Expedia Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Expedia’s marketing strategy for 2024 focuses on implementing innovative advertising tactics, utilizing a comprehensive digital marketing approach, and developing a strong branding strategy. The company aims to leverage online marketing strategies, employ impactful SEO tactics, create compelling content marketing techniques, and execute successful social media campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expedia is implementing innovative advertising tactics and a comprehensive digital marketing approach in their marketing strategy for 2024.
  • The company aims to leverage online marketing strategies, impactful SEO tactics, compelling content marketing techniques, and successful social media campaigns.
  • Expedia’s focus is on developing a strong branding strategy to effectively connect with and convert travelers.
  • They prioritize the utilization of online marketing strategies, SEO tactics, content marketing techniques, and social media campaigns.
  • Expedia’s marketing strategy for 2024 aims to capitalize on the latest trends and deliver impactful marketing campaigns.

Key Travel Trends – Set-jetting

Expedia’s Unpack ’24 report reveals an ongoing trend in travel known as set-jetting, where travelers are motivated to visit destinations they have seen featured in popular TV shows and movies. This phenomenon showcases the influence of screen media on travel decisions and highlights the power of visual storytelling. According to the report, over half of travelers have been inspired to research or book a trip after encountering a destination on the screen.

To capitalize on the set-jetting trend, businesses can utilize Expedia’s TravelAds Sponsored Listings. These sponsored listings allow advertisers to incorporate messaging and images related to popular TV shows and movies, effectively capturing the attention of travelers drawn to these visual narratives. By featuring their offerings alongside the destinations depicted on screen, businesses can increase their visibility and appeal to a highly engaged audience.

Expedia’s in-house creative agency, Expedia Media Studio, also offers a valuable resource for businesses seeking to create compelling content that resonates with potential travelers. By partnering with Expedia Media Studio, companies can collaborate on producing high-quality, experiential content and immersive videos that capture the essence of their destinations, enticing travelers to embark on their own set-jetting adventures.

Below, you’ll find a table showcasing top TV shows and movies that have influenced travel choices:

TV Show or Movie Featured Destinations
Game of Thrones Dubrovnik, Croatia; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Reykjavik, Iceland
Outlander Edinburgh, Scotland; Inverness, Scotland
Sex and the City New York City, USA; Paris, France
Lost in Translation Tokyo, Japan

Key Travel Trends – Destination Dupes

Expedia’s latest research uncovers an emerging travel trend known as “destination dupes.” These dupes are affordable alternative vacation spots that offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience local culture and support sustainable tourism. With the rise of destination dupes, travelers can explore lesser-known destinations that provide an authentic and immersive experience.

To tap into this growing trend, businesses can leverage display advertising to reach travelers seeking alternative vacation spots. By showcasing the affordability and hidden gems of these dupes, companies can attract budget-conscious travelers looking for new and exciting experiences. Utilizing compelling visuals and targeted messaging, display advertising can effectively capture the attention of travelers seeking affordable alternatives.

Additionally, co-op campaigns with other travel brands can offer a cost-effective way to extend reach and engage with potential travelers. Collaborating with complementary brands allows businesses to collectively promote destination dupes and highlight their unique offerings. These campaigns can create a network effect, generating greater awareness and interest in alternative vacation spots.

Benefits of Destination Dupes:

  • Cost-effective travel options for budget-conscious travelers
  • Deeper immersion in local culture and communities
  • Supports sustainable tourism and lesser-known destinations

Display Advertising Strategies:

Strategy Description
Compelling visuals Showcase the unique landscapes and attractions of destination dupes to capture travelers’ interest.
Targeted messaging Create customized ads that highlight the affordability, local experiences, and unique qualities of alternative vacation spots.
Strategic ad placement Choose platforms and websites frequented by travelers seeking affordable travel options and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Co-op Campaign Benefits:

  • Cost-effective marketing solution
  • Expanded reach through collaborations
  • Opportunity for cross-promotion and sharing of resources

By embracing the trend of destination dupes, businesses can cater to the evolving interests and preferences of travelers. Display advertising and co-op campaigns offer effective strategies to target and engage with the growing audience seeking affordable alternative vacation spots. Companies that capitalize on this trend are well-positioned to attract and convert travelers seeking unique and memorable experiences.

Key Travel Trends – Tour Tourism

Expedia predicts that tour tourism will continue to drive travel in 2024, with a significant number of travelers willing to travel to watch concerts and use it as an excuse to visit new destinations. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by promoting their proximity to music venues and offering pre-concert events or transportation options to attract travelers.

Incorporating native advertising can be an effective way to promote hotels and destinations in a non-disruptive manner. Native ads seamlessly blend into the user’s browsing experience, providing relevant content that captures their attention. By aligning their brand with music events and creating engaging native ad campaigns, businesses can increase their visibility among music-loving travelers.

To maximize their reach and boost bookings, businesses can combine Expedia’s Accelerator and TravelAds. Accelerator helps drive incremental bookings by increasing a property’s visibility and positioning it higher in the search results. TravelAds, on the other hand, allows businesses to showcase their properties through sponsored listings across Expedia’s extensive network of travel websites and apps.

Examples of Tour Tourism Opportunities

Destinations Music Events Pre-Concert Events Transportation Options
Nashville, Tennessee CMA Fest Live music showcases Shuttle services to concert venues
Austin, Texas South by Southwest Artist meet and greets Bike rentals for exploring the city
Barcelona, Spain Primavera Sound Food and wine tastings Metro passes for convenient travel
Tokyo, Japan Summer Sonic Festival Traditional tea ceremonies Rail passes for easy transportation

By leveraging Expedia’s tour tourism insights, businesses can tap into the growing market of music-loving travelers and enhance their marketing strategies to attract this specific audience segment.

Key Travel Trends – Vibe Check-in

When it comes to choosing a hotel, travelers consider more than just the price and location. Expedia’s latest report highlights the significance of a hotel’s vibe and how it influences a traveler’s decision-making process. According to the report, customer service is identified as the top element that contributes to a hotel’s vibe.

The Importance of Hotel Ambiance

A hotel’s ambiance sets the tone for the entire stay, creating a unique and memorable experience for guests. It encompasses factors such as decor, lighting, music, and overall atmosphere. Travelers increasingly seek hotels that offer a distinct ambiance that aligns with their preferences and desired travel experience.

Having a strong and appealing vibe can differentiate a hotel from its competitors and attract more bookings. The right ambiance can create a sense of comfort, relaxation, and luxury, making guests feel truly welcomed and valued throughout their stay.

Showcasing Hotel Vibe through Social Media Advertising

In the digital age, social media plays a crucial role in influencing travel decisions. Businesses can effectively showcase their hotel’s vibe through compelling social media advertising campaigns that utilize strong visuals and engaging custom copy.

By leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, hotels can share captivating images and videos that highlight their unique ambiance. It allows potential guests to visually experience what it would be like to stay at the hotel, enticing them to make a booking.

An example of an effective social media advertising campaign is showcasing the hotel’s vibrant rooftop bar with breathtaking city views or the serene spa with its soothing ambiance. These visuals, combined with persuasive copy, can create a compelling desire for travelers to experience the hotel’s vibe firsthand.

TravelAds Custom Copy and Vibe Highlighting

Expedia’s TravelAds offers a valuable tool for businesses to highlight their hotel’s unique ambiance. The platform allows advertisers to select specific images that represent the vibe and essence of their property.

By choosing visuals that capture the hotel’s ambiance, businesses can attractively showcase their property within Expedia’s advertising network. Travelers browsing through accommodations can easily get a sense of the hotel’s vibe through these selected images, increasing the likelihood of making a booking.

The Power of a Memorable Vibe Check-in

A hotel’s vibe has a significant impact on a traveler’s overall experience and perception. By prioritizing customer service and cultivating a distinct ambiance, hotels can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. Leveraging social media advertising and TravelAds’ custom copy can effectively communicate a hotel’s vibe to potential guests, enticing them to choose it for their next stay.

Benefits of Showcasing Hotel Vibe through Social Media Advertising Benefits of Utilizing TravelAds to Highlight Hotel Vibe
  • Reach a wider audience of potential guests
  • Evoke emotional connection and desire to experience the hotel
  • Enhance brand awareness and recognition
  • Drive direct bookings and revenue
  • Engage with past, present, and potential guests in real-time
  • Specifically target travelers searching for accommodations
  • Increase visibility within Expedia’s advertising network
  • Showcase a hotel’s unique ambiance through curated visuals
  • Attract travelers who value a specific vibe
  • Stand out from competitors and boost bookings

Emerging Trends – Generative AI and Destination Selection

In the realm of travel planning, technology continues to shape the way we explore the world. Expedia’s forward-thinking approach identifies the increasing relevance of generative AI in trip planning, providing travelers with a seamless and efficient experience.

A recent report by Expedia indicates that approximately half of surveyed travelers express a keen interest in utilizing AI for their trip planning needs, marking a significant shift in the industry. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the ability of generative AI to analyze vast amounts of data, tailor recommendations, and curate personalized itineraries that align with individual preferences.

Furthermore, Expedia recognizes the growing demand for affordable alternatives to crowded tourist destinations. As a response, the Expedia app offers a feature called “destination dupes,” allowing travelers to discover lesser-known gems that offer similar experiences to popular hotspots.

Through the Expedia app, travelers can explore destinations that serve as affordable alternatives to heavily visited cities. For example, Taipei can be considered as a dupe for Seoul, and Pattaya can provide a comparable experience to Bangkok. By selecting destination dupes through the Expedia app, travelers can uncover hidden gems, support sustainable tourism, and enjoy a unique travel experience that aligns with their preferences and budget.

Expedia’s Generative AI and Destination Dupes

Benefits of Generative AI in Trip Planning Advantages of Destination Dupes through Expedia App
  • Personalized recommendations based on individual preferences
  • Efficient analysis of vast amounts of data
  • Curated itineraries tailored to specific needs
  • Opportunity to explore affordable alternatives to popular destinations
  • Uncover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences
  • Support sustainable tourism by diverting crowds from crowded areas

As technology evolves, Expedia continues to pioneer innovations that enhance the travel planning experience. By embracing generative AI and destination dupes selected through the Expedia app, travelers can embark on memorable journeys that cater to their unique preferences, while exploring affordable alternatives to popular tourist destinations.

Emerging Trends – Set-jetting and TV Influence

Expedia’s research indicates that the set-jetting trend, where travelers are influenced by TV shows and movies, will continue in 2024. The release of popular series like “Wednesday” and “Emily in Paris” has led to significant increases in travel searches for specific destinations. The third season of “White Lotus” filming in Thailand is expected to drive travel demand.

Travelers are increasingly seeking to visit the locations they see on their favorite TV shows and movies. Whether it’s exploring the iconic landmarks of New York City from “Friends” or discovering the stunning landscapes of “Game of Thrones,” the influence of on-screen narratives is undeniable.

This trend presents a unique opportunity for businesses in the travel industry to align their marketing efforts with popular shows and movies. By capitalizing on the appeal of these cultural touchstones, travel brands can attract a wider audience and tap into the enthusiasm of dedicated fans.

Expedia recommends leveraging this set-jetting trend by incorporating relevant messaging and imagery into marketing campaigns. By partnering with production studios or using sponsored content, businesses can create immersive experiences that resonate with TV and movie enthusiasts.

To showcase the impact of set-jetting on travel demand, here are some examples:

TV Show/Movie Featured Destination Travel Demand Increase
“Friends” New York City 35%
“Game of Thrones” Croatia, Ireland 40%
“Sex and the City” New York City 25%

These numbers highlight the significant impact that TV shows and movies can have on travel demand for specific destinations. By strategically aligning marketing efforts with popular media, travel businesses can harness the power of set-jetting and drive customer engagement.

Emerging Trends – Dry Tripping and Alcohol-Free Options

Expedia is closely following the emerging trend of dry tripping, where travelers are opting for low- or no-alcohol getaways throughout the year. This new trend is primarily driven by Gen Z travelers who are embracing a sober-curious lifestyle and seeking alternative ways to enjoy their vacations.

Hotels have taken notice of this trend and are responding by offering a variety of alcohol-free options to cater to their guests’ needs. One such option is the availability of zero-proof cocktails, which provide all the flavors and sophistication of traditional cocktails without the alcohol content. These alcohol-free beverages are crafted using premium ingredients and innovative techniques, ensuring a delightful experience for non-drinkers and those choosing to abstain.

In addition to zero-proof cocktails, hotels are also providing unique experiences such as mocktail-making classes, where guests can learn to create their own delicious alcohol-free drinks under the guidance of expert mixologists. These interactive sessions offer a fun and engaging way to explore the world of non-alcoholic beverages and expand one’s mixology skills.

The demand for alcohol-free getaways is on the rise, with over 40% of travelers expressing an interest in booking a detox trip within the next year. This statistic underscores the importance of hotels and resorts providing easily accessible alcohol-free beverage options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all guests.

Expedia understands the significance of this growing trend and encourages its partner hotels to embrace the demand for alcohol-free options. By diversifying their offerings and catering to the preferences of sober-curious travelers, hotels can attract a broader range of guests and provide memorable experiences that align with evolving consumer preferences.

Benefits of Alcohol-Free Getaways:

  • Supports travelers adopting a sober lifestyle or choosing to abstain from alcohol.
  • Provides alternative options for relaxation and enjoyment during vacations.
  • Offers unique experiences with zero-proof cocktails and mocktail-making classes.
  • Promotes inclusivity and caters to a diverse range of guest preferences.
  • Enhances the overall guest experience and encourages repeat visits.


Expedia’s Marketing Strategy 2024 is poised to capitalize on the latest travel trends and leverage innovative digital advertising, branding, and promotion tactics. The comprehensive research conducted by the company emphasizes the importance of strategic destination selection, the significant impact of AI trip planning, and the ever-growing popularity of set-jetting and destination dupes. Additionally, tour tourism and the crucial role of a hotel’s vibe in attracting travelers have been highlighted. Expedia’s report also sheds light on the emerging trend of dry tripping, which presents new opportunities for businesses.

To stay ahead in the highly competitive travel industry, it is imperative for businesses to incorporate these trends into their marketing strategies. By effectively utilizing digital advertising channels, focusing on strong branding, and offering tailored promotions, businesses can effectively connect with and convert travelers. The integration of AI trip planning tools and the creation of content that resonates with set-jetting and destination dupe enthusiasts are key steps in capturing the attention of the modern traveler.

Furthermore, businesses must recognize the importance of curating an appealing hotel vibe and offering alcohol-free options to cater to the growing demand for dry tripping experiences. By understanding and adapting to these evolving trends, businesses can position themselves for success in the coming year and beyond.


What is Expedia’s 2024 marketing strategy?

Expedia’s 2024 marketing strategy focuses on implementing innovative advertising tactics, utilizing a comprehensive digital marketing approach, implementing effective promotion methods, and developing a strong branding strategy.

How can businesses leverage Expedia’s TravelAds Sponsored Listings?

Businesses can leverage Expedia’s TravelAds Sponsored Listings to incorporate messaging and images related to popular TV shows and movies, capitalizing on the set-jetting trend where travelers are inspired to visit destinations depicted in popular TV shows and films.

How can businesses reach travelers interested in alternative destinations?

Businesses can reach travelers interested in alternative destinations by utilizing display advertising and participating in co-op campaigns with other travel brands, extending their reach and engaging travelers in a cost-effective way.

How can businesses attract travelers interested in tour tourism?

Businesses can attract travelers interested in tour tourism by promoting their proximity to music venues and offering pre-concert events or transportation options. Native advertising can be used to promote hotels and destinations in a non-disruptive way, while combining Accelerator and TravelAds can increase visibility and boost bookings.

How can businesses showcase their hotel’s vibe?

Businesses can showcase their hotel’s vibe through social media advertising, using strong visuals and custom copy. TravelAds allows for the selection of specific images that highlight a hotel’s unique ambiance, contributing to travelers’ decision-making process.

What is the significance of AI trip planning and destination selection?

Expedia’s research indicates that approximately half of surveyed travelers are interested in using AI to plan their trips. The popularity of destination dupes selected through the Expedia app emphasizes the importance of providing affordable alternatives to crowded destinations.

How does the set-jetting trend influence travel demand?

The set-jetting trend, where travelers are influenced by TV shows and movies, continues to drive travel demand. The release of popular series in specific destinations, such as “Wednesday” and “Emily in Paris,” has led to significant increases in travel searches for these destinations.

What is the emerging trend of dry tripping?

The emerging trend of dry tripping refers to travelers opting for low- or no-alcohol getaways throughout the year. Hotels are responding to this trend by offering alcohol-free options, such as zero-proof cocktails and mocktail-making experiences.

What is Expedia’s overall marketing strategy for 2024?

Expedia’s overall marketing strategy for 2024 focuses on capitalizing on emerging travel trends and implementing innovative tactics in digital advertising, branding, and promotion. By strategically incorporating these trends into their marketing strategies, businesses can effectively connect with and convert travelers in the coming year.

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