ASNB Marketing Explained with Examples

ASNB Marketing is very important when it comes to sharing the many investment options from ASNB. This company, ASNB, is part of Amanah Saham National Berhad. It belongs to Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and started in 1979. They offer lots of investment funds for various investors.

Putting money into ASNB funds is wise for those wanting to increase their wealth safely. ASNB has lots of Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds. Each type matches different needs and goals of investors.

The ASNB Fixed Price Funds, like Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) and Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM), stay at RM1/unit, no matter the market changes. These funds are stable and appealing because of their good dividends and no sales charges.

Key Takeaways:

  • ASNB Marketing aims to promote the investment options offered by ASNB.
  • ASNB provides a range of Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds to cater to different investors.
  • Fixed Price Funds like ASB and ASM offer stability, decent dividends, and zero sales charges.
  • ASNB Marketing plays a crucial role in educating investors about the benefits and risks of investing in ASNB Funds.
  • Investing in ASNB Funds can help individuals work towards their financial goals while minimizing risk.

ASNB Fixed Price Funds

ASNB’s Fixed Price Funds are a good choice for a smart investment. They include Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) and Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM). These funds have a steady price of RM1/unit, no matter the market changes. Investors can relax, knowing their investment won’t drop in value.

These funds are also cost-effective because there are no sales fees. Without these extra charges, investors can put more money in to start. This means they can look forward to better earnings over time.

ASB and ASM have given good dividends in the past. For instance, in 2020, ASB gave a 5% dividend, and ASM gave 4%. These payouts help investors grow their savings and give them extra money.

An added perk is that the dividends from these funds aren’t taxed. This makes ASNB Fixed Price Funds even more appealing for those planning for the future.

In conclusion, ASNB Fixed Price Funds are stable, cheap, and profitable. They’re a great option for anyone aiming to increase their wealth with time.

Benefits of ASNB Fixed Price Funds

ASNB Fixed Price Funds have many advantages for investors. They offer stability, good dividends, and are cost-effective.

Fixed Unit Value

The value of each unit in ASNB Fixed Price Funds is always RM1. No matter the market, the price stays the same. This helps investors plan their investments without worrying about changing prices.

Decent Dividends

ASNB Fixed Price Funds give investors good dividends. They have given returns of 4% or more in recent years. These funds help investors’ money grow with regular dividend payments.

No Sales Charge

There are no sales charges with ASNB Fixed Price Funds. This makes them more affordable than some other options. Without these charges, investors can get more from their investment.

On-the-Spot Redemption

Investing in ASNB Fixed Price Funds also means you can quickly withdraw your money. You can get your funds right away when needed. This makes the funds flexible and accessible.

Overall, ASNB Fixed Price Funds are great for those wanting a reliable and affordable investment. They offer stability, good earnings, no extra costs, and easy access to your money.

Risks of investing in ASNB Funds

Investing in ASNB Funds carries risks, like any other investment. Before making decisions, investors should know these risks. Here are the key risks of ASNB Funds:

Market Risks

Both Fixed Price and Variable Price ASNB Funds face market changes. Thus, their returns can go up or down with market conditions. Volatile markets may affect the fund’s value and your investment return.

Interest Rate Risk

Interest rate changes affect ASNB Funds too. Rising rates can lower fixed-income investment values, hitting Fixed Price Funds. Meanwhile, Variable Price Funds might see unit value fluctuations with rate changes.

Capital Protection

Note that ASNB Funds aren’t covered by PIDM. If there’s a financial issue, you risk losing your capital. Consider your risk appetite and goals before investing.

Also, some ASNB Funds might be hard to find. Check fund availability before investing.

Online ASNB Fund redemptions are limited to RM1,000 monthly. For higher amounts, you must go in-person.

Before diving into ASNB Funds, evaluate your risk tolerance, goals, and situation. Diversifying and getting expert advice can lessen risks and guide your decisions.

How to open an ASNB account & invest in ASNB Funds

You can now open an ASNB account and invest in its funds online. Just use the myASNB app. It’s designed to be easy for investors to use. It lets you handle your investments and transactions smoothly.

Here’s how to start:

  1. 1. Download the myASNB app from your app store.
  2. 2. Sign up with your details like full name, IC number, and contact info.
  3. 3. Verify your account with your IC and a video selfie. This step keeps your account safe and real.
  4. 4. Create a username and password. Pick a strong password to keep your investments safe.
  5. 5. Set up your account and do a one-time risk assessment. This figures out your investment profile.
  6. 6. You can then make your first investment of RM10.00. Use online banking or selected e-wallets for this.
  7. 7. Make more investments anytime through the app or ASNB portal.

ASNB gives you a variety of investment choices. You can pick from Fixed Price Funds and Variable Price Funds. Fixed Price Funds are steady and offer predictable returns. However, Variable Price Funds can give you higher returns, depending on the market.

Need more details or have questions? Visit ASNB’s official site. Or, check out the myASNB app’s user guide.

The Importance of Low-Risk Investments

When you invest, keeping risks low is often key. Low-risk investments offer a safe way to grow your money. They provide security and steady returns, safeguarding your funds.

In Malaysia, an example of such investments are ASNB’s fixed-priced unit trust funds. Funds like Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM), and Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) are priced at RM1 per unit. This fixed price means they stay the same, no matter the market’s ups and downs, ensuring no risk from price fluctuations.

One great thing about low-risk investments is their easy access to your money. You can quickly turn your investments back into cash. This flexibility is comforting, especially when money is tight.

ASNB’s low-risk funds have shown they’re worth considering. Over time, funds like ASB, ASM, and AHB have outperformed traditional savings options. This has made them favored choices for people wanting stable yet fruitful investments.

Adding low-risk investments to your mix can help balance stability and growth. They form a solid base for your financial plans, helping you face uncertain times with more sureness. They are crucial for both saving towards goals and long-term wealth building.

Low-Risk Investments Key Benefits
ASB Stable unit price of RM1
ASM Zero price volatility
AHB High liquidity for quick redemption
All Low-Risk Investments Higher returns compared to fixed deposits

Choosing the Right Investment Strategy

Choosing the right investment strategy is very important. It depends on your risk level, goals, and how long you plan to invest. These factors help decide how to build your investment portfolio.

Before making any investment decisions, think about your situation. Talk to experts in investing. This way, your strategy matches your goals and how much risk you can take. It helps you gain financial stability for a long time.

Your risk tolerance is vital to consider. It means how well you can handle ups and downs in your investment’s value. If you’re not keen on taking risks, you might like low-risk options such as ASNB Fixed Price Funds. These funds are stable and protect you from losses, especially when the economy is unpredictable.

It’s also crucial to know what you want from your investments. Do you want growth, instant income, or to keep your capital safe? Knowing your goals helps you make smart choices and pick the right investments.

Finally, make sure your investment portfolio fits your needs and aims. Diversifying is important. It spreads out risk and reduces possible losses. By investing in different areas, sectors, and places, you can create a strong and varied portfolio.

Investment Strategy Checklist:

  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Define your financial objectives
  • Consult with investment experts
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Regularly review and adjust your strategy

Remember, investing is for the long term. Focus on steady returns that help you meet your financial goals. With a good strategy and a diverse portfolio, you can aim for financial stability and a secure future.

The Path to Financial Freedom

To reach financial freedom, you need a smart investment portfolio. Wanting financial independence means choosing sustainable returns over quick wins. By spreading your money across different investments like ASNB Fixed Price Funds, you can protect it. This approach will help you achieve your long-term money goals.

Building a portfolio for financial freedom takes thought, research, and smart choices. Knowing that long-lasting returns are essential for financial health is key. Instead of looking for instant profits, focusing on investments that offer reliable returns over time is better.

Another key to a strong portfolio is spreading your investments around. This reduces risk and helps you earn steady returns. ASNB Fixed Price Funds are a good low-risk option. They have reliable performance and consistent dividends, making them great for diversification.

Staying updated on market trends and economic news is vital as you aim for financial freedom. Always learning and keeping up with the industry helps you make better choices. These choices should fit with your own financial plans.

Long-term thinking and discipline are critical to achieving financial freedom. This means having patience, keeping going despite challenges, and not panicking with market changes. Knowing the value of long-term returns and having a mixed portfolio are steps towards financial independence.

Investing for financial freedom is a journey of careful planning and focusing on long-term goals. By making smart choices, diversifying your investments, and looking for lasting returns, you can achieve the financial freedom you seek.


ASNB offers many investment choices suited for investors’ financial goals. The Fixed Price Funds are very appealing. They offer stability, good dividends, and no sales fees.

Investors should remember the risks like market changes and interest rate dangers. It’s smart to start an ASNB account and pick low-risk investments to reach financial goals.

Investing wisely is key, and getting advice from experts is helpful. ASNB Marketing, a digital marketing agency, can help refine investment strategies. They provide services like SEO, social media, website development, and more. ASNB Marketing aims to help investors find financial success.


What is ASNB Marketing?

ASNB Marketing is about how ASNB (Amanah Saham National Berhad) promotes its services. They aim to attract investors to their unit trust management services.

What services does ASNB provide?

ASNB offers a range of digital marketing services. This includes SEO optimization and social media management. They also do website development, search engine marketing, content marketing, and email strategies.

Are there any fixed price funds offered by ASNB?

Yes, ASNB has Fixed Price Funds like Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) and Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM). These funds are always valued at RM1/unit, no matter the market situation.

Do ASNB Fixed Price Funds have any sales charge?

No, there’s no sales charge for ASNB Fixed Price Funds. This makes them an economical choice for investors.

What are the benefits of ASNB Fixed Price Funds?

ASNB Fixed Price Funds offer a stable value of RM1 per unit. They give good dividends without sales charges.

What are the risks of investing in ASNB Funds?

Investing in ASNB Funds comes with risks. These include market ups and downs, changes in interest rates, and no PIDM protection.

How can I open an ASNB account and invest in ASNB Funds?

To invest in ASNB Funds, download the myASNB app. Then, sign up with your details, verify your identity, and start with an RM10.00 investment.

What are low-risk investments?

Low-risk investments mean funds with guaranteed capital or protected funds. They’re a safe choice for those wanting to keep their money secure.

How should I choose the right investment strategy?

Choosing the right strategy involves understanding your risk level and financial goals. It’s wise to talk to experts before making decisions.

What is the path to financial freedom?

Financial freedom comes from a smartly built investment portfolio. It’s about focusing on lasting returns and aiming for long-term stability over quick wins.
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