Under Armour Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Under Armour has grown into a key player in the sportswear market, challenging giants like Nike and Adidas. It focuses on innovation and performance. Plus, it truly understands who its customers are. This case study looks at Under Armour’s marketing plans. We’ll dive into how it positions its brand, its online strategies, and what it knows about its customers. Let’s see how Under Armour became so successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Under Armour is now a top athletic wear brand, going head-to-head with Nike and Adidas.
  • The brand is all about “innovations built to perform.” It works hard on creating fabrics and designs that boost sports performance.
  • Under Armour’s approach to digital marketing is strong. It focuses on spending on ads and connecting with its audience online. This includes social media and making content that speaks directly to them.
  • Its main customers are people who love sports, whether they’re amateurs or pros, with a special focus on young people from Generation Z.
  • Under Armour stays ahead with big sports partnerships, deals with famous athletes, and cleverly placing its products where people can see them.

Brand Positioning: Innovations Built to Perform

Under Armour stands for more than just athletic wear. It’s about “innovations built to perform.” Right from the start, the aim was clear. Create clothing that pushes limits in comfort, convenience, and performance. This vision brought new fabrics and designs to life.

Among its innovations are HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear. Each is crafted for athletes’ needs in different climates. These advanced materials help athletes excel. No matter the weather, they’re at their peak.

HeatGear helps keep you cool and dry when it’s hot. ColdGear, in contrast, warms and insulates in the cold. AllSeasonGear adjusts to changing weather, making it versatile.

Under Armour’s commitment to innovation shapes its unique market position. It’s not just about new products. It’s about leading with high-quality, performance-first gear. This attracts customers who demand the best.

Key Features of Under Armour’s Innovations:

Innovations Benefits
HeatGear Keeps athletes cool and dry in warm weather
ColdGear Provides insulation and keeps athletes warm in colder temperatures
AllSeasonGear Versatile and adapts to a wide range of weather conditions

Digital Marketing Approach: Investing in Promotional Techniques

Under Armour realizes the power of digital marketing to connect with its audience. It has invested a big budget of $579 million in 2019 for this. The company is planning to up its advertising budget to 12% of its global income by 2024.

The brand uses both online and offline ways to reach its audience. This helps build a community. It also makes people think highly of the brand. The digital strategies help extend its influence.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is key in Under Armour’s digital strategy. It’s active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This lets Under Armour interact with its audience in a personal way.

The brand shares exciting content, including campaign videos and athlete stories. This helps connect with its fans more deeply. It’s all about sharing Under Armour’s values like innovation, peak performance, and inclusion.

Targeted Content Creation

Under Armour aims to grab its audience’s attention with specific content. It talks directly to athletes and fitness lovers. The goal is to show how its products boost performance and help achieve fitness goals.

The content includes articles, blog posts, and videos full of tips and inspiration. This positions Under Armour as a helpful expert in the field.

Engaging with the UA Community

The UA Community is a special place for interaction. It’s where Under Armour and its customers come together. This platform allows people to meet, encourage each other, and share successes.

Here, Under Armour starts conversations and promotes sharing and virtual events. This encourages active participation. It builds a stronger emotional tie with its devoted customers, fostering loyalty to the brand.

Target Market Analysis: Gen Z-Inspired Sporting Enthusiasts

Under Armour’s analysis focuses on the sports-loving Gen Z. They aim at amateurs, enthusiasts, and athletes who cherish sports. These people look for brands that share their values and beliefs.

About 69% of Under Armour’s customers are males aged 18 to 24. They prefer products that boost their athletic skills. They also want these products to reflect their personal style and identity.

Under Armour connects with its audience by promoting inclusivity. They support gender and race equality in sports. This stance attracts Gen Z, making the brand popular among them.

Gen Z also values Under Armour’s focus on honesty and protecting the environment. They like companies that are open and tackle social and environmental issues. Under Armour wins their hearts by supporting these causes through its marketing efforts.

In summary, Under Armour knows what Gen Z sporting fans want. Their commitment to performance, inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability makes them a top choice for young athletes.

Under Armour Target Market Analysis

Target Market Demographics Values
Sporting Enthusiasts Primarily Generation Z males aged 18-24 – Performance-oriented products
– Alignment with gender and race inclusivity
– Corporate transparency
– Environmental sustainability

Competitive Advantage: Key Sporting Partnerships and Celebrity Endorsements

Under Armour stands out in the sports clothing market. This is thanks to its partnerships with key sports figures and teams. These partnerships have made the brand more visible. They’ve also made it a trusted choice among athletes and fans.

The brand teams up with colleges, universities, and pro sports teams. This helps them reach their target audience well. When athletes wear Under Armour during training or games, many people see the brand. This exposure is valuable and reaches lots of fans.

Under Armour also has deals with top-level athletes. These athletes are key in Under Armour’s ads. They also wear the brand at big sports events. This boosts the brand’s appeal and trustworthiness.

Under Armour’s key moves, like partnerships and endorsements, give it an edge by:

  • Raising its visibility and recognition
  • Making it a trusted brand among athletes
  • Improving its reputation for quality and performance
  • Linking the brand to excellence in sports

Through sponsorships, having their products seen, and celebrity endorsements, Under Armour strengthens its position in the tough athletic apparel industry.

Marketing Campaigns: ‘I Will What I Want’ and Beyond

Under Armour’s marketing has greatly helped shape the brand. The ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign, started in 2014, is one of the best. It tackled stereotypes by showing Under Armour in a new light, welcoming women.

The campaign made a big splash among female athletes. It featured strong women like Misty Copeland, Gisele Bündchen, and Lindsey Vonn. Their stories of determination and strength celebrated women in sports.

Under Armour keeps supporting women in sports even after the ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign. They work with inspirational female athletes. They launch products that honor these women’s victories and promote inclusiveness.

The brand aims higher than just selling products. Its dedication to equality and empowerment shines through its campaigns. By focusing on societal issues, Under Armour connects deeply with people. This builds strong loyalty to the brand.

Examples of Under Armour Marketing Campaigns:

  1. ‘Rule Yourself’ Campaign: This highlighted the hard work of athletes, focusing on their intense training. By partnering with the United States Olympic Committee, Under Armour showed its support for athletes aiming for greatness.
  2. ‘Unlike Any’ Campaign: This one broke stereotypes and celebrated what makes each athlete unique. With athletes like Misty Copeland and Natasha Hastings, it showcased strength’s beauty and the importance of being yourself.
  3. ‘The Only Way Is Through’ Campaign: It emphasized the challenges athletes face. With stars like Michael Phelps and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it inspired people to overcome hurdles and achieve their dreams.

These campaigns show Under Armour’s focus on storytelling, empowerment, and being genuine. With famous athletes and a focus on social values, the brand keeps winning hearts and establishing itself as a top athletic apparel company.

Campaign Name Year Launched
‘I Will What I Want’ 2014
‘Rule Yourself’ 2016
‘Unlike Any’ 2017
‘The Only Way Is Through’ 2020

Social Media Marketing: Engaging Audiences and Building Community

Under Armour knows the power of social media in reaching its audience. It has a strong presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. There, they share interesting content that their followers love.

On these networks, Under Armour posts inspiring videos for athletes. These videos show the brand’s focus on performing at your best. They catch the eye and build excitement around Under Armour’s athletic gear.

The brand uses athlete endorsements in its social media plan. It works with top athletes who stand for excellence. This move boosts Under Armour’s image and connects it with buyers.

Under Armour keeps in touch with its customers via an online newsletter and digital newsroom. This way, they share news, special deals, and know-how. It makes the customer experience even better.

By using social media wisely, Under Armour creates a community of athletes and fitness lovers. It talks to its followers, encourages them to share their own stories, and joins in on the conversation. This makes customers feel part of a team. It makes them loyal and boosts Under Armour’s online experience.

Branding Tactics: Key Sporting Partnerships and Product Placement

Under Armour uses smart branding by working with top sports teams and placing products in media. It teams up with college and professional athletes. This makes sure its apparel is seen during big events.

Under Armour’s clothing also appears in movies and TV shows. This puts the brand right in front of many people. Fans seeing their favorite stars in Under Armour gear feel good about the brand. This makes the brand more liked and trusted.

Under Armour’s partnerships with sports and entertainment make it stand out. They show the brand as a top choice in athletic wear. This highlights their focus on high-quality and innovative products.


Under Armour is a leader in athletic apparel, thanks to its smart marketing. It focuses on new ideas and high performance. This approach has won over many loyal customers.

The brand has gained an edge through famous endorsers and big marketing moves. Digital marketing has also played a big role. Under Armour uses social media to talk to its audience and create a community.

By really getting what its customers want, Under Armour has built trust. Its marketing mixes brand strategies and social media. This has put it at the top of the industry.

Looking ahead, Under Armour is set to keep winning. It plans to keep coming up with new ideas, working with important partners, and putting customers first.


What is Under Armour’s brand positioning?

A: Under Armour focuses on making high-performance athletic wear. They innovate in fabrics and designs for better comfort and performance. This helps athletes of all levels perform their best.

How does Under Armour approach digital marketing?

A: The brand invests a lot in digital marketing. They use online and offline ways to reach customers. Their digital strategy includes social media, creating useful content, and connecting with users online.

Who is Under Armour’s target market?

A: They mainly target young sports lovers and athletes. This includes people who love sports and those who play them. Most of their products are for men aged 18 to 24, especially from Generation Z.

What is Under Armour’s competitive advantage?

A: Under Armour stands out by partnering with sports teams. They’ve signed deals with colleges, universities, and pro teams. These partnerships make the brand more visible and trusted among athletes.

What are some of Under Armour’s successful marketing campaigns?

A: Their “I Will What I Want” campaign in 2014 was a hit. It aimed to change the brand’s image to welcome women. This helped them reach women who buy sports apparel.

How does Under Armour utilize social media for marketing?

A: The brand is active on social media. They share campaign videos, athlete stories, and company values. This strategy helps them build a community and improve the customer experience online.

What are Under Armour’s branding tactics?

A: Under Armour boosts its brand through sports partnerships and media. By collaborating with teams and appearing in media, they increase visibility. This creates strong associations with their brand among consumers.
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