Top Supermetrics Competitors and Alternatives in 2024

Supermetrics is a powerful data integration platform widely used by marketing teams to aggregate and export data from various sources. However, like any tool, it has its strengths and limitations. If you’ve encountered Supermetrics’ limitations or are exploring alternative options, this article will introduce you to the top competitors and alternatives in the market.

When it comes to data integration, there are various factors to consider, such as data visualization tools, marketing analytics platforms, Google Data Studio alternatives, Tableau competitors, data blending software, business intelligence solutions, data reporting tools, data analysis software, and data integration platforms. We have curated a list of the most notable competitors and alternatives, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision for your business.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the key features, target audience, pricing, and unique selling points of each alternative. This comprehensive overview aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these alternatives, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your requirements and goals.

In the following sections, we will introduce you to Supermetrics’ top competitors and alternatives, such as Improvado and Dokin, each offering unique advantages in the realm of data integration and marketing analytics.

So, if you’re ready to explore the top Supermetrics alternatives in 2024, let’s dive in and discover the alternatives that could revolutionize the way you analyze and leverage your data.

Supermetrics Overview

Supermetrics is a robust data aggregation and exporting tool specifically designed to cater to the needs of marketing teams. With its wide range of features, Supermetrics allows users to effortlessly pull data from over 100 sales and marketing data sources. This data can then be seamlessly integrated into various reporting, visualization, and business intelligence (BI) tools or data warehousing systems, providing marketers with valuable insights and analytics.

Supermetrics supports popular data destinations such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Looker Studio, Snowflake, and BigQuery, among others. This flexibility enables users to choose the platform that best suits their data analysis and reporting needs.

However, it is important to note that Supermetrics does have certain limitations. One notable limitation is its lack of built-in data transformation functionality. This means that users may need to rely on in-house IT resources or data analysts to keep the data organized and in a suitable format for analysis. Additionally, Supermetrics does not provide a data storage solution, which requires users to save historical data elsewhere.

Key Features of Supermetrics:

  • Data Aggregation: Supermetrics allows users to aggregate data from various marketing data sources.
  • Wide Range of Marketing Data Sources: Supermetrics supports over 100 sales and marketing data sources.
  • Data Destinations: Users can seamlessly export data to popular platforms like Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Looker Studio, Snowflake, and BigQuery.
  • Data Warehousing: Supermetrics allows data integration with data warehousing solutions for efficient storage and analysis.
  • Data Transformation: Supermetrics does not provide built-in data transformation functionality and may require additional resources for data organization and cleansing.
  • Data Organization: Users will need to rely on in-house IT or data analysts to ensure the data is properly organized for analysis.
  • Data Storage: Supermetrics does not provide a dedicated data storage solution, requiring users to save historical data elsewhere.

Who Should Use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a data integration platform that caters to the needs of marketing teams. It is particularly well-suited for small businesses with basic data needs and a low number of data sources.

For marketing teams looking to centralize their data and streamline their reporting processes, Supermetrics provides a wide range of data connectors that allow for seamless data extraction from various sources. This makes it easier for teams to access and analyze their marketing data in one place.

However, it is important to note that using Supermetrics effectively requires some level of technical expertise. Users should have access to data analysts or IT resources who can ensure data accuracy and handle any performance issues that may arise, especially when dealing with large data sets.

One limitation of Supermetrics is the absence of bulk editing or reloading features. This can be a hindrance for users who need to make extensive changes to their data or frequently update their data sets. Without these features, users may need to manually edit or reload data, which could be time-consuming and inefficient.

In conclusion, Supermetrics is a suitable choice for marketing teams in small businesses that have basic data needs and a limited number of data sources. However, users should be prepared to address data accuracy and performance issues, as well as consider the limitations around bulk editing.

Supermetrics Pricing

When considering Supermetrics as a data integration platform, understanding the pricing options is crucial for making an informed decision. The cost of Supermetrics varies based on the final destination and the number of data sources required by your business.

The Essential plan for Supermetrics, specifically designed for Google Sheets integration, starts at $69 per month. This basic plan allows you to connect one data source to your Google Sheets, providing you with the essential functionality you need for data analysis and reporting.

If your business requires additional data sources, Supermetrics offers flexible pricing options to accommodate your needs. Each additional data source comes with an additional cost, allowing you to customize your plan based on the number of sources you intend to integrate.

Before committing to a paid plan, Supermetrics offers a 14-day free trial to allow users to test out the platform and its capabilities. This trial period allows you to explore the features and functionality provided by Supermetrics, ensuring compatibility with your data sources and reporting needs. It also allows you to assess the platform’s performance and determine if it meets your requirements.

Considering Supermetrics pricing plans, billing options, data sources, and trial period is essential for choosing the most suitable plan for your business. This ensures that you maximize the value you receive from the platform while meeting your budgetary requirements.

Supermetrics Integrations

Supermetrics offers seamless integrations with a wide range of data sources, making it a versatile tool for marketing teams. With support for over 100 data sources, including web analytics, email marketing platforms, paid media channels, and sales platforms, Supermetrics allows users to gather data from various sources into a centralized location for analysis and reporting.

While Supermetrics may have a lower number of integrations compared to some competitors, it compensates with a focus on data granularity. Users can access a larger number of metrics and dimensions, enabling them to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions based on their marketing data.

Whether you’re looking to extract data from popular marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, or Salesforce, or you require data from other niche sources, Supermetrics has you covered. By integrating with multiple data sources, Supermetrics empowers marketers to create comprehensive reports and analyze data from different channels in one place.

To illustrate the range of Supermetrics integrations, here are a few examples:

  • Google Analytics: Measure website traffic and user behavior to optimize your digital marketing strategies.
  • Facebook Ads: Track the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns and measure their impact on your business objectives.
  • Mailchimp: Analyze email marketing data, track campaign performance, and optimize your email marketing strategy.
  • Google Ads: Monitor your paid advertising campaigns, track conversions, and refine your advertising budgets.
  • Shopify: Gain insights into your e-commerce store’s performance, track sales, and analyze customer behavior.

Supermetrics’ integrations with these popular marketing platforms enable marketers to access the data they need to drive results and make data-driven decisions. By seamlessly syncing with multiple data sources, Supermetrics ensures marketing teams have access to accurate and up-to-date information for their reporting and analysis.

Why Look for a Supermetrics Alternative?

Although Supermetrics is a popular data integration platform, it has certain limitations that may prompt users to seek alternative solutions. Some of the key reasons include:

  1. Relatively low data sources support: Supermetrics supports a wide range of data sources; however, compared to some competitors, it may have a smaller selection of supported data sources. This can restrict the types and diversity of data that can be integrated.
  2. Limited data granularity: Supermetrics offers a decent level of data granularity, providing a good number of metrics and dimensions for analysis. However, other alternatives may provide a more extensive range, allowing for deeper insights and more precise reporting.
  3. Manual data transformation: Supermetrics lacks built-in data transformation capabilities. This means that users might need to manually manipulate or cleanse the data before integrating it into their reporting or analysis tools. This additional step can be time-consuming and may require additional technical skills.
  4. Challenges with data cleansing and normalization: Since Supermetrics does not offer data cleansing and normalization features, users may encounter difficulties in ensuring data accuracy and consistency across different sources. Manual efforts are required to clean and normalize the data, which can lead to potential errors or inconsistencies.
  5. Customer support rating: While Supermetrics does provide customer support, its rating may be lower compared to some other alternatives in the market. This can be a concern for users who prioritize responsive and helpful customer assistance.

Considering these factors, it becomes essential for users to explore other options that better align with their specific needs. By assessing Supermetrics’ limitations and understanding the areas where it may fall short, users can make informed decisions to find a suitable alternative that offers robust data sources support, flexible data granularity, efficient data transformation capabilities, seamless data cleansing options, and excellent customer support.

Improvado (Best Supermetrics Alternative)

Improvado is a cutting-edge marketing analytics platform that stands as the prime alternative to Supermetrics. Empowered by a robust Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution, Improvado offers a wide array of features that cater to the diverse needs of marketing professionals.

One of the standout features of Improvado is its extensive data extraction capabilities, supporting over 500 data sources. This allows users to effortlessly consolidate their marketing data from various platforms into a single, unified view.

Improvado’s data transformation options further enhance its appeal. Through the proprietary Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM) and DataPrep, users can easily manipulate and reshape their data for seamless integration with other systems or reporting tools.

In addition, Improvado places significant emphasis on the importance of data cleansing. By implementing advanced cleansing techniques, the platform ensures accurate and reliable data, enabling users to make informed marketing decisions based on trustworthy insights.

Marketing attribution modeling is another highlighted feature of Improvado. The platform offers comprehensive capabilities for analyzing and evaluating the impact of various marketing touchpoints on business outcomes. This empowers marketing teams to optimize their strategies and allocate resources more effectively based on data-driven insights.

Improvado’s dedication to empowering users extends to customization options as well. With the platform, users have the flexibility to tailor their reporting and analytics to meet their unique requirements. This includes the ability to create custom data extraction templates, customize dashboards, and build personalized reports.

Improvado’s marketing analytics prowess, combined with its comprehensive feature set and customizable options, make it the leading alternative to Supermetrics. Diving into the world of Improvado opens up a world of possibilities for marketers, offering unparalleled insights and empowering data-driven decision-making.

Who Should Use Improvado?

Improvado is a robust marketing analytics platform designed to meet the specific needs of medium-sized and enterprise companies. With its range of features and customization options, Improvado is an ideal solution for businesses looking to build custom reports, leverage marketing attribution modeling, and effectively manage their data warehouse.

Medium-sized companies can benefit from Improvado’s capabilities in creating custom reports tailored to their unique requirements. The platform offers customizable connectors, allowing businesses to integrate data from various sources and transform it according to their specific rules and needs. With Improvado, medium-sized companies gain greater control over their data reporting, enabling them to generate accurate insights and make data-driven decisions.

For enterprise companies with more complex data management needs, Improvado provides a comprehensive solution. The platform enables enterprise companies to create custom dashboards and reports for different regions or internal clients, ensuring that each stakeholder has access to the most relevant and actionable data. Furthermore, Improvado’s marketing attribution modeling capabilities enable enterprise companies to analyze and understand the impact of their marketing efforts, optimizing their strategies for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Improvado is particularly well-suited for businesses involved in data warehouse management. Its ability to integrate with a wide range of data sources and its customizable data transformation rules make it an ideal choice for companies looking to streamline the management and organization of their data warehouse. With Improvado, businesses can ensure that their data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, driving better decision-making and overall business performance.

To summarize, Improvado caters to the needs of both medium-sized and enterprise companies by offering customization options, custom reports, marketing attribution modeling, and data warehouse management capabilities. Whether you need to generate custom reports, optimize marketing attribution, or streamline data warehouse management, Improvado provides a comprehensive solution to meet your specific requirements.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado offers a flexible pricing model that caters to the unique needs and requirements of each customer. The pricing is determined through individual consultations with our sales team, where we analyze your reporting needs and discuss your business objectives. This personalized approach ensures that you only pay for the features and functionality that are essential to your marketing analytics strategy.

With our custom pricing options, you have the freedom to choose the specific features and integrations that best suit your business. We understand that every organization has different reporting needs and varying levels of complexity when it comes to data integration. By offering custom pricing, we guarantee that you receive a tailored solution that aligns with your budget and goals.

Improvado’s pricing flexibility allows you to scale your plan as your business grows and evolves. Whether you are a small or medium-sized company or an enterprise-level organization, we can accommodate your changing needs and provide the pricing structure that works best for you. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most value out of our marketing analytics platform without any unnecessary expenses.

Dokin: the better alternative

Aiming to provide a superior alternative to Supermetrics, Dokin offers a range of powerful features that cater to the needs of marketers. With its no-code ETL and reverse ETL solution, Dokin automates data connections from various platforms directly to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs.

One of the strengths of Dokin lies in its ability to handle unlimited data sources, ensuring that marketers can extract and sync all the necessary data effortlessly. This data sync automation streamlines workflows, saving valuable time and effort.

Dokin also stands out with its cross-channel marketing reporting capabilities. It consolidates data from multiple marketing channels and presents it in a cohesive manner, enabling marketers to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Another noteworthy feature is Dokin’s robust data connectors. These connectors enable seamless integration with various platforms and tools, empowering marketers to access and analyze data from different sources without any hassles.

Moreover, Dokin offers a competitive pricing model that caters to the budgetary needs of businesses. Its pricing options are designed to provide flexibility and value for money, making it an attractive choice for organizations seeking cost-effective solutions.

With its comprehensive set of features, including data sync automation, cross-channel marketing reporting, robust data connectors, and competitive pricing, Dokin presents itself as a compelling alternative to Supermetrics. Marketers can leverage Dokin’s capabilities to enhance their data management and reporting processes, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and drive better business outcomes.


In conclusion, while Supermetrics is a leading data integration platform, it may not meet all the specific needs of every business. Fortunately, there are alternative platforms available that can provide solutions for data transformation, pricing, and features. For businesses looking to explore other options, two noteworthy competitors to consider are Improvado and Dokin.

Improvado is an enterprise-grade marketing analytics platform that offers data extraction from over 500 sources and provides robust data transformation options. With its marketing attribution modeling capabilities and customizable reports, it is well-suited for medium-sized and enterprise companies. On the other hand, Dokin is a popular alternative that offers automated data connection, cross-channel marketing reporting, and flexible pricing. It is a no-code ETL and reverse ETL solution that caters to diverse data management needs.

Both Improvado and Dokin are data integration platforms that offer various features, integrations, and pricing options to meet the diverse needs of marketing teams. By exploring these alternatives, businesses can find the solutions that best align with their specific requirements. Whether it’s data transformation, pricing flexibility, or seamless integration with other tools, these platforms offer viable alternatives to Supermetrics.

Therefore, when considering data integration platforms and looking for alternatives to Supermetrics, it is essential to evaluate options like Improvado and Dokin. By doing so, businesses can find the platform that best suits their needs and maximize the potential of their data.


What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a data aggregation and exporting tool designed for marketing teams. It pulls data from 100+ sales and marketing data sources and brings it to the reporting, visualization, and BI tools or data warehousing of the client’s choice.

Who should use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is best suited for marketing teams in small businesses with basic data needs and a low number of data sources. It is important for users to have data analysts and IT resources to ensure data accuracy and handle performance issues when dealing with large data sets.

What are the pricing options for Supermetrics?

The price for Supermetrics depends on the final destination and the number of data sources required. The Essential plan for Supermetrics for Google Sheets starts at per month, with additional data sources adding to the cost. Supermetrics also offers a 14-day free trial to try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.

What integrations does Supermetrics support?

Supermetrics supports 100+ data sources, including web analytics, email marketing, paid media, and sales platforms. While it may have a lower number of integrations compared to some competitors, Supermetrics offers relatively high data granularity with a larger number of metrics and dimensions available for analysis.

Why would someone look for a Supermetrics alternative?

There are several reasons why users may consider looking for a Supermetrics alternative. Some of these include the relatively low number of supported data sources, limited data granularity compared to competitors, the need for manual data transformation, challenges with data cleansing and normalization, and lower customer support ratings compared to other alternatives.

What is Improvado?

Improvado is an enterprise-grade marketing analytics platform powered by a robust Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution. It offers data extraction from 500+ data sources and provides data transformation options through Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM) and DataPrep. Improvado also offers marketing attribution modeling and customization options for users with specific reporting needs.

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado is designed for the needs of medium-sized and enterprise companies. It offers customization options, including custom connectors, data transformation rules, and custom dashboards. Improvado is suitable for companies building custom reports for multiple regions or internal clients and provides a marketing attribution modeling solution.

What are the pricing options for Improvado?

Improvado offers a pricing model tailored to the customer’s needs and intended use of the product. Pricing is discussed individually with the sales team after discussing reporting needs and business objectives. This ensures that customers only pay for the features they need and use.

What is Dokin?

Dokin is a no-code ETL and reverse ETL solution that provides automated data connection from various platforms to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. It offers unlimited data sources and a competitive pricing model, making it a popular alternative to Supermetrics. Dokin’s features include data visualization, cross-channel marketing reporting, and easy data management across multiple platforms.

What are the main features of Dokin?

Dokin’s features include data visualization, cross-channel marketing reporting, automated data connection from various platforms to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs, and easy data management across multiple platforms.
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