KONE Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has implemented a game-changing marketing strategy that has reshaped the landscape of the industry. By adopting modern marketing tactics and digital solutions, KONE has successfully elevated its brand presence and implemented an innovative and competitive marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • KONE has revolutionized the elevator industry with its strategic marketing approach.
  • The company has embraced modern marketing tactics and digital solutions.
  • By elevating its brand presence, KONE has gained a competitive edge.
  • The innovative marketing strategy has reshaped the industry landscape.
  • Effective marketing techniques have contributed to KONE’s success.

Opportunities for Profitable Growth and Differentiation

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, recognizes several key opportunities for profitable growth and differentiation in the market. By focusing on these areas, KONE aims to enhance customer value, contribute to smart and sustainable cities, expand its service business in China, and drive overall transformation and development initiatives across the organization.

Optimizing Core Products and Services

One of the key opportunities for KONE is to optimize its core products and services to better match the evolving needs and preferences of its customers. By continuously enhancing the performance, reliability, and safety of its elevators and escalators, KONE aims to maintain its position as a preferred choice for customers worldwide.

Developing New Solutions for Customer Value

In addition to optimizing core products and services, KONE is committed to developing new and innovative solutions that create unique customer value. This includes leveraging emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, to enhance the functionality, efficiency, and convenience of its elevators and escalators.

Focusing on Smart and Sustainable Cities

KONE recognizes the increasing importance of smart and sustainable cities in shaping the future of the industry. By aligning its solutions with the principles of urban sustainability, KONE aims to contribute to the development of intelligent transportation systems, energy-efficient buildings, and eco-friendly urban infrastructure.

Becoming a Market Leader in the Service Business in China

China’s rapidly growing market presents a significant opportunity for KONE’s service business. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and tailored maintenance solutions, KONE aims to establish itself as a market leader in China, capitalizing on the country’s immense potential and demand for high-quality elevator and escalator services.

KONE-wide Transformation and Development Initiatives

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and growth, KONE is implementing a range of transformation and development initiatives across the organization. These initiatives encompass various aspects of KONE’s operations, including technology adoption, process optimization, talent development, and strategic partnerships, to ensure long-term success and sustainable value creation for its customers.

With a strategic focus on core products and services, new solutions, smart and sustainable cities, the service business in China, and KONE-wide transformation and development initiatives, KONE is poised to achieve profitable growth and differentiation in the global elevator and escalator market.

Empowered People: The Backbone of KONE’s Success

Central to KONE’s marketing strategy is the focus on empowering its people. KONE understands that empowered people are the driving force behind its success. By fostering a capable and engaged team of professionals, KONE ensures that it can navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

One of the key factors that sets KONE apart is its commitment to providing continuous learning opportunities to its employees. KONE recognizes that ongoing learning and development are essential for individuals to enhance their skills and expertise. By investing in the growth of its team, KONE positions itself as a leader in the elevator and escalator industry.

The Importance of Empowered People

Empowered people are the backbone of any successful organization. When individuals feel empowered, they are more likely to take ownership of their work, think creatively, and collaborate effectively. In KONE’s case, an empowered team translates into innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, and long-term success.

At KONE, empowerment means providing employees with the autonomy, resources, and support they need to excel in their roles. It means fostering a culture of trust and open communication, where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued. This approach enables KONE’s employees to go above and beyond, consistently delivering high-quality results.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

KONE recognizes that learning is a lifelong journey. To cultivate a capable and engaged team, KONE provides continuous learning opportunities to its employees. These opportunities are designed to enhance existing skills and develop new ones, enabling employees to adapt to changing market demands and embrace emerging technologies.

Learning at KONE takes various forms, including workshops, training programs, and online resources. The company encourages employees to pursue professional certifications and supports their participation in industry conferences and events. By investing in employee development, KONE ensures that its team remains at the forefront of advancements in the elevator and escalator industry.

Moreover, KONE’s focus on continuous learning fosters a culture of curiosity and growth. It encourages employees to share knowledge and insights, collaborate across teams, and continuously improve their skills. This collaborative approach not only benefits individuals but also enhances the collective capabilities of the entire organization.

Benefits of Empowered People:
Increased creativity and innovation
Higher levels of motivation and job satisfaction
Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making abilities
Improved customer service and satisfaction
Higher employee retention rates

By empowering its people and providing continuous learning opportunities, KONE sets itself apart as a leader in the elevator and escalator industry. The company’s investment in its team ensures that it can navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry, deliver exceptional solutions, and consistently exceed customer expectations.

Marketing and Sales Renewal: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

KONE understands the significance of providing a seamless and unified customer experience across multiple channels. With a strong focus on marketing and sales renewal, KONE aims to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent and personalized experience at every touchpoint.

By strategically implementing multi-channel marketing strategies, KONE ensures that customers can interact with the brand seamlessly, regardless of the platform or channel they choose. This unified customer experience not only fosters a sense of trust and reliability but also allows for greater engagement and satisfaction.

Whether it’s through traditional marketing channels or digital platforms, KONE strives to create a cohesive brand experience. By utilizing innovative marketing techniques and leveraging customer data, KONE can tailor its marketing messages and promotions to suit individual preferences and needs.

The Benefits of a Unified Customer Experience

A unified customer experience brings numerous benefits to both businesses and consumers. For businesses, a seamless customer experience enables improved customer acquisition and retention, as well as greater brand loyalty. By providing a consistent experience across different channels, businesses can build stronger connections with their target audience, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth.

On the consumer side, a unified experience means that customers can seamlessly move between online and offline touchpoints without any disruptions or inconsistencies. Whether it’s browsing products on the website, visiting a physical store, or engaging with customer support, customers expect a seamless journey throughout their interaction with a brand. A unified customer experience caters to these expectations, ensuring that customers feel valued and prioritized at every step.

By focusing on marketing and sales renewal initiatives, KONE is actively working towards delivering a seamless customer experience that surpasses expectations. Through a combination of data-driven insights, personalized marketing campaigns, and an integrated approach to customer engagement, KONE continues to redefine what it means to provide exceptional service in the elevator and escalator industry.

Benefits of a Unified Customer Experience Examples
Improved customer acquisition and retention A higher percentage of repeat customers and reduced customer churn
Greater brand loyalty Customers who consistently choose KONE over competitors
Enhanced customer satisfaction Positive feedback, higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
Increased sales and revenue growth Higher conversion rates and average order values
Improved customer journey and experience Seamless transitions between online and offline touchpoints

Lean KONE: Eliminating Waste and Driving Continuous Improvement

As part of its commitment to operational excellence, KONE embraces Lean principles to optimize efficiency and resilience throughout its operations. Lean KONE focuses on waste elimination and driving continuous improvement, ensuring that every aspect of the organization is streamlined and optimized for success.

Implementing Lean Skills and Practices

Lean KONE incorporates a variety of skills and practices to achieve its goals. By employing value stream mapping, standard work procedures, and visual management techniques, KONE identifies and eliminates waste across its processes.

Through rigorous process analysis and improvement, Lean KONE enhances efficiency and reduces unnecessary costs. Continuous improvement is achieved through the application of Lean tools and methodologies, such as 5S, Kaizen, and Six Sigma, fostering a culture of ongoing optimization and innovation.

Optimizing Efficiency and Resilience

By implementing Lean principles, KONE enhances efficiency in all areas of its operations. Waste elimination ensures that resources are strategically allocated, reducing unnecessary expenses and maximizing productivity. This efficiency allows KONE to meet customer demands promptly and deliver high-quality products and services.

In addition to efficiency, Lean KONE also prioritizes resilience. By continuously improving processes and fostering a culture of adaptability, KONE builds the capability to withstand challenges and changes in the market. This resilience enables KONE to maintain a competitive edge and serve its customers effectively, even in unpredictable business environments.

Overall, Lean KONE’s commitment to waste elimination and continuous improvement drives the organization towards enhanced efficiency and resilience. By leveraging Lean skills and practices, KONE optimizes operations and ensures a sustainable path to success.

Digital + Physical Enterprise: Harnessing Technology for Success

KONE understands the significance of seamlessly integrating digital and physical aspects to create a thriving enterprise. Through strategic investments in future-proof technology infrastructure and leveraging data and analytics, KONE strives to enhance supply chain efficiency and build resilience for long-term success.

Embracing Future-Proof Technology Infrastructure

To thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape, it is essential for companies to adopt future-proof technology infrastructure. KONE recognizes this and has made substantial investments to ensure its digital and physical operations are well-aligned. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, KONE maintains a competitive edge, enabling it to deliver superior products and services to its customers.

Unlocking the Power of Data and Analytics

Data and analytics play a pivotal role in driving business growth and improving decision-making processes. KONE understands this and embraces data-driven insights to refine its operations and improve customer experiences. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, KONE gains valuable insights into customer preferences, market trends, and operational efficiencies, allowing the company to make informed strategic decisions for sustainable success.

Building Resilient Supply Chain Efficiency

In an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment, supply chain efficiency and resilience are critical. KONE takes a proactive approach to optimize its supply chain processes, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery. Through advanced technology solutions and data-driven optimization, KONE minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency, enabling the company to meet customer expectations and maintain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Future-proof Technology Infrastructure and Data-driven Insights Enhanced supply chain efficiency and resilience Streamlined operations and improved decision-making processes
Improved customer experiences and satisfaction Gained competitive advantage in the industry Faster adaptation to changing market dynamics
Optimized resource allocation and cost savings Increased agility and ability to respond to customer demands Informed strategic planning for sustainable growth

KONE’s Culture: Safety, Quality, and Sustainability

KONE’s culture revolves around the core principles of safety, quality, and sustainability. These principles are deeply integrated into every aspect of KONE’s operations, ensuring that the company consistently upholds high standards and delivers excellent products and services.

KONE places utmost importance on safety, prioritizing the well-being of its employees, customers, and the general public. Stringent safety measures and protocols are implemented throughout the organization to minimize risks and create a safe environment for all. By fostering a culture of safety, KONE is committed to protecting lives and property.

Quality is another essential pillar of KONE’s culture. The company consistently strives to deliver products and services of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Through rigorous quality control processes and continuous improvement initiatives, KONE ensures that its elevators and escalators are reliable, efficient, and durable.

Additionally, KONE places a strong emphasis on sustainability in its operations. The company recognizes the importance of balancing business success with environmental responsibility. KONE actively seeks to reduce its environmental footprint by developing innovative, energy-efficient solutions and promoting sustainable practices throughout its value chain.

The Three Pillars of KONE’s Culture

1. Safety: KONE’s unwavering commitment to safety ensures the well-being of its employees and customers. By adhering to strict safety standards and implementing robust safety protocols, KONE creates a secure environment for everyone.

2. Quality: KONE’s dedication to delivering excellence drives its relentless pursuit of quality in every product and service it offers. Through comprehensive quality control measures and continuous improvement efforts, KONE ensures that its customers receive reliable and superior solutions.

3. Sustainability: KONE is committed to environmental sustainability, recognizing its responsibility to minimize its impact on the planet. By developing energy-efficient technologies and adopting sustainable practices, KONE strives to create a greener future for all.

Advantages of KONE’s Culture Benefits
Promotes a safe working environment Reduces accidents and protects lives, drives employee engagement
Ensures high-quality products and services Enhances customer satisfaction, builds trust and loyalty
Minimizes environmental impact Contributes to a sustainable future, meets customer expectations for eco-friendly solutions

Strategic Targets: Measuring Success

As part of its comprehensive marketing strategy, KONE has established five strategic targets to measure its success and ensure its position as an industry leader.

  1. Great place to work: KONE aims to create an inclusive and supportive work environment, fostering employee satisfaction and growth.
  2. Loyal customers: By delivering exceptional customer experiences and value, KONE strives to cultivate long-term relationships with its clients.
  3. Faster than market growth: KONE is committed to surpassing market expectations by achieving accelerated growth and staying ahead of industry trends.
  4. Best financial development: Through strategic financial planning and execution, KONE aims to achieve optimal profitability and sustainable financial growth.
  5. Leader in sustainability: KONE embraces its responsibility to lead in sustainability initiatives, driving positive environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.

These strategic targets serve as crucial benchmarks for KONE’s ongoing success, ensuring excellence in various aspects, including workplace culture, customer satisfaction, growth performance, financial stability, and environmental stewardship.

KONE’s Success in China: A Case Study

KONE, a successful foreign company in the elevator and escalator industry, has achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market. Through its strategic market entry and localization efforts, KONE has emerged as the market leader, providing innovative elevator and escalator solutions tailored specifically for the Chinese market.

China Market Strategy

Recognizing the immense growth potential in China, KONE devised a comprehensive market strategy to establish a strong foothold. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of Chinese customers, KONE developed customized solutions that cater to the demands of the local market.

With a focus on technology, quality, and reliability, KONE has captured the trust and confidence of Chinese customers, enabling it to secure a dominant position as a market leader in the industry.

Rapid Growth and Localization

KONE’s success in China can be attributed to its rapid growth and commitment to localize its operations. By setting up production facilities and service networks across key regions in China, KONE has effectively met the growing demand for elevators and escalators in the country.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with local suppliers and organizations, KONE has strengthened its presence in the Chinese market, securing a competitive edge over its rivals.

Achieving Market Leadership

As a market leader in elevator and escalator solutions, KONE has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and design. By offering state-of-the-art products that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability, KONE has established itself as the go-to choice for customers in China.

KONE’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, maintenance, and support further cements its position as the preferred partner for elevator and escalator solutions in the Chinese market.

Through its successful expansion and remarkable achievements in China, KONE has demonstrated its ability to navigate and thrive in a competitive and dynamic market. By combining technological expertise, localized strategies, and a customer-centric approach, KONE has solidified its status as the market leader in elevator and escalator solutions in China.

KONE’s Global Manufacturing Solutions: Improving Efficiency with Visual Components

KONE’s global manufacturing solutions team is committed to improving efficiency in planning and development. To achieve this goal, they have incorporated Visual Components software into their processes. With the help of simulation and layout planning, Visual Components enables KONE to streamline communication with stakeholders, enhance productivity, and reduce time to market.

The integration of Visual Components software allows KONE’s global manufacturing solutions team to visualize and optimize their manufacturing processes. Through accurate simulations, they can identify potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies, making informed decisions to improve overall productivity.

By leveraging Visual Components’ simulation capabilities, KONE can assess the layout of their production facilities and make data-driven adjustments to enhance workflow efficiency. This not only reduces unnecessary delays but also minimizes material waste and optimizes resource utilization.

Furthermore, Visual Components facilitates effective communication between different teams involved in the planning and development stages. The software allows for easy collaboration by providing a visual representation of the manufacturing process, enabling stakeholders to provide valuable input and make informed decisions.

In addition, the utilization of Visual Components contributes to reducing the time to market for KONE’s global manufacturing solutions. With accurate simulations and optimized layouts, the team can streamline production timelines, resulting in faster delivery of high-quality products to customers.

In summary, by implementing Visual Components software, KONE’s global manufacturing solutions team is able to improve efficiency in planning and development. With simulation and layout planning, communication is enhanced, productivity is increased, and time to market is reduced. This integration is a testament to KONE’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in their manufacturing processes.


The KONE Marketing Strategy has revolutionized the elevator industry with its innovative tactics and strategic approach. By embracing modern marketing techniques, KONE has successfully reshaped its brand and elevated its presence in the market. Through empowering its people and leveraging digital solutions, KONE has gained a competitive edge and solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

With a focus on continuous improvement and waste elimination, KONE has optimized efficiency and ensured resilience in its operations. The integration of digital and physical elements has enabled KONE to harness technology for success, while maintaining a strong culture of safety, quality, and sustainability.

By setting strategic targets and measuring success, KONE aims to become a great place to work, attract loyal customers, achieve faster-than-market growth, and lead in financial development and sustainability. With proven success in China and global manufacturing solutions, KONE is committed to delivering excellence, improving efficiency, and reducing time to market.


What areas of opportunity for growth and differentiation has KONE identified?

KONE has identified optimizing core products and services, developing new solutions, focusing on smart and sustainable cities, and becoming a market leader in the service business in China as key areas of opportunity for growth and differentiation.

How does KONE empower its people?

KONE fosters a capable and engaged team of professionals by providing continuous learning opportunities for them to develop their skills and expertise.

How does KONE ensure a seamless customer experience?

KONE aims to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent and personalized experience at every touchpoint through marketing and sales renewal efforts.

What approach does KONE take to eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement?

KONE embraces Lean principles to eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement throughout its operations.

How does KONE integrate digital and physical aspects to create a successful enterprise?

KONE invests in future-proof technology infrastructure and utilizes data and analytics to enhance its supply chain efficiency and resilience.

What are the core principles of KONE’s culture?

KONE’s culture is built on core principles of safety, quality, and sustainability.

What are KONE’s strategic targets to measure its success?

KONE’s strategic targets include being a great place to work, having the most loyal customers, achieving faster than market growth, ensuring the best financial development, and becoming a leader in sustainability.

How has KONE achieved success in the Chinese market?

Through rapid growth and strategic localization, KONE has become the market leader in elevator and escalator solutions in China, successfully implementing a China-focused market strategy.

How does KONE improve efficiency in planning and development?

KONE’s global manufacturing solutions team incorporates Visual Components software for simulation and layout planning, improving communication, productivity, and reducing time to market.

How has KONE reshaped the elevator industry?

By leveraging modern marketing techniques, empowering its people, and embracing digital solutions, KONE has successfully elevated its brand presence and achieved a competitive edge in the elevator industry.
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