Wyndham Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

In 2024, Wyndham Hotels announced a new marketing strategy. This case study focuses on how they updated their brand, used digital marketing, and improved customer interactions. Their efforts led Wyndham Hotels to remarkable success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wyndham Hotels introduced a fresh marketing strategy in 2024. It aimed to change how people see timeshares.
  • They focused on renewing their brand, employing digital marketing strategies, and engaging with customers directly.
  • Studying competitors helped Wyndham craft marketing plans that really spoke to their audience.
  • Using technology and gathering data gave them insights for growing their business.
  • Wyndham Hotels put customers at the center of their business, transforming the timeshare market.

The Problem

Wyndham Destinations, a key player in hospitality, faced a major issue: their sales process was outdated. The old way of doing things, relying on paper, made them seem less appealing. It caused them to miss connections with potential buyers and limited their data access for growth. This issue blocked Wyndham from reaching its full potential in a competitive market.

Not only did the outdated sales process prevent building strong customer relationships, but it also blocked access to important insights. The process was bogged down with paperwork and manual tasks. This made sales and customer interactions difficult. It stopped Wyndham from collecting important data and using it for smart decisions. This was a big roadblock to their growth.

To solve this issue, Wyndham Destinations had to change their sales process. They needed to reduce friction, get useful data, and become a modern, customer-focused company.

Challenges Impact Opportunities
Stale perception of Wyndham Destinations Missed opportunities to connect with potential buyers and owners Gather actionable data for business growth
Limited access to usable data Friction along the sales process Unlock the company’s potential in the hospitality industry

The Solution

Wyndham Destinations saw that their old sales method needed a change. They chose a tech-based way to make booking vacations better. This new approach helped them connect more with their customers and make vacations smoother.

They used Salesforce and its tools to get rid of paper-based work and make digital customer profiles. This change made it easier to connect with customers personally. It also made collecting and using data easier.

Now, customers have a better experience because of the tech-driven approach. With digital profiles, Wyndham Destinations knows what each customer likes. This means they can make vacations that are just right for every customer. By using data and technology, they made their customer service better.

The Benefits of the Tech-driven Approach:

  • Smooth vacation booking experience
  • Personalized connection with customers
  • Efficient data collection and analysis
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Streamlined and modernized processes

With this new tech approach, Wyndham Destinations has made their work more modern and better for customers. Their smart use of data and technology leads the industry. It shows they are a top company for giving seamless and personal vacation experiences.

Business Transformation

Wyndham Destinations changed their business by adding a relationship management system. This improved their current operations and prepared them for future opportunities.

They focused on customer loyalty, changing how timeshares work. This system helped build better customer relationships, increasing satisfaction.

The new system made things run smoother and improved the customer experience. Customers felt more valued, boosting loyalty and happiness.

It also provided new data and insights. This helped Wyndham understand what customers want and need. Making informed decisions became easier for them.

With this system and its insights, Wyndham Destinations can look forward to growth. They’re set for success in the timeshare market.

The Key Benefits of the Relationship Management System:

  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Streamlined and seamless processes
  • Deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences
  • More targeted and effective marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced data-driven decision-making

Examples of Data and Insights:

Data and Insights Benefits
New customer acquisition trends Identify growth opportunities
Customer preferences and interests Create tailored experiences and offers
Booking and conversion rates Optimize sales and marketing strategies
Customer feedback and sentiment analysis Improve products and services

The Employee Experience

At Wyndham Destinations, we know how key the employee experience is for great customer service. We’ve adopted various strategies to foster a sales-focused and digital workplace. This improves the whole employee experience.

A Culture of Personalized Experience

We focus on building a sales-driven culture that values personalized experiences for our team. Happy and engaged employees offer better service to our clients.

Ambassadors Marketing Council Sales and Marketing Leaders
Selected individuals from various departments who act as brand ambassadors Cross-functional council that collaborates to drive marketing initiatives Leadership team focused on optimizing sales and marketing efforts
Facilitate communication between employees and senior management Gather feedback and ideas for improvement Collaborate on strategic initiatives
Act as advocates for the employee experience Provide guidance on marketing tactics and campaigns Support employee development and training

A Digitized Business for a Modern Experience

We’ve updated our business to fit the digital era. This change has made our teams work better. It also gave our employees and customers a modern and relatable experience.

  • Streamlined processes through digital tools and platforms
  • Automated routine tasks to free up time for more meaningful interactions
  • Provided employees with digital profiles to personalize interactions with customers
  • Enabled efficient collaboration and communication through digital channels

By focusing on a personalized approach, emphasizing a sales-driven culture, and digitizing our business, we’ve improved the employee experience. Our team is now better equipped to give a seamless, tailored service to our clients. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Embracing Technology

Wyndham Destinations saw the need to use new tech to boost its digital presence. The company started using handheld tablets for tour bookings. This replaced paper and made work more efficient and effective.

This shift in culture not only made work better but also gave employees the tools to succeed in their jobs. With this tech investment, Wyndham Destinations made things smoother for both guests and owners.

The Advantages of Handheld Tablets

Choosing handheld tablets brought many benefits. This tech change helped with marketing and sales. The company saw:

  • Quicker sales cycles, leading to faster bookings and transactions.
  • Instant access to customer details and tour availability, making interactions more personal.
  • Better data accuracy, cutting down on mistakes and ensuring dependable info for decisions.
  • More freedom to work anywhere, letting sales teams talk to potential customers on the go.
  • Less paper use, lowering the effect on the environment.

By using tablets, Wyndham Destinations made its operations better and more modern. This matched the growing needs of the hospitality industry.

Efficient and Effective Way of Working

The tech investment not only improved work efficiency but also changed how the company approached marketing and sales. With tablets, staff could update digital profiles better. This improved guest and owner experiences.

Moving from paper to digital made teamwork smoother. It helped sales and marketing teams share info and work together well.

This tech also let employees give top service. It made working more efficient, helping staff build strong connections with buyers and owners.

Results and Impact

Wyndham Destinations made big changes with its new marketing strategy. It won customers’ trust and made their experiences better. This shift also brought insightful data, changing how the company works and giving users a unique experience.

The focus on trust and happiness made Wyndham Destinations a top name in vacation ownership. With smart marketing and better customer connections, they built strong relationships. This trust and happiness made them stand out from the competition.

Using data-driven methods gave the company insights on owners. They learned what customers liked and how they behaved. This helped Wyndham Destinations improve its services to meet customer needs better. They could make smarter decisions and grow successfully thanks to this data.

Wyndham Destinations changed its business and how it operates with its new marketing plan. By using technology and making experiences personal, they enhanced customer service. This approach set a new standard, giving customers vacations that fit their personal tastes.

Overall, Wyndham Destinations’ new marketing strategy had a big impact. Their focus on making customers happy and using data made their business better. It raised the company’s standards, securing its spot as a leader in the vacation ownership market and leading to growth and success.

Wyndham Visitor Economy Strategy

Wyndham Hotels isn’t just about smart marketing. It’s deeply committed to growing the visitor economy. The main goal? To create a thriving, sustainable economy in tourism. This will also help fix the damage done by COVID-19. Working closely with partners, Wyndham sets strategic plans to boost growth.

Strategic Collaborations and Growth Initiatives

Wyndham Hotels is working hard to fix the COVID-19 damage and build a strong visitor economy. It’s focusing on several key actions:

  1. Growing the tourism events portfolio to attract a diverse range of visitors and showcase the unique offerings of the region.
  2. Investing in nature-based assets to leverage the natural beauty and resources of the area, attracting environmentally conscious travelers.
  3. Improving visitor dispersal to ensure a more equitable distribution of tourism and avoid over-concentration in specific areas.
  4. Developing secondary tourism destinations to expand the appeal of the region beyond its primary attractions, offering new and exciting experiences.

Wyndham Hotels is chasing these strategies to boost the visitor economy. The goal is to create a sustainable, flourishing environment. This benefits everyone in the community and the company too.

Benefits of a Thriving Visitor Economy

A strong visitor economy is great for the region and its people:

  • Economic Growth: It means more money, jobs, and chances for businesses. This pumps life into the region’s heart.
  • Destination Enhancement: Wyndham’s investment makes the region even more appealing to visitors. It turns into a must-visit spot.
  • Cultural Exchange: A lively visitor scene boosts cultural sharing. It helps people appreciate the unique culture and traditions of the area.
  • Community Development: Wyndham works with partners on initiatives that help the community grow and flourish.

Wyndham Hotels is all in on boosting the visitor economy. It’s dedicated to ensuring growth that benefits everyone. This promises unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

Vision for Wyndham Visitor Economy

Wyndham aims to be the top spot in Melbourne’s West. It plans to do this by hosting various quality events. These events highlight the area’s culture and nature. They also ensure guests have a smooth journey during their stay.

Wyndham Hotels wants to draw more people to the region. This will increase the spending and spread of visitors. By offering top-notch events, guests can dive deep into the local culture and nature.

Wyndham Hotels is dedicated to making every guest’s visit easy and fun. From arrival to departure, visitors will find their needs met with care. This ensures a seamless and enjoyable visit.

Guests can explore nature, enjoy food, or learn about local culture at Wyndham. It aims to be a memorable place for everyone. Wyndham wants to lead in hospitality, known for its superb experiences and smooth guest visits.

Benefits of Wyndham’s Premier Destination Vision

Wyndham Hotels’ goal to be Melbourne West’s top place brings many benefits:

  • Increased tourism revenue and economic growth for the region.
  • Enhanced reputation and brand recognition within the hospitality industry.
  • Greater visitor satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and organizations.
  • Job creation and employment opportunities for the local community.

Wyndham Hotels is committed to excellent experiences and lasting memories for guests. It focuses on quality events and seamless visits. This sets Wyndham’s standard for excellence in tourism.

Understanding Visitor Markets

Wyndham Hotels knows how important it is to target visitor markets well. They study these markets to see what people like. This lets them make tourism products and events that people want.

Identifying Core Markets

First, Wyndham Hotels figures out who its main customers are. These are people who already love what they offer. By focusing here, they make even better tourism experiences that these customers will remember.

Visit Victoria Markets

Wyndham also looks at visitors to Victoria state. They find out what these visitors prefer. This way, Wyndham matches its offerings with Victoria’s unique attractions.

Growth Markets

Wyndham doesn’t stop there. It also finds new markets where tourism can grow. By looking at trends and data, they find new ways to draw in these visitors. This helps the company grow.

Developing Tourism Products, Events, and Infrastructure

With a good understanding of its markets, Wyndham creates tourism products and events. They make sure these offerings meet what different visitors are looking for. This leaves a great impression and makes visitors want to come back.

Visitor Markets Characteristics
Core Markets Consistently engaged and loyal customers
Visit Victoria Markets Specifically interested in experiences within Victoria
Growth Markets Emerging opportunities for tourism growth

By studying their markets carefully, Wyndham Hotels stays ahead in hospitality. They provide amazing experiences for a wide range of visitors from all over.

Strategic Directions and Actions

Wyndham Hotels is focusing on its vision to improve the visitor economy. It plans to do this through strategic actions. These efforts aim to make the visitor experience better and help tourism grow in a sustainable way.

1. Growing the Tourism Events Portfolio

Wyndham Hotels sees the need for a variety of events to attract more visitors. The company wants to add more events for people to enjoy. It plans to work with local groups to host festivals, sports, and fun activities. This will bring out the Wyndham area’s unique charm.

2. Investing in Nature-Based Assets and First Peoples’ Experiences

Wyndham Hotels values outdoor experiences and unique cultural insights. It’s investing in natural areas and collaborating with local First Peoples. The goal is to offer authentic cultural experiences and protect natural spots for tourists to enjoy.

3. Improving Visitor Dispersal

Wyndham Hotels is working to spread out tourists more evenly across the region. This helps avoid too many people in one spot and benefits all communities. By working with local tourism partners, the company will highlight less known places. This includes unique attractions and great places to eat or stay.

4. Developing Secondary Tourism Destinations

Wyndham Hotels believes in the potential of less known tourist spots. The company is dedicated to improving these areas. They want to work with locals and the government to make these places better. The aim is to attract more visitors through marketing.

With these strategies, Wyndham Hotels hopes to grow tourism sustainably. The company wants to become a top choice for varied visitors.

Strategic Directions and Actions Key Focus Areas
1. Growing the Tourism Events Portfolio Tourism events showcasing cultural festivals, sporting events, and entertainment activities
2. Investing in Nature-Based Assets and First Peoples’ Experiences Preservation and development of natural landscapes and collaboration with local First Peoples
3. Improving Visitor Dispersal Encouraging visitors to explore secondary destinations within the region
4. Developing Secondary Tourism Destinations Enhancing infrastructure and promoting hidden gems to domestic and international travelers


The Wyndham marketing strategy has been hugely successful. It has built more customer trust and happiness. It’s also improved how we understand data and changed our business model.

By using technology, Wyndham Hotels has made their customer service smooth and personal. This change has improved the way people see timeshares. It has also raised the standards in the vacation ownership world.

Looking ahead, Wyndham Hotels wants to grow and welcome more guests. Their goal is to boost the hotel industry’s future. They aim to help the economy recover from COVID-19’s effects. They want to be the top choice in Melbourne’s West.

To get there, they are focusing on making visits better by offering great events. They promote nature and cultural experiences. They want every step of a visit to be easy.

Wyndham understands what their main and potential guests want. They plan to develop tourism products and events that meet these expectations.

Wyndham Hotels will keep working on their marketing strategy. They aim to grow and enhance the visitor economy. With their strong base and innovative ideas, they’re ready to lead in hospitality. They want to give their guests a memorable experience.


What was the problem that Wyndham Destinations faced with their outdated sales process?

The old sales method was too reliant on paper. This approach missed chances to connect with potential clients and collect helpful data. These obstacles limited the company’s growth opportunities in the hospitality field.

How did Wyndham Destinations solve the problem?

Wyndham Destinations switched to a tech-based method to make booking vacations easier. By adopting Salesforce, they ditched paper for digital customer profiles. This improved personalized connections and data gathering, enhancing customer relationships significantly.

How did the implementation of the new marketing strategy transform Wyndham Destinations’ business?

The new strategy introduced a management system that improved business immediately and prepared for future success. It focused on keeping customers coming back and improving their experience. This changed how the timeshare industry operates.

How did Wyndham Destinations improve the employee experience?

Wyndham Destinations knew a good employee experience leads to great customer service. They formed groups to get feedback and suggestions for improvement. This digital upgrade made work easier and better for the team, which also benefited the customers.

How did Wyndham Destinations enhance its digital footprint?

Wyndham Destinations embraced new tech to boost its digital presence. They switched from paper to tablets for booking tours. This shift improved work efficiency and gave employees the tools they needed to excel.

What were the results and impact of the new marketing strategy implementation?

The new marketing strategy boosted customer trust and satisfaction. It offered deeper insights about the customers and modernized the company’s approach to business. This led to a more personalized and smooth customer experience, setting a new industry standard.

What is Wyndham Hotels’ visitor economy strategy?

Wyndham Hotels also has a strategy for the visitor economy. They aim to build a lasting and thriving visitor economy and recover from COVID-19 effects. Working with partners, they plan to grow tourism, support nature attractions, improve visitor distribution, and develop lesser-known tourism spots.

What is the vision for Wyndham Visitor Economy?

The goal for Wyndham Visitor Economy is to be the top destination in Melbourne’s West. They want to offer great events, foods, nature, and cultural experiences. Wyndham Hotels strives to draw more visitors, increase profits, and make better visitor experiences.

How does Wyndham Hotels understand visitor markets?

Wyndham Hotels studies its visitors to target them effectively. This includes looking at current and possible visitors and identifying key markets. By knowing what these visitors like, Wyndham can create suitable tourism products and events.

What strategic directions and actions has Wyndham Hotels identified for its visitor economy strategy?

Wyndham Hotels has set clear goals to achieve its visitor economy vision. They focus on growing their event offerings, investing in nature and First Peoples’ experiences. They also want to spread visitors out and develop new tourist spots. These efforts aim to boost the visitor experience and support sustainable tourism.

What has been the overall impact of Wyndham’s marketing strategy?

The Wyndham marketing strategy has significantly increased customer satisfaction and trust. It has also brought better information about the customers and completely changed the business model. As Wyndham continues with its visitor strategy, it looks to attract more guests and grow in the hospitality sector.
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