Beyond Meat Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Beyond Meat, a leading provider of plant-based meat alternatives, has adopted a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote its products and establish itself as a prominent player in the plant-based meat market. By focusing on effective plant-based meat marketing and sustainable food branding, Beyond Meat has captured the attention of consumers and industry stakeholders alike.

One of the key elements of Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy is the recent launch of their campaign, “There’s Goodness Here.” This campaign aims to demystify the process behind creating their plant-based meat products and showcases the goodness present at each step of the production process. By emphasizing their commitment to producing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based meats, Beyond Meat aims to educate and inspire consumers to make informed choices about the protein they consume.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beyond Meat has adopted a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote their plant-based meat alternatives.
  • Their campaign, “There’s Goodness Here,” aims to demystify the process behind creating their products and highlight their commitment to sustainability.
  • Beyond Meat aims to educate and inspire consumers to make informed choices about the protein they consume.
  • The company’s marketing strategy includes expanding their target market and challenging stereotypes around plant-based meat consumption.
  • Strategic partnerships with major food industry players have helped Beyond Meat gain credibility and reach a wider audience.

Beyond Meat’s Multi-Phase Campaign: There’s Goodness Here

The new multi-phase marketing campaign of Beyond Meat, “There’s Goodness Here,” aims to demystify the process behind the creation of their plant-based meat products. The campaign starts at the farm, showcasing the farmers who grow the ingredients for Beyond Meat’s plant-based products. The content of the campaign celebrates the goodness at each step of the production process and highlights the company’s commitment to creating nutritious and sustainable food options.

With the “There’s Goodness Here” campaign, Beyond Meat wants to educate consumers about the thought and care that goes into their plant-based meat products. By showcasing the farmers who grow the ingredients, they aim to establish a connection between the food on our plates and the people who produce it.

The campaign unfolds in multiple phases, each focusing on a different aspect of the production process. It covers topics such as sourcing sustainable ingredients, innovative manufacturing methods, and the nutritional benefits of plant-based meats. Each phase aims to demystify the process and provide consumers with a deeper understanding of the journey their food takes from farm to table.

Through compelling visuals, storytelling, and informative content, Beyond Meat’s multi-phase campaign invites consumers to explore the goodness present in every stage of the production process. By emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, nutrition, and great taste, Beyond Meat aims to inspire consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.

Heart-Healthy Steak from the Heartland

As part of Beyond Meat’s marketing campaign, they proudly feature a 5th generation farmer from Munich, North Dakota, who plays a crucial role in growing faba beans used in their plant-based heart-healthy steak. What sets their steak apart is the recent certification from the American Heart Association, confirming that it meets rigorous nutrition requirements. Beyond Meat’s emphasis on using faba beans showcases their commitment to sustainable farming practices, as these beans enrich the soil with nitrogen and contribute to healthier fields without the need for harmful fertilizers. In addition, Beyond Meat utilizes clean, non-GMO plant-based ingredients such as peas, rice, and wheat in their products to provide nutritious and flavorful options for consumers.

Benefits of Beyond Meat’s Heart-Healthy Steak
Recent certification by the American Heart Association
Created with sustainably grown faba beans
Enriches the soil with nitrogen for healthier fields
Free from harmful fertilizers
Made with clean, non-GMO plant-based ingredients

Transparency and Sustainability: Beyond Meat’s Brand Promise

Beyond Meat’s brand promise, “Eat What You Love,” is built on the pillars of transparency and sustainability. The company is dedicated to crafting plant-based meats that deliver the same taste and texture as their animal-based counterparts, all while being better for both people and the planet.

One of the key aspects of Beyond Meat’s brand promise is their commitment to transparency. They believe in being open and honest about their production processes, ingredients, and the overall impact of their products. By providing consumers with a clear understanding of how their plant-based meats are made, Beyond Meat aims to build trust and empower individuals to make informed choices about the food they consume.

Furthermore, Beyond Meat’s brand promise centers around sustainability. The company recognizes the urgent need to address global issues such as human health, climate change, natural resource constraints, and animal welfare. Through their plant-based protein offerings, Beyond Meat aims to offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional meat production.

One important aspect of sustainability for Beyond Meat is their focus on using simple ingredients. Their products are made without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), added hormones, or antibiotics. By prioritizing clean and wholesome ingredients, Beyond Meat seeks to provide consumers with a healthier and more sustainable protein option.

Notably, Beyond Meat’s plant-based meats have 0 mg of cholesterol per serving, making them a heart-healthy alternative to animal-based meats. This aligns with their commitment to improving human health and well-being through sustainable food choices.

Overall, Beyond Meat’s brand promise of transparency and sustainability sets them apart in the market for plant-based meats. Their dedication to using simple, clean ingredients and addressing global challenges positions them as a leader in the movement towards a more sustainable and ethical food industry.

Recognitions and Partnerships: Validating Beyond Meat’s Goodness

Beyond Meat’s commitment to creating good and sustainable food options has earned them numerous recognitions and valuable partnerships. Notably, the American Heart Association has certified Beyond Meat’s heart-healthy steak, validating its nutritional value and health benefits. This certification showcases Beyond Meat’s dedication to providing consumers with plant-based options that contribute to heart health.

In addition to certifications, Beyond Meat has engaged in research partnerships to further understand the health impact of their plant-based meat. One notable collaboration is with Stanford University, where clinical studies have been conducted to evaluate the health benefits of Beyond Meat’s products compared to animal-based meat. These studies aim to provide scientific evidence on the positive effects of incorporating plant-based alternatives into one’s diet.

Furthermore, Beyond Meat has established research partnerships with esteemed institutions like the Stanford University School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society. These collaborations aim to advance the understanding of plant-based meat and its potential benefits in preventing diseases. By partnering with reputable organizations, Beyond Meat reinforces its dedication to scientific research and continuous improvement.

Overall, these recognitions and partnerships serve as a testament to Beyond Meat’s mission of providing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based products that promote individual well-being and contribute to a healthier planet.

Redefining the Market: Beyond Meat’s Approach to Targeting Consumers

Beyond Meat has strategically redefined its target market to extend beyond niche vegan consumers. The company aims to capture mainstream consumers who are seeking delectable and sustainable meat alternatives. By avoiding explicit vegan labeling, Beyond Meat positions its products as protein options that cater to a diverse range of individuals. They believe that quality protein can be derived from both plants and animals, thus challenging traditional notions of the best source of protein.

Traditionally, plant-based protein products have primarily targeted vegans and vegetarians. However, Beyond Meat recognized the immense potential in appealing to a broader audience of mainstream consumers who are increasingly conscious of their health, the environment, and animal welfare. By offering a variety of mouthwatering plant-based meat alternatives, Beyond Meat aims to revolutionize the way protein is perceived and consumed. Through their innovative marketing strategies and commitment to product excellence, Beyond Meat has successfully positioned itself as the go-to brand for delicious and sustainable plant-based protein options.

Breaking Stereotypes: Beyond Meat’s Approach to Masculinity and Audience Perception

Beyond Meat is breaking stereotypes around masculinity and dietary choices through their innovative approach to plant-based meat. By creating burgers that closely resemble meat burgers in appearance and texture, Beyond Meat aims to appeal to meat-loving consumers, particularly men who associate meat with strength and power.

Through their marketing collateral and strategic partnerships with NBA players, Beyond Meat reinforces the message that plant-based protein can provide the same level of energy and vitality as animal-based protein. This unique approach challenges preconceived notions about who consumes plant-based meat and paves the way for mainstream appeal.

By targeting the audience’s perception of masculinity and showcasing the potential of plant-based alternatives to deliver the taste and satisfaction traditionally associated with meat, Beyond Meat aims to expand their audience and capture the attention of diverse consumer segments.

Plant-Based Protein for Strength and Vitality

Beyond Meat sends a powerful message through their marketing efforts by highlighting the strength and vitality that plant-based protein can provide. By leveraging partnerships with renowned athletes and featuring them in their campaigns, the brand appeals to those who prioritize fitness and physical performance.

The partnership with NBA players reinforces the idea that plant-based protein is not only suitable for athletes but also can deliver the required nutrients and energy levels to support an active lifestyle. This shift in perception challenges the traditional association of meat consumption with athleticism and masculinity, unlocking a broader market for Beyond Meat’s products.

Expanding the Plant-Based Appeal

By successfully challenging the preconceived notions about plant-based meat and masculinity, Beyond Meat strengthens its mainstream appeal. The company’s efforts to create plant-based products that closely resemble meat, both in taste and texture, have contributed to the wider acceptance of their products among meat-loving consumers.

Beyond Meat’s determination to break stereotypes and appeal to a broader audience has helped shift the perception of plant-based protein as a niche or alternative option to one that is accessible and desirable. This strategic approach has opened doors to partnerships with leading food industry players and increased the brand’s visibility and credibility.

Benefits of Beyond Meat’s Approach
Challenging stereotypes and perceptions
Appealing to meat-loving consumers
Expanding the market for plant-based protein
Establishing credibility and partnerships

Strategic Partnerships: Expanding Reach and Credibility

Beyond Meat understands the importance of strategic partnerships in expanding its reach and establishing credibility in the competitive food industry. By collaborating with major players, Beyond Meat has solidified its position as a leader in the plant-based meat market.

One significant partnership that provided initial credibility and exposure for Beyond Meat was with Whole Foods, one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the United States. This collaboration not only helped expose Beyond Meat’s products to a wider audience but also aligned the brand with Whole Foods’ commitment to sustainability and quality.

Recognizing the potential of the fast-food sector, Beyond Meat has also formed partnerships with renowned chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. By introducing plant-based menu items in these establishments, Beyond Meat has gained widespread recognition and tapped into a larger audience segment that may have otherwise been hesitant to try plant-based options. These partnerships demonstrate the increasing demand for alternative meat products and the willingness of major players to adapt their menus to cater to changing consumer preferences.

Furthermore, Beyond Meat has joined forces with PepsiCo, a leading food and beverage company, to develop and market snacks and beverages made from plant-based protein. This collaboration represents an innovative approach to expanding the brand’s reach beyond traditional meat alternatives and into new product categories. By leveraging PepsiCo’s vast distribution network and expertise in consumer goods, Beyond Meat aims to introduce plant-based options in various forms, making sustainable choices more accessible to consumers.

Through these strategic partnerships, Beyond Meat has not only expanded its presence but also gained credibility and trust among consumers. Collaborating with well-established brands has allowed Beyond Meat to reach a wider audience, breaking barriers and dispelling misconceptions about plant-based meat alternatives. These partnerships reinforce the growing significance and acceptance of plant-based products in the mainstream food industry and indicate the promising future of the plant-based meat market.

Product Innovation and Quality: Beyond Meat’s Recipe for Success

Beyond Meat has achieved remarkable success by placing a strong emphasis on product innovation and ensuring high-quality plant-based products that deliver an exceptional taste experience. A key offering from the company, the Beyond Meat burger, stands as a testament to their commitment in creating plant-based alternatives that closely mimic the taste and texture of animal-based meat.

To maintain their position as an industry leader, Beyond Meat heavily invests in research and development to continually enhance the quality and flavors of their products. This dedication to improvement has resonated with consumers, leading to widespread adoption and acceptance of plant-based meats as a viable and delicious option.

Through their ongoing commitment to creating great-tasting plant-based alternatives, Beyond Meat has elevated the standards of plant-based protein and has paved the way for a shift towards more sustainable and healthier dietary choices.

Innovative Product Portfolio

  • Beyond Meat offers a diverse range of plant-based products, including burgers, sausages, ground meat, and even plant-based chicken.
  • Their innovative product portfolio provides consumers with a wide variety of delicious options, catering to different tastes and culinary preferences.
  • By pushing the boundaries of plant-based protein, Beyond Meat continues to expand their offerings and explore new avenues for sustainable food choices.

Research and Development

Beyond Meat’s commitment to product innovation is fueled by their robust research and development initiatives. They continuously strive to enhance the quality and taste of their products through scientific advancements and ingredient innovations.

  • By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Beyond Meat aims to replicate the complex flavors and textures of animal-based meat, ensuring an exceptional sensory experience for consumers.
  • Their dedicated team of researchers and scientists work tirelessly to optimize their formulas, using plant-based ingredients that not only taste great but also provide the essential nutrients and mouthfeel consumers associate with traditional meat.
  • Through meticulous testing and refinement, Beyond Meat’s research and development efforts are at the forefront of plant-based protein innovation, enabling them to continually elevate the quality of their products.

Consumer Satisfaction and Demand

One of the fundamental driving forces behind Beyond Meat’s commitment to product innovation and quality is consumer satisfaction. They understand that in order to create a meaningful impact and drive adoption of plant-based alternatives, it is imperative to deliver exceptional taste experiences that surpass consumer expectations.

  • By closely replicating the taste and texture of animal-based meat, Beyond Meat has successfully appealed to a wide range of consumers, including meat-eaters seeking healthier and more sustainable options.
  • Their unparalleled focus on quality has earned the trust and loyalty of consumers, contributing to the rapid growth and widespread recognition of the Beyond Meat brand.
  • The growing demand for Beyond Meat’s products signifies the increasing acceptance and appreciation of high-quality plant-based alternatives in the mainstream market.

Continual Improvement for a Sustainable Future

As Beyond Meat continues to innovate and enhance the quality of their plant-based products, they are pioneering a new era of sustainable food choices. Their commitment to product innovation and quality not only drives their success but also propels the entire industry forward, inspiring other brands to raise the bar for plant-based protein.

By consistently delivering high-quality plant-based products that taste delicious, Beyond Meat is proving that sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives can be just as satisfying and enjoyable as traditional meat.


Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy has propelled the brand to the forefront of the plant-based meat market. Through their innovative approach, they have successfully positioned themselves as leaders in the industry. By demystifying the process behind their products, Beyond Meat has effectively educated and engaged consumers about the goodness that goes into each plant-based meat alternative.

Furthermore, Beyond Meat’s efforts to expand their target market beyond traditional vegan consumers have been met with great success. By redefining the image of plant-based protein and appealing to mainstream consumers, they have managed to capture a wider audience who are seeking delicious and sustainable meat alternatives.

The brand has shattered stereotypes surrounding masculinity and dietary choices by creating plant-based burgers that rival their meat counterparts. By appealing to meat-loving consumers, especially men who associate meat with strength and power, Beyond Meat has successfully challenged preconceived notions about who consumes plant-based meat.

Strategic partnerships with industry giants, such as Whole Foods, McDonald’s, KFC, and PepsiCo, have further contributed to Beyond Meat’s credibility and reach. These partnerships have allowed the brand to introduce their products to a wider audience, solidifying their position as a leader in the market.

In conclusion, Beyond Meat’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and product innovation has been key to their success. As the demand for plant-based meat continues to grow, their marketing strategy will play a vital role in maintaining their competitive edge in the evolving market. Beyond Meat’s dedication to providing delicious and sustainable plant-based meat alternatives ensures that they will remain at the forefront of the industry for years to come.


What is Beyond Meat’s marketing campaign called?

Beyond Meat’s marketing campaign is called “There’s Goodness Here.”

What is the purpose of Beyond Meat’s “There’s Goodness Here” campaign?

The campaign aims to demystify the process behind creating plant-based meat products and highlight the goodness at each step of the production process.

What is the main focus of Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy?

Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy focuses on transparency, sustainability, and creating high-quality plant-based products that taste good.

Has Beyond Meat’s plant-based heart-healthy steak been certified by any health organizations?

Yes, Beyond Meat’s heart-healthy steak has been certified by the American Heart Association for meeting its nutrition criteria.

What kind of ingredients does Beyond Meat use in their plant-based products?

Beyond Meat uses clean, non-GMO plant-based ingredients like peas, rice, and wheat in their products.

How does Beyond Meat target its audience?

Beyond Meat aims to capture both niche vegan consumers and mainstream consumers who are looking for delicious and sustainable meat alternatives.

How does Beyond Meat challenge stereotypes about masculinity and dietary choices?

Beyond Meat creates plant-based burgers that closely resemble meat burgers to appeal to meat-loving consumers, especially men who associate meat with strength and power.

Who are some of Beyond Meat’s strategic partners?

Beyond Meat has partnered with major players in the food industry, including Whole Foods, McDonald’s, KFC, and PepsiCo.

What is Beyond Meat’s approach to product innovation and quality?

Beyond Meat invests in research and development to continuously improve the quality and taste of their plant-based products.

How has Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy contributed to its success?

Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy has helped position the brand as a leader in the plant-based meat market, capturing the attention of both consumers and major food industry players.

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