EDM in Marketing Explained with Examples

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing plays a key role in digital marketing plans. It uses many media channels, including email, to engage with current and future customers. EDM marketing expands past just emails. It also uses social media, printed items, text messages, and more. This wide-reaching method helps companies make stronger connections, boost brand loyalty, and increase sales.

EDM marketing lets businesses send tailored messages to certain groups within their contact lists. This approach not only personalizes communication but also lets companies keep track of how well their emails do and how engaged their audience is. For reaching more people and sending customized messages, EDM marketing is known for delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).

This article focuses on showing the differences between EDM and regular email marketing. We’ll also look at the advantages of EDM marketing. Lastly, you’ll learn how to create a powerful EDM marketing campaign, step by step.

  • EDM marketing goes beyond email marketing campaigns.
  • It incorporates various media channels, including social media, printed materials, and text messaging.
  • EDM marketing aims to build strong customer relationships, foster brand loyalty, and drive conversions.
  • It offers benefits such as personalization, relationship-building, tracking capabilities, and a high ROI.
  • Building an EDM marketing campaign involves choosing an email service provider, segmenting the contact database, creating personalized content, setting up autoresponders, enabling tracking, and running complementary marketing campaigns.

What is EDM Marketing?

EDM marketing, known as Electronic Direct Mail marketing, is a type of digital marketing. It sends personalized emails to both current and future customers. It’s not just about emails. EDM also includes social media, print stuff, and texts.

The main goal is to make customer relationships stronger and increase loyalty to the brand. It also aims to get more sales. By using different channels, companies can reach more people. They can send targeted messages to certain groups within their contacts.

Key Features of EDM Marketing:

  • EDM lets businesses send emails that really matter to the reader. This makes people more interested and likely to buy.
  • It’s not just email. EDM uses social media, printed stuff, texts, and more. This helps in connecting with the audience in several ways.
  • By talking directly and specifically to customers, EDM works to create stronger connections. This helps in keeping customers close to the brand for a long time.
  • Sending messages that fit the needs of certain groups makes it more likely to get sales. This helps in meeting marketing goals.

EDM Marketing Channels

Email Social Media Printed Materials Text Messaging Other Channels
Personalized Emails Social Media Campaigns Brochures, Flyers Text Notifications Additional Marketing Channels
Newsletters Social Media Ads Catalogs, Postcards Promotional Messages Other Customer Touchpoints
Automated Emails Influencer Collaborations Direct Mail Reminder Alerts Integrated Marketing Campaigns

This table shows the different channels used in EDM marketing. Each channel has a special role in attracting and talking to the target audience.

Now we know what EDM marketing is and its main features. Next, we’ll explore how it’s different from regular email marketing.

EDM Marketing vs. Email Marketing: What’s the Difference?

EDM marketing and email marketing are often confused, but they have clear distinctions. Email marketing is all about sending emails to people who have signed up. EDM marketing, on the other hand, uses many channels and tools.

EDM marketing doesn’t stop with emails. It includes social media, print ads, and text messages. This wide reach helps businesses connect with their audience in several ways, boosting the chances of catching their interest and making a sale.

Unlike simple email marketing, EDM lets firms engage more with their audience. They can send specific messages to certain parts of their audience. This targeted approach leads to better results and a fuller marketing strategy.

To sum up, while email marketing is great for direct contact through email, EDM marketing goes further. It uses a mix of channels to create a more captivating and successful marketing effort.

The Benefits of EDM Marketing

EDM marketing, short for Electronic Direct Mail marketing, offers many benefits. It helps businesses improve their online marketing. By using EDM, companies can engage customers, build brand loyalty, and see great returns on investment (ROI).

Easy Customization and Valuable Content

Customizing emails is easy with EDM marketing. This lets businesses send content that matters to their audience. By creating messages for specific needs and interests, companies keep customers interested and loyal.

Trackable Performance and Audience Engagement

EDM marketing gives insights into how emails perform and how people engage with them. Companies use analytics to track opens, clicks, and conversions. This information helps them see what’s working, make smart decisions, and improve future campaigns.

Personalization for Targeted Messaging

Personalization is key in EDM marketing. Businesses segment their audience by things like age, interests, and buying habits. This helps send more relevant messages to different groups. It makes communications more effective and strengthens the brand-customer bond.

Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

EDM marketing is known for high return on investment. It reaches a wide audience across various platforms. Personalized messages in EDM campaigns also boost ROI significantly.

Adding EDM marketing to your strategy offers big benefits. It makes customization and engaging content possible. Plus, it allows for tracking success and personalizing messages. Also, EDM marketing helps build strong customer relationships and encourages buying. All these lead to an excellent ROI, making EDM a smart choice for your marketing goals.

How to Build an EDM Marketing Campaign in 8 Steps

To start a successful EDM marketing campaign, follow eight key steps. These will help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

  1. Choose an Email Service Provider: Pick a provider with must-have features like list segmentation, automation, and analytics. Look into Mailchimp, Sendinblue, VerticalResponse, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact.
  2. Build and Segment Your Database: Make a list of contacts and sort them by demographics, behaviors, or interests. This makes your emails more personal and relevant.
  3. Create Engaging Email Content: Craft emails that look good and grab attention. Include strong calls-to-action and useful info. Personalize emails to make them feel special to each reader.
  4. Set Up Autoresponders: Use autoresponders to send emails automatically based on certain actions. This helps you reach people at the right time on their customer journey.
  5. Enable Tracking: Add tracking to see how well your campaign is doing. Check open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to improve your future campaigns.
  6. Run Complementary Marketing Campaigns: Boost your EDM campaign with other marketing efforts. Think about using PPC ads, remarketing, and social media to get more attention.
  7. Monitor and Analyze Performance: Always watch how your campaign is doing and find ways to make it better. Try different approaches and use what you learn to improve.
  8. Iterate and Refine: Keep tweaking your approach based on feedback, trends, and best practices. This keeps your campaign fresh and effective over time.

By taking these steps, you’ll create an EDM marketing campaign that speaks to your audience, boosts conversions, and meets your goals.

Example of an EDM Marketing Campaign Tracking Metrics:

Metric Definition Importance
Open Rate The percentage of recipients who opened your email. Shows how well your subject lines work and if your content is attractive.
Click-Through Rate (CTR) The percentage of recipients who clicked a link in your email. Tells you how engaging your email content is.
Conversion Rate The percentage of recipients who did what you wanted, like buy something or fill out a form. Helps you see if your campaign is achieving its goals.
Unsubscribe Rate The percentage of recipients who left your email list. Helps you understand if your emails are relevant and satisfying.

Keeping an eye on these metrics lets you see where you’re succeeding and where you can get better. This info guides you in refining future campaigns.

Choosing an Email Service Provider

Choosing the right email service provider is vital for a good EDM marketing campaign. There are many options to pick from. You need to look at features like list segmentation, automation, and analytics. Let’s check out some popular choices:

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is well-known for being user-friendly. It offers things like audience segmentation and customizable templates. It’s great for any business size.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue offers email tools plus SMS marketing and live chat. It’s simple and affordable. This makes it perfect for small businesses.

3. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse handles email campaigns, surveys, and more. It has easy templates and detailed reporting. This helps businesses fine-tune their marketing efforts.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign shines with its automation and personalization. It helps target campaigns and track customer actions. It’s good for businesses wanting to up engagement and sales.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is known for reliability. It offers list management and excellent support. It works well for any business size.

When choosing a provider, think about your needs, budget, and desired features. Consider scalability, ease of use, and support. The right choice can boost your EDM marketing success.

Email Service Provider List Segmentation Automation Analytics
Constant Contact

Building and Segmenting Your Database

Starting a good EDM marketing campaign means building and segmenting your database. You can get contacts from many places and use strategies to build your email list. This helps send targeted messages to different groups in your audience.

Gathering contacts from many sources creates a strong database. You can use email, existing lists, ecommerce sites, and CRM systems. By combining these, you get a complete view of your audience.

Starting from scratch? You’ll need good strategies for building your email list. One way is by offering things like e-books or special resources for their email. This attracts visitors and gets them to join your email list.

It’s also smart to provide many ways for visitors to sign up. You can use forms on your website, pop-ups, or even during checkout. Offering various sign-up options increases the chance of getting email addresses.

After building your database, it’s important to segment it. This means dividing your audience into groups based on certain attributes. Doing this makes sure the messages you send match the interests and needs of each group.

For segmentation, you can look at geography, age, gender, how they behave online, and what they’ve bought before. By knowing each segment well, you can make campaigns that really speak to your audience.

Think of a clothing retailer to understand why this matters. If you segment by gender, you can send emails about new products for men and women. Segmenting by what customers have bought before allows for personalized recommendations based on their past choices.

Segment Attributes
Segment 1: Women Gender: Female
Age: 25-40
Location: United States, United Kingdom
Interests: Fashion, Beauty
Past Purchases: Dresses, Handbags
Segment 2: Men Gender: Male
Age: 25-40
Location: United States, United Kingdom
Interests: Men’s Fashion, Sports
Past Purchases: Shirts, Sneakers

Creating Your EDM Marketing Campaign

Starting an effective EDM marketing campaign means considering key parts. You have to design the email content and personalize messages. Each part helps to engage your audience and increase sales. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use Language that Resonates and Provides Value

Make sure your email speaks to your audience. Know what problems they face, what they desire, and what motivates them. Use this knowledge to craft your message. Offer them useful tips or exclusive deals. This makes them more likely to open your emails. When you show your value, you build trust and establish your brand as reliable.

2. Incorporate Visuals to Enhance Engagement

Use visuals like images, infographics, or videos to make your emails stand out. They grab attention, share information clearly, and leave a memorable impression. Make sure these visuals match your brand’s look. This makes your campaign consistent and attractive.

3. Maintain Consistency in Design and Branding

Keeping a consistent design and brand in your emails is crucial. Use the same colors, fonts, and layouts to make your brand recognizable. This helps people remember your brand. It leads to more loyalty and interaction.

4. Include Strong Calls-to-Action and Contact Information

Every email needs a clear call-to-action (CTA). This could be to buy something, download a guide, or sign up for an event. Make the CTA stand out and sound appealing. Also, make your contact info easy to find. If people have questions, they should be able to reach out easily.

5. Tailor the Content to Your Campaign Objectives

Your emails should match what you’re trying to achieve with your campaign. Your content might be about launching a product, special deals, newsletters, or event info. Make sure it fits your goals. Send the right message at the right time to the right people. Doing this will maximize your campaign’s impact.

By sticking to these steps, you can build an engaging and successful EDM marketing campaign. It will connect with your audience, increase interaction, and help you reach your marketing goals.

Setting Up Autoresponders and Enabling Tracking

Autoresponders and tracking are crucial for strong EDM campaigns. Autoresponders send emails automatically when certain actions happen. This keeps the conversation going with your audience. For example, when someone signs up or leaves their cart empty, an autoresponder can reach out.

Tracking is a key tool for seeing how your EDM efforts perform. It checks many things—like how many open emails or click links. This data helps businesses know what works and what doesn’t.

Using tracking for EDM campaigns lets businesses:

  • Watch how emails perform: They can see the open rate, clickthrough rate, and bounce rate. This shows if an email was a hit or a miss.
  • Learn about their customers: By looking at how customers interact with emails, businesses can discover what they like.
  • Make their campaigns better: With feedback from data and customers, they can improve their future efforts.

By using autoresponders and tracking wisely, businesses make their EDM campaigns more focused and engaging. This means better connection with their audience and more people taking action.

Running Complementary Marketing Campaigns

To boost an EDM campaign, try using other marketing channels too. This mix of strategies helps get your message across to more people. Adding different marketing types ensures more people see your campaign, increasing your chance of success.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is a smart way to get more eyes on your EDM campaign. You bid on keywords so your ads appear in search results, but you only pay if someone clicks. This means your ads reach the right people, which can lead more interested folks to your website or campaign page.


Remarketing lets you reconnect with folks who visited your website or engaged with your campaign before. By using a small piece of code, you can show these past visitors customized ads on other websites and social platforms. It’s a great way to keep your brand in their minds, encouraging them to come back and take action.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful and budget-friendly ally for your EDM campaign. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn let you talk directly to your audience. And with sponsored posts and targeted ads, you can make your campaign even stronger and more visible.

SMS (Text Messaging) Marketing

Adding SMS to your EDM efforts means you can reach people right on their phones. It’s perfect for sending timely updates, deals, and exclusive offers. With SMS and EDM working together, you tap into more ways to engage and win over your audience.

Offline Advertising

Don’t forget about offline advertising to complement your digital efforts. Things like print ads, billboards, radio, and TV spots can boost your online campaign. They help spread your message and can reach folks who aren’t always online.

Using a mix of PPC, remarketing, social media, SMS, and offline ads can really power up your EDM campaign. Together, they touch more points, attracting a larger crowd. This strategy leads to more interactions and conversions, making your EDM campaign a big win.

Leveraging Customer Communications Management (CCM)

To make an EDM marketing campaign better, businesses can use Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. These platforms offer many tools. They help manage communications with customers through email, SMS, print, and online media.

By using CCM solutions, businesses can make their communication smoother. This way, messages get to customers more efficiently. It saves time and resources, making customers happier and more engaged.

With CCM platforms, businesses can tailor their messages for every customer. This makes the customer feel understood and improves their experience with the brand.

Also, CCM solutions let businesses keep track of how customers interact. This helps measure how well EDM marketing campaigns are doing. With this info, businesses can make better decisions to improve their campaigns.

Using a CCM solution with EDM marketing gives customers a consistent experience across all channels. Through CCM, businesses can get better campaign results, build stronger customer relationships, and increase sales.

Benefits of Leveraging CCM:

  1. Efficient management of customer communications across multiple channels
  2. Personalized messaging tailored to individual customer preferences
  3. Streamlined communication processes, saving time and resources
  4. Effective tracking and measurement of EDM marketing campaign performance
  5. Improved overall customer experience and satisfaction
  6. Enhanced brand loyalty and customer engagement


EDM marketing, or Electronic Direct Mail marketing, lets businesses connect with customers and build strong relationships. It uses various media channels and tools to go beyond traditional email. This approach drives conversions and provides many benefits.

One key benefit is the ability to customize messages, which helps build connections with the audience. EDM’s tracking abilities offer insights into engagement and performance. This data helps businesses make smart choices for future campaigns.

EDM marketing also allows for targeted messages to specific audience segments, making the content more relevant and effective. This strategy has a high return on investment. It reaches a broad audience at a low cost, with personalized messages.

To succeed with EDM marketing, businesses should follow a step-by-step guide to build their campaigns. They should also use marketing strategies that complement each other and include Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. Adding EDM to your overall marketing plan can boost online efforts, encourage loyalty, drive conversions, and lead to success in today’s digital world.


What is EDM marketing?

A: EDM marketing stands for Electronic Direct Mail marketing. It is a way for companies to talk to both new and old customers. It uses things like social media, texts, and printed stuff. The main aim is to keep customers close, make them loyal to the brand, and boost sales.

What is the difference between EDM marketing and email marketing?

Email marketing is all about sending emails. On the other hand, EDM marketing uses emails and much more. It includes social media, texts, and printed content. This means you can reach out to your audience in lots of ways, making your marketing better and more whole.

What are the benefits of using an EDM marketing strategy?

Using EDM marketing has its perks. You can make emails just how you like, build good customer relationships, and track how well your emails do. Plus, it’s very personal and can give you a big return on what you spend. Businesses can send the right message to the right people, making customers more loyal.

How do you build an EDM marketing campaign?

To start an EDM campaign, first pick an email service that has good features. Look for things like list segmentation, automation, and analytics. Then, organize your contact list to target your messages better. Designing your email content is next. Make sure to include personalized messages.Setting up autoresponders and tracking the success of your campaign is important too. Adding other marketing efforts can also help your EDM campaign do well.

How do you choose an email service provider for an EDM marketing campaign?

Picking the right email service is key. Look for features important to you like list segmentation, automation, and analytics. Consider Mailchimp, Sendinblue, VerticalResponse, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact. They each have different features and costs. Choose what fits your budget and needs best.

How do you build and segment your database for an EDM marketing campaign?

A good database is vital for success. Pull together contacts from different places like your email, past lists, online stores, and CRM systems. Try getting more emails by offering something valuable in return. Then, segment your list by things like location, age, and what they buy to target your messages just right.

How do you create an EDM marketing campaign?

Creating an EDM campaign means making your emails look good and speak to your audience. Use clear language and add photos to keep things interesting. Keep your brand looking the same across all emails. Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action and how to contact you. What you talk about in your emails can change based on what you’re trying to do.

How do you set up autoresponders and enable tracking for an EDM marketing campaign?

Autoresponders make your life easier by sending emails automatically. Set them up for things like welcome emails or reminders. Tracking lets you see how your campaign is doing by looking at things like who opens your emails and who clicks on links. This info helps you make your next campaigns even better.

How do you run complementary marketing campaigns alongside EDM marketing?

Alongside your EDM campaign, you can use other marketing types. Things like PPC, retargeting, social media, SMS, and even offline ads can work. Mixing these with your EDM efforts means more chances to talk to and win over your audience.

How can Customer Communications Management (CCM) enhance an EDM marketing campaign?

CCM tools help make your EDM campaigns stronger. They manage how you talk to your customers across different channels like email, SMS, and more. This makes your communication smoother, more personal, and lets you keep track of interactions. Using EDM with CCM gives your customers a better all-around experience and can lead to better campaign outcomes.
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