Grubhub Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Grubhub is a leading name in the tough food delivery market. It has become a strong brand by using smart marketing. The company focuses on building its brand, enhancing its online presence, and connecting with customers.

Advertising and online promotion are key to Grubhub’s success. With careful SEO, it makes sure hungry customers find them easily online. Through social media and research, Grubhub learns what eaters want and adapts its approach.

Grubhub knows the value of making things personal for its diners. It crafts its campaigns to feel personal, building loyalty. The company teams up with food influencers and famous brands. This helps Grubhub reach more people and be more appealing.

  • Grubhub’s marketing strategy focuses on building brand equity and enhancing online visibility.
  • The company engages with customers through personalized experiences and partnerships with influencers and popular brands.
  • Grubhub leverages social media platforms and market research to understand customer preferences and adapt its strategies.
  • Through targeted SEO efforts, Grubhub ensures its platform is easily discoverable by diners searching for food delivery options online.
  • Grubhub’s success lies in its ability to connect with customers, drive customer engagement, and support the restaurant industry’s recovery.

Building Brand Equity Through Innovative Marketing

Grubhub knows how important it is to build a strong brand. They focus on giving great dining experiences. Jess Burns, their VP of brand and creative marketing, uses new marketing ways to stand out in the food delivery market.

Grubhub likes to think differently and try new things to connect with their customers. They use augmented reality (AR) to make dining special. This AR tech shows off their partner restaurants and the tasty meals they offer, making dining fun and personal.

Grubhub also sees the value in livestreams, which are getting more popular. They work with influencers and big brands for live events. These events show off food skills, give cooking tips, and let people peek behind the scenes of food. Livestreams make customers feel excited and like they’re part of something special.

Grubhub sends dynamic, personalized emails too. They use what they know about customers to make emails just for them. This makes every email interesting and useful. Personalizing emails makes customers feel connected and loyal.

With these new marketing ideas, Grubhub has built a strong brand. This attracts diners and helps their restaurant partners.

Key Points Benefits
Exploring emerging mediums like AR and livestreams Delivering personalized and interactive dining experiences
Utilizing dynamic emails Engaging customers with relevant and valuable content
Emphasizing innovation and differentiation Building strong brand equity and loyalty

Targeting Restaurants with Marketing Support

Grubhub’s marketing tactics do much more than bring in diners. They offer strong support to restaurants, especially in hard times like the Covid-19 pandemic. They aim to show restaurants how partnering with Grubhub can boost their orders and draw in new customers. They also provide important tools and marketing aid for steady growth.

Grubhub knows that good marketing support is crucial for restaurants wanting to do well in a tough market. They use their knowledge and resources to help. They help improve online visibility, make menu listings better, and create strong digital marketing plans.

Grubhub also gives tools to make business management easier, like order handling systems and inventory management. These tools help restaurants work more efficiently. This lets them focus on what they do best and give customers a great dining experience.

The Benefits of Grubhub’s Marketing Support:

  • Increased visibility and brand awareness: Grubhub helps restaurants reach more potential diners with its visible online platform and marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced online presence: Grubhub aids in improving digital profiles for restaurants, with better menu info, great food photos, and appealing descriptions.
  • Access to customer data and insights: Grubhub offers valuable data and analytics to restaurants. This helps them understand customer preferences and trends for better business decisions.
  • Customized marketing strategies: Grubhub works with restaurants to create marketing plans that highlight their special offerings and attract new diners.
  • Support during challenging times: Grubhub stands with its restaurant partners in tough times, offering help to overcome challenges.

Grubhub aims to build lasting partnerships with restaurants, helping them grow sustainably and optimize their operations. They give the needed tools and support for restaurants to succeed in a competitive market.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Grubhub knows social media is key to reaching diners and supporting local spots. They see each platform attracts different people. So, they craft their messages to fit Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok perfectly.

Instagram is their stage for showing off amazing meals from nearby eateries. It tempts followers and gets them hungry. Their posts are a feast for the eyes, showcasing a wide variety of tasty dishes.

Then, there’s TikTok, where Grubhub joins forces with popular influencers. They create fun and catchy videos. Working with TikTok stars, they get their brand seen by more, especially the young ones. This approach stirs up interest in trying Grubhub while viewers enjoy cool videos.

Grubhub also leads with a unique YouTube music series called Sound Bites. It has famous musicians performing live. This draws viewers in for a special experience and promotes Grubhub. By hosting these events on YouTube, they tap into a huge audience.

In conclusion, Grubhub’s social media approach uses each platform’s strengths. They deliver unique content that speaks to various groups. From tasty snapshots on Instagram to TikTok dances and YouTube concerts, Grubhub is a leader in social media marketing.

Platform-Specific Content Reaches Different Audience Segments

Digital marketing can’t be the same for all. Grubhub knows it’s crucial to customize content for different social media sites. This helps them effectively reach and interact with their audience.

Grubhub grabbed the attention of college students early on Snapchat. They launched fun campaigns like the #SnapHunt challenge. This special content helped them connect with younger people in a lively, interactive way.

On Instagram, Grubhub posts photos of yummy meals from local spots. These images tempt food lovers to make an order. The eye-catching posts show the wide selection and quality of meals, drawing in food enthusiasts on Instagram.

But Grubhub’s efforts go beyond that. They also see the value TikTok offers in reaching more people. By working with influencers, Grubhub shares funny and spontaneous videos. These promote takeout and delivery services, catching the eye of TikTok’s users. They highlight how easy it is to use Grubhub.

So, Grubhub’s strategy of creating specific content for each platform works well. It lets them match their messages to what makes each social media site unique. This approach boosts their visibility and engagement with various groups.


To connect with their audience, Grubhub uses unique content for Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. They engage college students on Snapchat, show delicious meals on Instagram, and mix humor with real experiences on TikTok to advertise their services.

Partnerships that Drive Brand Awareness

Grubhub knows the value of partnerships in reaching new people and boosting its brand. It works with big names like Amazon, Taco Bell, KFC, and Apple. This has helped Grubhub grow and reach more customers. These partnerships allow Grubhub to give special discounts. This makes more people want to try their food delivery service.

Grubhub does more than just deliver food. They hold an annual music festival called Sound Bites. It features popular musicians. This event helps Grubhub connect with customers in unique ways. It creates unforgettable moments and builds loyalty to their brand.

Partnerships Benefits
Amazon Increased visibility through cross-promotion and discounts for Amazon Prime members
Taco Bell Collaborative marketing campaigns and special delivery offers for Taco Bell customers
KFC Exclusive deals and promotions on KFC menu items for Grubhub customers
Apple Integration with Apple Pay for seamless and secure payment options

These strategic moves do more than just highlight Grubhub’s brand. They underline Grubhub’s effort to give value to its users. By joining forces with well-known brands and bringing unique benefits, Grubhub strengthens its spot as a top food delivery service in the market.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Drives Business Growth

Grubhub knows how important word-of-mouth marketing is. They put customer-led efforts first in their marketing plan. The Grubhub Points program plays a big role in getting people to recommend them.

Through Grubhub Points, customers get rewards for being active with the brand. They earn points by reviewing, sharing on social media, or bringing in friends. This helps Grubhub use personal networks effectively.

Grubhub’s approach works because we trust our friends and family more than ads. This strategy helps bring in new customers who trust personal endorsements.

Grubhub uses positive customer experiences to grow its business. They focus on making dining memorable, so people want to talk about it. Their loyalty program motivates customers to spread the word.

The Power of Grubhub Points

The Grubhub Points program boosts word-of-mouth marketing. It gives people reasons to talk about Grubhub, building loyalty and more referrals.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Customers earn points by ordering, leaving reviews, or sharing on social media.
  2. They can use points for discounts or special rewards.
  3. Referring friends earns them more points.

Grubhub Points encourage people to join in the marketing efforts. They feel part of the brand and share their good experiences.

Word-of-mouth marketing is key for Grubhub. Happy customers bring in new ones. They build the brand’s credibility.

Benefits of Word-of-Mouth Marketing How Grubhub Utilizes Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Builds trust and credibility Grubhub earns trust by focusing on customer satisfaction and smooth experiences. This makes people want to share their stories.
Reaches targeted audiences Grubhub’s referral program helps reach people more likely to try their services. It works through personal recommendations.
Cost-effective marketing method Using customers as ambassadors saves money compared to ads. Word-of-mouth is an efficient way to gain new customers.
Increases customer loyalty Rewards through Grubhub Points keep customers coming back. Happy customers tend to recommend Grubhub more.

Grubhub values word-of-mouth for growth. Their loyalty program, Grubhub Points, uses customer recommendations effectively. It attracts new diners to their platform.

Grubhub’s College Marketing Program

Grubhub saw a big opportunity with college students for their food app. Alongside Campus Agency, they launched a program from 2013 to 2015. Their goal was to get noticed more, increase app downloads, and boost engagement.

The effort paid off, attracting over 150,000 new college users. Tactics included:

  • A mobile tour hit up campuses nationwide, offering free food and showing off the app’s ease.
  • Student ambassadors promoted Grubhub on campuses, spreading the word to their peers.
  • They made smart ads targeting students online and offline for high visibility.
  • On-campus events and stunts during Spring Break created a buzz around Grubhub.

The program didn’t just make Grubhub popular among students. It also led to more app downloads and people getting involved. Grubhub reached more users and solidified its lead in food delivery through college markets.

The Impact of Grubhub’s College Marketing Program

The program’s success comes from focusing on college students. Grubhub used tactics that students loved. This led to some impressive results:

  1. More students knew about Grubhub, thanks to the mobile tour, on-campus events, and student ambassadors.
  2. Many students downloaded the app, seeing how convenient it is for food delivery.
  3. The program got students talking and participating actively, boosting engagement.

In conclusion, Grubhub’s college program worked wonders. It understood what college students liked and used that to become a top food delivery choice in colleges across the country.

Grubhub’s Grassroots Beginnings

Grubhub was created in 2004 with a clear goal: to link hungry customers with nearby eateries. It’s grown into a top food ordering app. This growth is thanks to great marketing and a focus on quality.

The company started with fresh, bold marketing ideas. Grubhub knows the key to success is standing out. They’ve gained loyal customers by creating catchy, unique content.

Grubhub didn’t stop there; they also teamed up with big names. Partnerships with famous eateries, influencers, and brands made them more visible. Now, they’re a top choice for food delivery.

At its core, Grubhub focuses on connecting people and local restaurants sincerely. They value making food delivery easy, convenient, and satisfying. Looking ahead, Grubhub stays true to its roots, linking people with the meals they adore.

Building Brand Awareness Through User-Generated Content

Grubhub knows user-generated content (UGC) is key for brand awareness. They team up with influencers and their own community to create catchy content. This helps Grubhub keep a good grip on content themes while using trusted advice.

Grubhub’s influencer marketing is central to their plan. They work with influencers who click with their audience. These influencers produce UGC that highlights Grubhub’s handy service and food variety.

Grubhub gains wider brand reach and trust by working with influencers. Fans of these influencers get authentic reviews about Grubhub. This strategy makes Grubhub look dependable for food orders, making them stand out in a fierce market.

Grubhub also teams up with their user community, showing they care about user feedback. They ask customers to post reviews and use special hashtags. This kind of content shows new users that Grubhub is worth trying and builds community spirit.

A smart move by Grubhub is their creative campaigns. They ask the community to join contests, sharing food photos or fun delivery moments. These efforts not only create more UGC but also add excitement and joy for users.

To show how effective user-generated content can be, check out this top Grubhub UGC campaign:

Campaign Name Description
#GrubhubEats Users share eye-catching photos of their Grubhub orders online. It highlights the variety on Grubhub and makes others want to order.
#DeliciousDeliveries This campaign encourages users to show off their favorite meals delivered by Grubhub. It shows the great food choices and pulls in new users.
#GrubhubAdventures Users share special dining moments, whether it’s a meal at home or a picnic. This campaign adds a feel of adventure and fun.

Grubhub’s approach to UGC not only boosts their visibility but also links them genuinely with their audience. With influencer and community creativity, Grubhub attracts new customers and stands out in the busy food delivery scene.

Sliding Scale Fees and Partnerships for Restaurant Growth

Grubhub is dedicated to helping local restaurants grow. They have started a partnership program with sliding scale fees. This lets restaurants use valuable tools and resources to thrive in a tough market.

This program has a sliding scale for fees. So, the costs match what each restaurant can handle. This flexibility helps restaurants big and small. They can grow without worrying about high costs.

Now, over 320,000 restaurants are in this program. This shows how good and valuable the program is. In fact, 8 out of 10 independent restaurants see great benefits after joining.

By teaming up with Grubhub, restaurants get many growth tools. They get marketing support, useful data, more customers to see them, and help with delivery.

Grubhub also works with big names like Amazon to help restaurants get more exposure. They set up cross-promotions. This helps restaurants reach new customers and grow their business.

The Benefits of Grubhub’s Partnership Program

Grubhub’s partnership program offers many growth chances for restaurants. With Grubhub’s help, restaurants can:

  • Expand their customer reach and attract new diners
  • Benefit from targeted marketing efforts aimed at driving more orders
  • Access valuable data and insights to optimize their operations
  • Streamline delivery logistics for improved efficiency
  • Enhance their online visibility and brand awareness

This program with sliding scale fees and partnerships is a big-deal marketing strategy. It helps local restaurants grow and stand out in a competitive field. This team effort helps not just the restaurants but the whole industry to succeed.

Key Benefits of Grubhub’s Partnership Program Impact on Restaurant Growth
Expanded customer reach Increase in new diners and orders
Targeted marketing efforts Enhanced visibility and brand awareness
Access to valuable data and insights Optimized operations and improved decision-making
Streamlined delivery logistics Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction


Grubhub’s marketing efforts show their deep dedication to staying fresh and unique in food delivery. They use data and personalized experiences to lead. They also help restaurants and engage customers, making them top in this field.

Grubhub connects with diners and restaurants through smart marketing. They make content for specific platforms and use influencers. This helps them to reach more people and build their brand. The Grubhub Points program has also brought in more customers.

Looking forward, Grubhub plans to keep innovating to stay on top. They want to deliver great value and help restaurants recover. As tastes and tech change, Grubhub aims to keep leading with new ideas and great food experiences.


What is Grubhub’s marketing strategy?

Grubhub uses a mix of innovation, making their services unique, and providing value. They use data, personalize experiences, and tap into social media. Their goal is to lead in the food delivery market.

How does Grubhub build brand equity?

Grubhub grows its brand by using fresh marketing ideas. They work with influencers and brands. They also use new media like augmented reality for better diner experiences.

How does Grubhub support restaurants with marketing?

Grubhub helps restaurants by offering marketing and business tools. They show restaurants how Grubhub can boost orders and attract new diners. They equip them for success.

How does Grubhub leverage social media?

Grubhub uses TikTok and Twitch to reach various people. They partner with TikTok influencers and have a YouTube music series. This helps them connect with diners.

Which social media platforms does Grubhub focus on?

Grubhub creates specific content for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. They showcase meals on Instagram. On TikTok, they work with influencers for promotions.

How does Grubhub drive brand awareness through partnerships?

Grubhub partners with brands like Amazon and Taco Bell for special offers. They also have Sound Bites music festival. This shows their effort to go beyond just food.

How does Grubhub prioritize customer engagement?

Grubhub focuses on customer loyalty through their Grubhub Points program. They reward for brand engagement and referrals. This draws in new customers.

What was Grubhub’s college marketing program?

Grubhub’s college program with Campus Agency got 150,000 new users. It had a mobile tour, student ambassadors, and media buys. They focused on college events.

How did Grubhub start?

Grubhub began in 2004, aiming to link hungry customers with restaurants. Now, it’s a top food app with millions of users and significant earnings.

How does Grubhub utilize user-generated content?

Grubhub uses content from users and influencers to boost brand awareness. This strategy helps them control content quality. It leverages trusted recommendations.

What is Grubhub’s partnership program for local restaurants?

Grubhub has a sliding scale partnership for local eateries. This offers growth tools. Over 320,000 restaurants have joined, with most finding it profitable.

What is the goal of Grubhub’s marketing strategy?

Grubhub aims to keep innovating and providing value to all. They focus on customer engagement and aiding restaurant recovery. Their goal is to lead in food delivery.
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