesco and taste the flavors for themselves.

Tesco’s marketing success shows its focus on innovation and putting customers first. They know their audience well, use different marketing tools, and create campaigns people remember. Tesco keeps making its brand stronger and keeps customers engaged.


Tesco’s marketing plan for 2024 has shown clever ways to increase customer loyalty. By figuring out who their customers are, offering them special deals, and using different marketing channels, Tesco has reached the right people. The company stands out for its strong reputation, good value, and smart use of digital marketing in the tough retail sector.

Their focus on customer service, both in-store and online, has made Tesco a leader in the market. Tesco keeps changing its marketing to stay on top. They always find fresh ways to keep customers interested and coming back.

This case study proves how creative marketing can grow customer loyalty. Tesco uses data to understand customers better, gives them personalized deals, and offers a smooth shopping experience across all channels. This approach has set Tesco up for ongoing success and customer happiness in the changing world of retail.


What is Tesco?

Tesco is a leading retail company. It works in the grocery sector and has a worldwide presence.

What is Tesco’s marketing mix?

It includes product, pricing, place and distribution, and promotion strategies.

Who is Tesco’s buyer persona?

Tesco focuses on customers who seek convenience and value. These customers want quality goods at low prices.

How does Tesco utilize digital marketing?

Tesco promotes its products using social media, emails, and ads on search engines.

What is Tesco’s customer loyalty program?

The Clubcard program offers discounts, rewards, and exclusive deals.

What marketing channels does Tesco use?

Tesco uses both traditional channels, like TV and radio. It also uses digital channels, including social media and email.

How does Tesco position its brand?

Tesco is seen as a value retailer. It provides quality products at good prices.

What are Tesco’s CSR activities?

Its CSR efforts are about sustainability, helping communities, and charitable work.

Can you give examples of Tesco’s successful marketing campaigns?

Notable campaigns include “Prices that take you back” and Alia’s “Worth the wait” Samosas.

What is the focus of Tesco’s marketing strategy for 2024?

The strategy for 2024 aims at innovative ways to increase customer loyalty.
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