Top ZoomInfo Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

ZoomInfo has established itself as a leading business intelligence tool, offering unparalleled solutions for sales, marketing, and operational teams. It’s renowned for its high-quality contact data and detailed buyer intent information, significantly boosting productivity rates for sales professionals.

Despite its dominant position, ZoomInfo frequently encounters competition from various reputable companies. These companies, with their unique features and diverse pricing strategies, provide strong alternatives for businesses. The market in 2024 sees a surge in options ranging from AI-powered account-based marketing to comprehensive sales prospecting and streamlined B2B prospecting solutions.

Introduction to ZoomInfo and Its Market Position

ZoomInfo has established itself as a leading sales intelligence tool in today’s competitive market. With a robust database of over 209 million professional profiles, it empowers sales, marketing, and operations teams by providing comprehensive buyer intent data. The tool’s ability to enhance productivity and streamline the closing of deals makes it a preferred choice among professionals.

Overview of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo offers a plethora of tools designed to meet the needs of modern sales, marketing, and operations teams. By leveraging buyer intent data, it delivers actionable insights that drive strategic planning and execution. The extensive database strengthens user ability to accurately target potential clients, thereby boosting the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Importance of Sales Intelligence Tools

Informed decision-making is paramount in today’s fast-paced business environment. Sales intelligence tools like ZoomInfo play a critical role in discerning market trends and consumer behaviors. By utilizing up-to-date data, these tools enable businesses to plan and execute strategies more effectively. The success of marketing campaigns increasingly relies on aligning actions with precise buyer intent data, making tools like ZoomInfo indispensable in navigating the competitive landscape.

When evaluating ZoomInfo vs competitors, it is essential to explore various competing platforms for ZoomInfo and zoominfo alternative software to identify the best solution tailored to specific business needs.

6sense: AI-Powered Account-Based Marketing

Among the top ZoomInfo rivals, 6sense stands out with its robust AI-driven Account-Based Marketing platform. By leveraging anonymous buying signals, 6sense enables businesses to create targeted multichannel ad campaigns and gain insights into potential buyers.

Key Features of 6sense

The platform offers several powerful features:

  • AI-driven identification of buyer intent
  • Multichannel ad campaign creation
  • Detailed insights into decision-makers

Who Should Use 6sense?

6sense is particularly beneficial for B2B teams in high-tech enterprises looking to optimize their marketing funnel and improve sales efficiency. Its precise targeting capabilities make it a formidable ZoomInfo substitute option for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing efforts.

6sense Pricing and Considerations

While specific pricing details for 6sense are not publicly available, its median annual contract value is estimated at $97,000, reflecting a significant investment. Companies considering similar companies to Zoominfo should evaluate the potential for reduced opportunity costs and increased deal sizes when using 6sense.

Apollo: Comprehensive Sales Prospecting Platform

Apollo emerges as one of the leading competing platforms for ZoomInfo, offering a full-cycle sales solution. This platform is designed to streamline prospecting and deal management while providing advanced analytics to optimize performance. As a credible ZoomInfo alternative software, Apollo integrates state-of-the-art tools that assist B2B sales teams in efficiently closing deals.

Features that Make Apollo Stand Out

Some of the critical features that set Apollo apart from its competitors include access to a comprehensive B2B database of over 275 million prospects. The platform leverages AI-driven engagement tools that facilitate highly personalized outreach efforts, making it a formidable player in the realm of sales intelligence. Moreover, the sophisticated analytics provided by Apollo help teams gauge performance and fine-tune their sales strategies.

Ideal Users of Apollo

Apollo is particularly suited for B2B sales teams within larger enterprises, often found in professional services sectors. The platform’s extensive database and advanced features cater to the high demands of large organizations, ensuring that sales teams can maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. It stands as a robust ZoomInfo competitor, especially for enterprises seeking comprehensive data and sophisticated engagement mechanisms.

Pricing and Unique Selling Points of Apollo

The platform’s pricing model begins at an affordable $49 per user per month, with higher tiers available that offer additional capabilities and customization options. One of Apollo’s unique selling points is its scalability; the pricing structure is designed to accommodate the growing needs of enterprises. This competitive pricing, combined with its extensive features, positions Apollo as a viable option when considering ZoomInfo alternative software.

LeadIQ: Streamlined B2B Prospecting

LeadIQ effectively positions itself as a streamlined B2B prospecting platform, seamlessly integrating with essential tools such as Salesforce and LinkedIn. This integration enables capturing prospect information precisely and promptly.

One of the best alternatives to ZoomInfo, LeadIQ sets itself apart by alerting sales teams to important triggers, such as employment changes or relevant company news, enhancing the decision-making process. This feature significantly benefits small to mid-sized businesses by providing timely and actionable insights.

Teams leveraging LeadIQ can simplify their prospecting processes through the use of a convenient Chrome extension, which supports data capture and integration with critical sales software. Such streamlined functionalities make LeadIQ a notable competitor in the landscape of sales intelligence tools.

Additionally, LeadIQ offers tiered pricing structures, accommodating the varied needs of different sales team sizes. With a median annual contract value estimated at $34,000, it provides a flexible and valuable alternative for enterprises seeking robust B2B prospecting solutions.

In the context of zoominfo competitors and alternatives, LeadIQ distinguishes itself through its ease of use, essential integrations, and practical features designed to enhance sales team efficiency.

Using Cognism for Global Sales Insight

Cognism emerges as a formidable player among zoominfo competitors, offering a wealth of features for businesses aiming to enhance their global sales strategies. Its platform is designed to cater to mid-sized and enterprise companies, providing extensive data coverage across major regions like APAC and EMEA.

What Cognism Offers

The platform stands out due to its integration with Bombora intent data, allowing users to target accounts that are ready to buy. It also emphasizes mobile number verification, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of contact information. Additionally, Cognism supports CRM enrichment, which helps in maintaining up-to-date and comprehensive records within an organization’s CRM system.

Target Audience for Cognism

Cognism is tailored for sales, marketing, and go-to-market teams in mid-sized and enterprise-level companies. These firms benefit significantly from the platform’s detailed access to global data and the precision of its data accuracy. It is particularly valued by companies seeking zoominfo alternative software with a more international focus, offering a strong toolset for sophisticated sales and marketing operations.

Pricing Structure of Cognism

While specific pricing details for Cognism are not publicly disclosed, it is known that the platform follows a customized pricing approach. This means that costs can vary significantly based on the size and specific needs of each organization. Despite the confidentiality of specific figures, the investment in Cognism is seen as worthwhile due to the quality and breadth of the global data it provides, positioning it strongly against other top zoominfo rivals.

Lusha: Efficient Sales Intelligence Tool

Lusha offers efficient sales intelligence functionalities that streamline prospecting and engagement. Designed to serve organizations ranging from SMBs to growth-stage startups, Lusha stands out in the competitive landscape.

Among ZoomInfo vs competitors, Lusha is notable for several key features. It addresses time zone adjustments for outreach, ensuring messages are sent at optimal times. The platform’s intuitive navigation requires minimal training, facilitating quick onboarding and use.

Furthermore, Lusha provides robust CRM integration compatibility, allowing seamless data flow between systems. This aspect makes it an appealing choice among zoominfo substitute options. A rigorous verification system also underscores Lusha’s commitment to data accuracy, maintaining high standards for its database.

While Lusha excels in many areas, it could benefit from expanded search filters to further refine prospect searches. Even so, it remains a standout tool among zoominfo vs competitors, offering a balanced mix of usability and precision in sales intelligence.

LeadFuze: Automated Lead Generation

Leveraging advanced lead generation technology, LeadFuze targets SMBs and mid-sized businesses looking for efficient outbound strategies. Its simplicity and effectiveness have made it one of the top ZoomInfo rivals, offering distinct features tailored to modern sales teams.

LeadFuze Key Features

  • Highly targeted search functionalities
  • “Ignore List” to filter out unwanted contacts
  • Double email verification system for accuracy

These features, along with CRM integrations, streamline the prospecting process, positioning LeadFuze among leading similar companies to ZoomInfo.

Who Can Benefit from LeadFuze?

LeadFuze is particularly beneficial for SMBs and mid-sized companies employing outbound marketing strategies. Its user-friendly interface and robust automation make it appealing to sales teams aiming to enhance their lead generation capabilities without excessive manual effort.

LeadFuze Pricing and Consumer Considerations

LeadFuze offers various monthly plans, ranging from $147 to $397, addressing different business needs. The platform may have limitations regarding list sizes, but its automated capabilities and integrations still make it a formidable player among ZoomInfo market competitors.

Hunter: Email Outreach and Verification

Hunter stands out among zoominfo competitors for its dedicated focus on email-based outreach. This platform offers a comprehensive contact database enriched with tools for finding and verifying email addresses. Moreover, it supports campaign generation, which is vital for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams at SMBs and startups that rely on cold outreach strategies.

One of the key features of Hunter is its capability to save search criteria, enabling users to consistently receive relevant prospect lists. This functionality is particularly beneficial for teams looking to maintain a steady stream of quality leads. For those seeking the best alternatives to zoominfo, Hunter’s approach to email outreach provides a balanced mix of efficiency and accuracy.

The platform offers a tiered pricing model, including both free and paid plans designed to meet the needs and scales of different organizations. This flexibility ensures that businesses of varying sizes can benefit from Hunter’s tools, making it one of the more versatile options among zoominfo competitors.

Clearbit: Enhanced B2B Data Enrichment

Clearbit has established itself as a formidable player among competing platforms for ZoomInfo. Its robust B2B data enrichment capabilities allow businesses to gain actionable insights from over 100 data points. Positioned to cater to midsized to large enterprises, Clearbit offers a suite of features aimed at addressing complex business needs.

Main Features of Clearbit

  • Comprehensive data enrichment across 100+ data points
  • Global B2B data coverage in multiple languages
  • Ability to track companies visiting a domain
  • Extensive contact database management

Who is Clearbit Suitable For?

Designed with midsized to large enterprises in mind, Clearbit excels in scenarios where extensive B2B data is crucial. Its tools are sophisticated enough to meet the needs of complex sales, marketing, and operational strategies, making it a leading choice among zoominfo substitute options for businesses requiring advanced data capabilities.

Clearbit Pricing Insights

Clearbit’s pricing structure remains undisclosed, reflecting the platform’s tailored solutions that address varied enterprise needs. With a median annual contract value (ACV) reported at $36,000, Clearbit offers a premium service aligned with its extensive data enrichment features. This positions it effectively among competing platforms for ZoomInfo, delivering value through bespoke data insights and management capabilities.

Overview of Additional ZoomInfo Competitors

Beyond the well-known competitors, the sales intelligence landscape is enriched by several noteworthy alternatives offering distinct features and advantages over ZoomInfo. Exploring these alternatives can help businesses identify the right tools tailored to their specific needs.

Saleshandy Lead Finder

Saleshandy Lead Finder differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive B2B contact database, facilitating detailed prospect targeting. This platform is particularly useful for businesses seeking a zoominfo alternative software that excels in capturing and managing extensive lead information, perfect for focused marketing strategies.


Lead411 shines with its precise contact data and focused market coverage. It stands out as a robust tool among zoominfo market competitors, catering especially to organizations that prioritize accuracy and breadth in contact information. Lead411 is optimal for businesses requiring in-depth data for targeted outreach.


Known for its far-reaching professional network insights, RocketReach is a valuable tool for companies aiming to expand their professional contacts. As one of the notable zoominfo vs competitors, RocketReach provides businesses access to a wide array of professionals, making it advantageous for extensive networking and comprehensive lead generation.


The wide array of ZoomInfo competitors and alternatives available in 2024 highlights the varied needs of businesses seeking robust sales intelligence solutions. From AI-powered account-based marketing provided by platforms like 6sense to comprehensive sales prospecting tools such as Apollo, each contender offers unique features and distinct user advantages.

These alternatives cater to different business sizes and strategies, whether leveraging streamlined B2B prospecting with LeadIQ or harnessing global sales insights through Cognism. The competitive landscape underscores the importance of tailored, accurate data in refining marketing and sales operations, ensuring businesses can make informed decisions aligned with market demand.

Ultimately, the dynamic nature of the sales intelligence industry, as evidenced by the profusion of ZoomInfo competitors, reflects the crucial role specialized data plays in driving business success. By evaluating these top ZoomInfo rivals, companies can find the solution best suited to their specific requirements, benefitting from targeted strategies and enhanced prospecting accuracy.


What makes ZoomInfo a leader in the sales intelligence market?

ZoomInfo is renowned for its comprehensive business intelligence tools that cater to sales, marketing, and operational teams. Its database includes over 209 million professional profiles, and it offers detailed buyer intent data, which enhances productivity for sales teams. These features make it a leader in the sales intelligence market.

How important are sales intelligence tools for businesses?

Sales intelligence tools are crucial for informed decision-making. They provide up-to-date data to identify market trends and consumer behaviors, aiding strategic planning and execution. This ensures that marketing campaigns align precisely with buyer intent, enhancing overall productivity and success rates in closing deals.

What are the key features of 6sense as a ZoomInfo competitor?

6sense offers an AI-powered Account-Based Marketing platform that utilizes anonymous buying signals for targeted marketing efforts. Key features include multichannel ad campaigns, purchase intent search, and insights into decision-makers within companies. It is particularly beneficial for B2B teams in high-tech enterprises.

Who should use Apollo for sales prospecting?

Apollo is ideal for B2B sales teams in larger enterprises, especially in professional services. Its comprehensive B2B database, advanced AI-driven engagement tools, and full-cycle sales capabilities make it suitable for organizations looking to enhance their prospecting and deal management processes.

What pricing structure does LeadIQ offer?

LeadIQ provides tiered pricing structures to cater to sales teams of varying sizes. The median annual contract value for businesses is reported to be ,000. This includes features such as prospect information capture, integration with platforms like Salesforce and LinkedIn, and alerts for triggers like employment changes.

What does Cognism offer for global sales intelligence?

Cognism provides a comprehensive global prospect database covering regions like APAC and EMEA. It features Bombora intent data for targeting ready-to-buy accounts and mobile number verification. This makes it an excellent tool for mid-sized and enterprise companies seeking detailed global data access and high data accuracy.

How does Lusha streamline sales intelligence?

Lusha offers sales intelligence tools that facilitate efficient prospecting and engagement. It features time zone adjustments for outreach, user-friendly platform navigation, and seamless CRM integrations. Its robust verification system ensures high data accuracy.

Who can benefit from using LeadFuze?

LeadFuze is beneficial for SMBs and mid-sized companies employing outbound strategies. It offers targeted searches, lead generation automation, CRM integration, and features like an “Ignore List” to avoid certain contacts, making it an efficient tool for streamlined prospecting.

What is Hunter’s approach to email outreach?

Hunter focuses on email-based outreach with tools for email finding, verification, and campaign generation. It is suitable for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams at SMBs and startups that rely on cold outreach strategies. Hunter provides continuous relevant prospect lists based on saved search criteria.

What are Clearbit’s main features as a ZoomInfo alternative?

Clearbit offers sophisticated B2B sales intelligence with extensive data enrichment over 100 data points. It targets mid-sized to large enterprises, providing global data comprehensible in any language and tracking companies visiting a domain. Clearbit also manages extensive contact databases, enhancing data quality and usability.

What additional ZoomInfo competitors should businesses consider?

Businesses should consider competitors like Saleshandy Lead Finder, which offers a large B2B contact database and detailed prospect targeting, Lead411 for precise contact data and market coverage, and RocketReach known for its professional network insights. Each provides unique features and pricing models that broaden options for businesses.
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